27 December 2010

For anyone that has problems like what I had... 4 months with out my Nissan X-trail fighting with them over my cars repairs

and spares that took month to arrive from overseas....

Are you tired of running in to the brick wall of costumer care , gone to Hello Peter and you just get automated responses...

Well hear is the solution... go big or go home...

contact details of the top dogs you will not be given by Nissan or fine on the internet...

mikew@nissan.co.za Managing Director Mike Whitefield
AletG@nissan.co.za Whitefield's secretory Alet Grobler
JacquesL@nissan.co.za Senior Manager After-sales. Jacques Labotsky

I got some satisfaction when i sent them a 32 page email containing all the emails and telephonic conversations had with all

parties involved. and the fights and complaints and getting 'Nowhere Slowly" all surmised in the first page and the other 31 pages

followed with time dates etc... 15 min later i got an email from Alta Grobler and 20 min later I got a phone call from Jacques Labotsky and

then thing started to happen after that I got a call and email every day till the problems were sorted out.

Tip I found is go big or go home... I never talk to the little guy on the ground, I go to the managers and higher.

Same goes for the banks etc I got a nice contact list of names and numbers collected up.

P.S. I sold all 5 my Nissans and bought Toyotas in there place. cost my more but there is spares and people that know what they are doing!

Cause Nissan does not have mechanics... they only have parts fitters. they wanna plug a computer into your car and the computer tells them the car is 100% right but the engine sounds like it wants to climb out and they will tell you the car is fine the noise is normal...

If Nissan replaces there parts fitters with real mechanics , ensures the parts are in the country, not try ask a fortune for the parts, and stop

trying to bull**** the customers with lies and Mike Whitefield ensures a 100% money back if we ever pick up trouble with there repairs department that cant fix the problems with in a certain time period first time, Then I'll buy Nissan again.

So pull up you socks , fire the people that are not doing there jobs and you might be able to save you company and reputation

22 November 2010

Good day Marius

I hope you are well. My parents are having a hard time with Nissan at the moment, and they just don't know what to do anymore. They own a 2005 Nissan Micra and about a month ago they started to experience the problem as described in the articles below.

Please see attached links detailing the problem:

They had taken the car to Nissan, and after 4 weeks of looking for the problem, the car is still not fixed. They have fixed various unnecessary things on the car, which my parents had to pay for, but the problem persist. Upon showing them (the Nissan Dealer ship and Nissan SA) this, and the business day article, they claim that they know nothing of this recall and that it was only relevant to the Tida, and even if there is a recall on the Micra, they are not willing to recall, or fix the problem. Please help! What are we to do?

This morning I have laid a complaint on HelloPeter, and Get Closure.

You are more that welcome to publish our story.

Kind regards

Corné Nell

19 November 2010

Good day
             I am a avid Nissan owner and bought my first Nissan brand new from Umhlanga Nissan, now Gateway Nissan it is a 2,7 diesel bakkie year 2000 which gives me many happy happy kilos nearly 400 000 done from new, I then decided in 2008 to buy a brand new Nivara diesel d/cab(why because I am a Nissan man) from Gateway Nissan," back to the same dealership because I had had good dealings with them before" On arrival and inspecting the shiny new Nivara I noted the side cover on the drivers side controls damaged, the damage was done by a screwdriver used to remove the cover to repair one of the switches. Don't worry will replace, says the salesman it is under guarantee, the cover was eventually replaced after much investigation as to who did it (they probably thought I did it). Next the paint on the passenger door control cover and steering wheel starts lifting, don't worry it will be replaced under guarantee (ordered in March 2010 still waiting now Nov 2010) but amazingly have had phone calls to say that the mentioned parts are there, where upon I asked, if they could keep them and fit them at the next service. Because of time and travel, I have to take a whole day off and travel 200kms to the dealer, only to find at the next service the parts have been sold, (must be a problem with the paint lifting on all the other Nivaras ) Next the front passenger headlight plastic brackets that hold the headlight in place break. This is pointed out at next service and now I am told that I must buy the headlight first for R6000 some change and then the dealer will send the old one to the factory for a decision on guarantee cover," ha ha" I know what that answer will be! I can import a complete headlight for 200 pounds, talk about a rip off and why must I pay first and then maybe a refund? I know these problems sound trivial but this vehicle is treated like a child and I love it but don't love the service and the attitude which seems to be "now that we got his money stuff him" I think that the attitude of the dealerships and the factory here in South Africa must change(I wonder if Nissan Japan ever get to hear about the complaints about there products and service) and remember that the customer is king and if treated fairly will always come back and there will be no need for this type of forums,

18 November 2010

Intuseen was ons meegedeel van verskeie probleme die bedrading was getoets die steering wheel box is uitmekaar uitgehaal toe het hule glo 'n plug agter die enjin ontdek wat foutief was.

Ons motor is nog steeds stukkend en die Nissan dealer in Alberton met die hulp van Nissan SA en vele oproepe na almal het net mooi niks gehelp nie.

Hulle hou net aan se hulle soek nog na die fout.

En Die base van Nissan SA wil beslis nie met 'n ongelukkige customer praat nie ek wag nou nog vir Jacques Labotsky om my te skakel.

So ja ek weet nie regtig wat om te doen nie. Kon net so wel die geld wat ek gespandeer he tom die Nissan Micra te kopp op die ashoop gegooi het.

Dit is my storie vir nou. (see attachment)

Rita Gouws

08 November 2010

Hi guys I have a solution to your navara clutch problem. I have discovered an EX nissan Mechanic who has an elegant and cost effective solution at almost 25% of the usual Nissan rip off cost of about R24,000.

Contact me on 0834476300 to discover how you can get your navar or pathfinder clutch problem resolved very cheaply. I have had Nissan Service managers admit that they have a big problem with Navara clutches... :)

There were going to try and GOODWILL my clutch for me on a 60:40 split. Very kind of them. It just that 60% of 24,000 is still way more than R7000 for my solution with a bigger navara clutch plate as well. Contact me for a solution to your navara clutch problem - All navara clutch replacement done in Pretoria.. Other Niisan work done as well as excellent prices... Tony 083-447-6300 www.lifemasters.co.za Real Team Building


Tony Dovale

01 November 2010

Hi Marius,



01 November 2010

Dear Marius;

Thank you for sharing your experience with us on your website MyNissanStory.co.za.

I already came to the decission to buy a Nissan Navara 4x4.

Thanks to your reviews of the bad service and support that Nissan SA offers I will rather go the Toyota route.

Thank you very very much.



25 October 2010

Hi Marius

Wow, I thought that I was the only disappointed Nissan fan. Well, my story goes like this. When I saw the Navara, I just had to have one. I obviously went to one of the local dealership's who could not meet my delivery requirements which was obviously 2 to 3 days. I had my pre-finance on hand so there were no issues what so ever.
I must mention that the branch where I eventually purchased the vehicle was truly helpful and as expected, could meet all my requirements.

My gripe is a simple one, i.e. my clutch needs to be replaced every +\- 26000KM's (twenty six thousand). This has been going on since I bought the vehicle in 2005, and yes, the agents have put in so called "heavy duty" clutches which would eliminate the problem...SURE...so why am I still replacing the clutches at costs escalating to 10 grand a time. My van will be experiencing its "8th clutch operation" with 188686Km's on her dial. Shame hey. I love my van but can no longer afford to spend that kind of money every couple of months. I will be trading her in for the new VW van which came out as the over-all winner compared to the opposition.

I wonder what excuse I can expect when I send my NP200 for its 1st service. Let's hope they will align the body panels as requested without any hesitation.


20 October 2010

I just stumbled across your website and for the first time I feel some form of relief. I purchased a brand new Nissan Livina X-Gear in March 2009 & since then my vehicle has gone to the workshop about 12 times now. Being that this was my first car, I was overwhelmed when I was presented with my new vehicle. However, on inspecting the vehicle I found that the car had numerous scratches (inside & out), the spedometer was damaged & the bumper had a cut in it. After noticing this, I when back to Nissan East Rand Mall & only after fighting with them did they sort everything out. There are too many things to mention. In short, the main problem that I have with my vehicle is that ever since I purchased the vehicle there has been a knocking noise on the steering - it sounds like my wheels are going to fall off. I have taken it up with top management and took my car to two dealers already but no one can rectify the problem. I am convinced that my vehicle has a major defect with it. Well I've had enough - my 40000km is up and before I take it to Nissan Woodmead with a list of defects I have written a mail to head office once again requesting that they get Nissan Global involved to rectify the defects on my vehicle. (see attached mails). If I don't get any satisfaction this time I will be taking it up with the Motor Industry Ombudsman. I've had enough.

I share your sentiments - I will never purchase a Nissan again & I am advising others to do the same.

I will be getting rid of my vehicle soon.

Kind Regards

Mohammad Sho'ayb Nabbie

14 October 2010

Who can HELP ME?


I bought in 2009 the following vehicles from Global Nissan.

1xNissan NP200
3xNissan NP300
1x Lavina
1x Pathfinder

Global Nissan convinced me that Nissan is the way to go!!!

Nissan NP200 as advertised by Nissan South Africa!!!


Highly versatile and functional, the new Nissan NP200 range picks up where its predecessor left off and brings a youthful energy to the Nissan commercial vehicle range.

As with the rest of the Nissan commercial vehicle range, the NP200 range offers the highest levels of reliability and durability, in conjunction with the lowest possible levels of overall running and repair costs.


Nissan Owner Support

Wherever you travel in your Nissan, you have the peace of mind of our commitment to your continued motoring pleasure. Your Nissan is supported by a comprehensive factory warranty, backed by a no-hassle attitude to honouring our obligations. Nissan vehicles are also backed by our dealers' commitment to courteous service and customer satisfaction.


Got what you need?



Today is 1 MONTH without the NP200!!! The exscuse is NO PARTS!!


Riaan van Wyk
082708 6633

04 October 2010

Hi Marius

Thanks for the informative site were seriously considering purchasing a Navara but with all the negative information available will not be purchasing any Nissan product.

Chris Venter

29 September 2010

I have noticed that this is not only a Nissan issue.
It would appear that most of the manufactures and aftermarket motor plan/warrantees try to worm their way around all claims.

I had an issue with a engine reconditioner that would not honor the warantee. After much frustration I was refered to a company called Supa-Tech Automotive.
This is an independent mechanical assessor service. Within a week my problem was solved.
The person that advised me of this service had an issue with a Ford dealer and an mechanical warranty policy that was sold to them when purchasing the vehicle.
They rejected the claim.

Supa-Tech responded within 12 hours and supplied a report within a day.
The warranty policy has paid for the originally rejected claim.

More people need to know that we don't have to accept this and contact the people that know and assist the consumer in settling these matters.


Contact them and see if you get the result that I have inexperienced.


16 September 2010

My wife and I bought a brand new Nissan Navara 2.5 diesel from MacCarthy Nissan End Street in Johannesburg in 2007. We have since been servicing it regularly at the same dealership until this month.

In 2009 October when I brought my Navara in for 150 000 service, I was informed by the service people that I needed to replace clutch kid and the fly wheel. I was quoted round about R25 000.00 for the service and clutch kid job. I allowed them to effect the service and to replace the clutch kid and the fly wheel with the new ones. I paid the plus minus R25 000.00 and was assured that I have a 1 year warranty on the parts for the new clutch kit and fly wheel for anything that can happen within 1 year.

On 3rd August 2010 I took my Navara for a 195 000 service. I was then told by the service person that my clutch releases too high which is an indication that it is finished and I needed to replace it. Obviously I did not believe them because I had installed the current one for about 10 months and travelled about 50 000 km which is a third life span of the original one.

I then brought it in two weeks ago for them to adjust or replace the clutch plate and reminded them that I am still covered by their warranty as the clutch did not survive 1 year. One Brian who is the guy I was talking to told me that he does not think I am covered by the warranty as the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. I asked him how did he know that it was wear and tear as he has not inspected it. He told me that he thinks its wear and tear or negligent driving by me which caused the clutch to burn. He further told me that this is not a Nissan warranty but of the part manufacturer who is a different company, whether the cover will be honoured depended on the third party's assessment. This was new information to me and I expressed my shock at the sudden exclusion or disclaimer. I asked him what does the warranty cover and the reasons as to why this new disclaimers were not communicated to me at the time when I was told about the warranty. He was at pains to try to explain to me that it does not cover driving.

I was then asked to leave the car for them to take the clutch plate out and send it for assessment. After a week I called and I was told that the warranty cover have been declined and I had to pay for the new clutch kit and for their labour for verifying the warranty.

Obviously I was not only disappointed but angry with the fact that I actually believed in Nissan and believed that after spending my money supporting their business over so many years they will not back down on their word (warranty). Before the Navara, my wife and I bought Nissan Sentra, two door Alfa 147, 5 door Alfa 147 and Nissan Almera from Nissan. So the Navara was not the first car that we drove or purchased from Nissan.

Apart from the Navara I have recently bought the latest Mercedes CLC200 from Mercedes Benz East rand for my wife in April 2010 and we have been contemplating to replace Navara with the Nissan Pathfinder. With the experience we have we will never ever buy anything from Nissan nor will we recommend Nissan to any of our colleagues, family or friends.

The interesting thing is that McCarthy Nissan End Street made me pay R2 493.15 last week just to check the clutch plate and to decline the warranty. I took my car and went to Nissan Alberton and Nissan Edenvale and they told me that I will have to pay R20 000.00 for them to check and replace the clutch kit and the fly wheel. To their credit, both Nissan Alberton and Edenvale were shocked to hear that End Street refused to honour the warranty and they referred me back to End Street to insist on them to honour the warranty.

I would have gone the court route but looking at the cost involved, I would rather direct my frustration to Nissan South Africa and the rest of the country for everyone to know how Nissan treats its loyal unsuspecting customers. Hopefully Nissan South Africa will do something about my unfair business treatment suffered in one of its branches.

I give you permission to publish this, my frustration.

BA Mhlabeni

07 September 2010

Where do I start

1st off awesome website it is needed! As consumers Nissan does not take us seriously

I want them to be dragged to completion commission

I purchased a brand new NP200 nov 2008 cash

Let's start at my most recent problem just last night my accelerator packed up Nissan was swift to vehicle but I haven't had a call from them I drove to dealership to make sure they started work on vehicle cause I refuse to allow my car to stay there over night

My car has had 4 seats replaced to date

Carpet replaced twice

Rust spots on vehicle that they claim is industrial fall out I live in cape town please

Rust on the inside of the door

Back shocks that are shot, Nissan claimed that my tires have flat spots on them which I replaced and the car still wobbles like the wheels are loose

Nissan will re-imburse me for the tires I so kindly replaced to prove to them that it is the vehicle

They want my vehicle for 4 day to sort out issues with no offer of courtesy vehicle but after reading about 7 weeks how the hell

Also parts for this vehicle is ridiculous brake pads R900 u must be kidding me

Your extended warranty is just to get more money out of us for c*** service

Thank you

Jakim April

06 September 2010


My Tiida's clutch failed. The odo reads circa 62000. The quoted price is just below R7000, that is more than 7% of the market value (if I'm lucky).

Why does the Tiida's clutch fail? Simple: apparently they skimped on the clutch plate, now someone in Germany is manufacturing a replacement. I am still researching that.

Whose fault is that?

Don't try to speak to Nissan. They will only do telephone calls and then they call you at awkward times. If request the person to call you at a more convenient time, he just don't do it. Telephone calls and talk is cheap. They just don't come up with a proposed solution in writing.

Nissan has lost Kaizan: Doing it right the first time. It also seems that they don't even know how to make amends.

I have started a Facebook Cause: Avoid These -- Brands to Avoid and I posted a link to your website there.

My total problem with Nissan is contained in several messages and I will compile it into one. I will then send it your mail and post it on FaceBook as well.



01 September 2010

Hallo Marius

To me it's not really about the service as it is about the product.

After reading the comparison between the Grand Livina and the Toyota Avanza in the car Magazine we decided to buy the Grand Livina as it was rated better.

The sales team at Nissan Boksburg were doing their best and the service was great and finally we had our new car

First service was done at Nissan Midrand very helpful

But here follows the list of issue from 20 000Km to where the vehicle is now at 126 000

Brakes disks that needed skimming every 15000 KM was told it is my driving style ...................
Carpets on passenger side pulling away from the sides, looks like the carpets are to small for the vehicle
Noise on front suspension when turning the vehicle
Aircon re-gas was done 7 times in 6 months and again its out of gas
Gearbox is wining like a cat just after the warranty expired

Now lets be honest this is just bad build quality and its like you said ......My first Nissan and also my Last and to make matters worse the dealerships don't really want to trade it in as we have been trying to trade it on a new vehicle

Rinus Lisse

21 August 2010

Hi Marius,

Jong ek is besig om rond te kyk vir n nuwe klein bakkie vir my besigheid en kyk huidiglik na die nuwe Corsa(Nou Chev) en die NP200. Terwyl ek navorsing doen op die internet kom ek op jou webtuiste af en dit was nogal n skok om van al die probleme en Nissan se swak diens te lees.

My "mind" was op gemaak ek sou Maandag 23/08/2010 n nuwe NP200 16V Hi Spec "SE" model koop maar nou weet ek nie meer so mooi nie. Die blote gedagte dat ek probleme kan optel en Nissan stel nie daarin belang nie maak my beslis huiwerig om die voertuig aan te skaf. Die feit dat van hulle handelaars se personeel boonop met kliente se voertuie vir private doeleindes rondry is mos sommer nonsens en dan kom Nissan nie eers terug na die klient wat gekla het nie???

Dit maak my sommer baie bang om een van Nissan se produkte te koop. Nogal jammer want die NP200 het regtig na n goeie produk gelyk maar ongelukig is enige produk net so goed as die vervaardiger agter dit.

Ek het nie geld om te mors nie en daarom het ek ook n paar kontakte van Nissan op die epos ingesluit om te hoor wat hulle te se het oor my vrese. Indien niemand van Nissan my antwoord nie weet ek wat om te doen en is jy waarskynlik korrek met jou veldtog teen Nissan.

Beste Groete,

Rudi van Niekerk

20 August 2010

Dear Marius

Contact person for this story:
Hendrik Kleynhans (my fiance´)

This is our story on Hellopeter.com under Global Nissan Sinoville:

We bought a 2nd hand Murano from GLOBAL NISSAN SINOVILLE for approx R182 000, it included an extended insurance. Wondered why the expensive extended insurance. Were also not told about the inclusion thereof, just got the surprise when we signed the financing contracts. Today we know why? They must have known about the technical errors in the engine. We received the vehicle on 29 May 2010, very happy, just as nice as the 350Z we have. The happiness just shuttered. Just after the 1000 km warranty expired, the vehicle indicated 'an oil service needed' which we had done with another reputable company. The engine has serious bearing + other problems, we have to pay between R85 000 to R97 000 for the total engine rebuild, whilst we just made the first down payment on the vehicle. THANK YOU NISSAN, your valued product does not last long - will the 350Z do the same?

Based on own chosen technicalities that suits Renier Engelbrecht and Wilmer Smith, NISSAN GLOBAL SINOVILLE IS NOT willing to either take responsibility or to acknowledge that there was a technical problem they were aware of prior to us buying the vehicle. I have a lot more info on NISSAN. Why are you hiding the obvious?

Kind regards

Christa Naude

From: Cobus Verster [mailto:norisco@mweb.co.za]
Sent: 03 August 2010 11:07 AM
To: marius@interexcel.co.za
Subject: Nissan Patrol diesel deur twee enjins

Hi Marius

Lang storie kort.

Koop splinternuwe Nissan Patrol stasiewa. Toe voeruig paar maande uit waarborg is breek sy diesel enjin. Gat in Piston nr 3 en Turbo ook in sy kanon. Na lang gevegte gee Nissan Sa vir my 'n nuwe "Sub-assemgly" engine wat deur "n Nissan handelaar in Nelspruit aanmekaar gesit word Hulle gee ook 'n nuwe turbo. Die oorsaak van die oppak van die engine word toegeskryf aan foutiewe brandstof. Van toe af gooi ek net die suiwerste diesel beskikbaar in die voertuig. Die engine het ± 90 000km gedoen toe dit gebeur het. Die brandstof inspuiters word nie nagegaan of vervang nie die oues word terug gesit op die nuwe engine op Nissan se aanbeveling.

Die Ratkas pak toe op na nog 'n paar maande en ons maak 'n deal dat Nissan SA die helfte van die kostes van 'n nuwe ratkas dra wat ek toe aanvaar het maar ek dink dit was nie reg nie aangesien ek 'n nuwe voertuig gekoop het om my lank te hou.

Na ongeveer ,let wel, weer net 90 000km pak die nuwe engine weer op en raai nr 3 piston brand 'n gat in, seizemerke op die ander silinders en die turbo weer in sy kanon. Ek kontak Nissan SA hulle doen 'n patetiese ondersoek en gee verslag dat dit eksterne faktore is wat die engine laat misluk het. Ek probeer na hoer gesag gaan en hulle doen 'n "in diepte" ondersoek sonder dat die defektiewe parte vir enige ondersoek te stuur en gaan weer net op die werkswinkel bestuurder se verslag en gee die verslag dat die brandstof inspuiters foutief geraak het a.g.v. foutiewe brandstof. Ek heg hulle patetiese tweede verslag aan. Hulle trek dus net hulle skouers op en laat my met 'n masiewe rekening om die engine reg te maak ± R163 000.

Die logies gevolgtrekking is dat niemand asb 'n Diesel Nissan moet koop nie aangesien hierdie voertuie nie die brandstof wat al die ander diesel voertuie in SA gebruik, kan gebruik nie

Moet nie 'n nissan diesel koop nie hulle engines hou nie eers 90 000km nie!!!!! Miskien sou dit beter hou as die tegniese versorging reg is.


Cobus Verster

Dear Dr. Verster,

We kindly refer to the above subject matter and all correspondence between ourselves to date.

This writing serves as confirmation that we have thoroughly and collectively investigated the concern on your vehicle we would like to confirm the following: -

Not withstanding the fact that your vehicle is unfortunately is already outside of the Nissan New Vehicle Warranty, please be kindly advised that the Nissan New vehicle warranty specifically exclude the cover of any failures caused by external factors such as incorrect fuel, etc. Please refer to Page W-6 of your Nissan Warranty and Information Booklet.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the above, please be kindly informed that we suggest that you contact with the office of the Motor Industry Ombudsman, should you wish to further pursue this matter.

Please find the following contact details for the office of the Motor Industry Ombudsman:

 (Tel)      012 841 294
 (Fax)     086 630 6139
 (Email)  mi.ombudsman@netactive.co.za

The office of the Motor Industry Ombudsman defends neither the customer nor the Manufacturer/Dealer/Service Provider respectively. Cases are dealt with impartially and unemotionally and rely on all parties to impart their side of the matters truthfully and factually. In conclusion the Motor Industry Ombudsman strives to see that principles of fairness, reason, good engineering practice and customer relations are upheld and the ruling of this office will be binding to all involved parties.

Not withstanding any of the above, please be assured that your business and happiness as a Nissan Owner is greatly appreciated and very important to us.

We trust that you find the above in order.

Kind regards,

Natasha NAIDOO
Consultant: Customer Support Centre



Tel:         012 529 6655
Fax:        086 632 7025
E-mail:     natashan@cc.nissan.co.za

Nissan Disclaimer:
Nissan South Africa (Proprietary) Limited
(Registration number: 1963/007428/07)

"NOTE: This e-mail, which includes any attachments, is confidential, may be privileged and is intended solely for the use of the named recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail please immediately notify the sender and delete the e-mail. You may not copy, distribute or disclose the contents of this e-mail to anyone nor take any action in reliance on the content of this e-mail. While we endeavour to exclude viruses from e-mails, neither the sender nor Nissan shall incur any liability resulting, directly or indirectly, from accessing any of the attached files, which may contain a virus or the like. No person may conclude a contract on behalf of Nissan by e-mail without written authorisation from a duly authorised representative of Nissan. Any views expressed in this e-mail are not necessarily those of Nissan, in which event Nissan accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever. Nissan accepts no responsibility for loss or damages, which may arise from the use of this e-mail as a means of communication."

M P Whitfield - Managing Director, J P Kleynhans, S Suzuki (*), G A Field

(*) Japanese

From: Jacques Labotsky [mailto:JacquesL@nissan.co.za]
Sent: 16 July 2010 14:26 AM
To: Mike Willemse
Cc: les.stephenson@iol.co.za; marius@interexcel.co.za; Coreen Nagel; Veralda Schmidt
Subject: RE: [iol.co.za #150526] Motoring - Editorial: New Pathfinder

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your reply e-mail dated 14 July 2010, and I take note of the content.

I sincerely apologise for the fact that you feel that we have not given the required attention to the concern experienced, and want to assure you that all our vehicles are extensively tested prior to it being placed on the market, and further our Dealer Network is fully trained and skilled to conduct the required tests and checks on a concern that is experienced with our Product.


Senior Manager: Customer Care



Tel:         +27 (0) 12 529 5103
Fax:         +27 (0) 86 631 4772
E-mail:      jacquesl@nissan.co.za

14 July 2010

Hi Marius,

I was shocked to read the other people's stories on their Nissan's. I must say, I actually don't feel so alone in this never ending battle. For what it is worth, here is my story.

I purchased a white Nissan Grand Lavina in December 2008. For the first time in my live I owned a brand new vehicle and purchased a new vehicle cause it will be more reliable seeing I am single parent with two young children

...... but my joy soon turned into horror on 1200km.....

I drove to PE with my vehicle for December 2008 holiday, and in PE a plate came loose on my steering, which was fixed. BUT then the rattle started. I drove back to Pretoria and booked my vehicle in to have the rattle fixed at Global Nissan Silverton. The service here was horror on its own, but bottom line, their service Manager Melanie phoned me one Friday afternoon yelling at me saying I have to take my vehicle back to PE, they caused the rattle and now she is wasting days of manpower in her workshop trying to solve this problem. The Nissan engineer came to consult numerous times, and I think in a period of 3 months my vehicle was in my own garage for no more than 6 weeks.

It eventually was send back to the dealer in Sinnoville where I purchased it from. They managed to get the rattle sorted for a couple of months.

Then after a nice rainy week in Pretoria I noticed these brownish marks running down the windows onto the body work on both sides. To my shock it was rust stains...... My brand new vehicle started rusting and the rattle came back with a bang. I then tried the 3rd Nissan dealer, Menlyn Imperial, and took my vehicle there last week on 07 July 2010. This is after the service manager Riaan tried to convince me NOT to bring the vehicle in cause warranty claims takes such a long time and he needs to take photo and get quotes and sent it to Europe..... My response, well if that is what you have to do..... Does he expect me to say ok leave it, cause will be a lot of effort for them?

Left my vehicle there for a day they took it to PG auto glass to take out the window and investigate the rust stains, and they sorted the rattle out for me. The next day on my way home I heard a horrible banging noise at the front wheels. The slightest dent in the road caused this metal banging noise! Luckily my kids were not in the car, so I drove it for 2km to my house. This was 16:00 Friday afternoon 09 July 2010. I called Imperial Nissan Menlyn, no reply. Called the customer care, spoke to Petro (not 100% sure her name) she said she will contact garage to call me. She phoned 20min later to find out if they contacted me, I said no and she said she will follow up again. NO ONE EVER PHONED. I was stranded without a vehicle (which I have to use for work purposes)

On Monday I phoned Menlyn Imperial Nissan and spoke to Riaan. He said he can't help me, cause my vehicle is stranded in Silverton, Silverton must come and tow it. Warranty claim rules. He said they didn't work on my wheels, only on dashboard.

I called the call centre again, spoke to Vicky, I complained that the clients has to phone from one dealer to next to arrange for breakdown, dealers reluctant to help customers if warranty claims are mentioned. Vicky arranged for Silverton Nissan to contact me, and Diane at their service desk said she will send them to fetch the vehicle. Tuesday AFTERNOON my vehicle was collected. Today (Wednesday) afternoon, they still haven't contacted me as to what is wrong with my vehicle. After phoning Vicky again to complain about poor service, Silverton phoned me to inform me that the suspension was loose. This is not covered under warranty, I owe them close to R700, they already fixed it (without phoning me to quote price). When I enquired how it happen that suspension and stabiliser arms go loose, David their technician said that Menlyn forgot to tighten it. So it is Menlyn's fault, but they don't care, they fixed it I have to pay if I want my vehicle back.

I am outraged! What do I do? I phoned call centre again, spoke to Vicky, still waiting for her to phone me back.

O and Menlyn still didn't get back to me with regards to the rust that has to be fixed under warranty.

How can a brand new vehicle break on steering on 1200 km
Have a rattle that took them 6 months to sort out - and started rattling again.....
Rust on 24 000km
And suspension and stabilisers that loosens all by itself and not covered under warranty, client must bear cost, even though one dealer says it is the previous dealer's problem.

And if they draw the history of my vehicle XVV397GP this will all be listed there as I had numerous cases opened by NSA.

Where do you go from here, no one can help, I can complain as much as I want, they just don't care..... even though radio advertisements states the opposite.

You are welcome to publish my story on your website, perhaps there will be some reaction then.

Madelein Quirk

From: Mike Willemse
Sent: 14 July 2010 10:09
To: Jacques Labotsky
Cc: les.stephenson@iol.co.za; marius@interexcel.co.za
Subject: RE: [iol.co.za #150526] Motoring - Editorial: New Pathfinder

Dear Jaques

Eventually your replied to an email from a customer but only after pressure from a motoring journalist.

If the paint specification of the vehicle is correct why do you not do a press release stating that there was never a problem on top of the front windscreen and inside the rear door and invite all the rusted vehicle owners to contact an independent journalist with their stories that we can establish the truth.

Regarding the issue of your rust checks, I would like to point out the following
Your manual states that extra preventative rust measures must be applied in extreme cases Are the KZN and Cape coasts extreme areas ?
If yes why were we not advised when we bought the new vehicles ?

and then the real big question

Why do your dealers not conduct rust checks when the vehicles are being serviced, and why are they not qualified to identify signs of rust ? ( Nissan Gateway )>br /> It is not stated anywhere that I have to take my new vehicle to a panel beater every six month to conduct rust checks and yet when it occurs you hide behind a clause in your comprehensive
vetted by lawyers.

It took me months of frustration to get some sort of reply out of your customer care division and and I have since repaired my vehicle
but be assure that you have lost a loyal customer forever.

This will be my last correspondence to NSA regarding the matter and I do not expect a reply as I have wasted enough time on this problem.

Mike Willemse

PS   The original question has still not been answered


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From: Jacques Labotsky [mailto:JacquesL@nissan.co.za]
Sent: 13 July 2010 10:26 AM
To: mikewillemse@venturenet.co.za
Cc: Coreen Nagel; Veralda Schmidt; les.stephenson@iol.co.za
Subject: RE: [iol.co.za #150526] Motoring - Editorial: New Pathfinder

Dear Mike,

We refer to your e-mail to Les Stephenson from Motoring Editorial which has been sent to us for a reply.

We take note of your concern and want to assure you that your business and happiness as a Nissan Owner is very important to us.

I confirm that we as Nissan S.A. are aware of your concern and want to mention the following: -

We trust that you find the above clarifies the matter and please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Kind regards,

Senior Manager: Customer Care



Tel:         +27 (0) 12 529 5103
Fax:         +27 (0) 86 631 4772
E-mail:      jacquesl@nissan.co.za

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From: les.stephenson [mailto:les.stephenson@iol.co.za]
Sent: 26 June 2010 09:51 AM
To: Veralda Schmidt
Subject: Fwd: [iol.co.za #150526] Motoring - Editorial: New Pathfinder

Hi Veralda,

Would Nissan SA care to comment on this reader's letter?

Les Stephenson
Independent Online
Newspaper House
122 St Georges Mall, CAPE TOWN 8001
South Africa
+27 21 488 4585

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Subject: [iol.co.za #150526] Motoring - Editorial: New Pathfinder
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 12:39:20 +0200
From: "Mike Willemse via RT" <feedback@motoring.co.za>
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Mike Willemse


I wonder if Nissan have sorted the rust problems, that they are denying, out with the launch of the new model ?
It is with great interest that I read your new review and am wonder if Nissan are not ashamed to release this model again in South Africa. I am only one of many disgruntled owners


Nissan South Africa (Proprietary) Limited
(Registration number: 1963/007428/07)

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M P Whitfield - Managing Director, J P Kleynhans, G A Field, N Craddock, E M Mkhwanazi

06 July 2010

Hi Marius ,
I , on the other hand , had very poor service from BMW , Toyota and Subaru - the car is fine , though , so I will probably keep it running ( avoiding the dealership whenever possible) until I die.
And you know what , it's not the dealerships to blame , but the public , because the way people have become accustomed to changing vehicles far too often , we have "fattened" the dealerships to an extent where they don't give a hoot about a percentage of customers who complain - the reality is they are selling more vehicles than they can order , so for as long as that statistic remains , the poor service levels will also remain.

Jean de Chalain

From: Reinhardt Rossouw
Sent: 28 June 2010 15:42
To: marius@interexcel.co.za
Importance: High

Hi there Marius,

I found your site on the net, please see my complaint below. To date, not even a yes thank you idiot we have received your complaint reply from them. Even worse, the wheel bearing is still not there. It is the 28th, as you know, my complaint was submitted on the 18th, and we have been waiting for a bearing, a simple bearing, for a full month!

I bet you I will go to the nearest spares shop and get the bearing there in five minutes time. It might not be stamped a true Nissan part, but it works!!

Could you perhaps assist? I have already informed our head office that, when the time arrives to replace our vehicles at Avis, they should not even consider any Nissan vehicle for my region. Funny thing is, if you go onto their website, there is no one specific you can contact with your complaint, you are directed to another link, where it is casually ignored by everyone.


Reinhardt Rossouw

From: Reinhardt Rossouw
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2010 10:52 AM
To: 'infodesk@nissan.co.za'
Importance: High

Good day,

I would like to bring the following complaints regarding Nissan Klerksdorp to your attention, as this is now becoming intolerable.

In March of this year I sent our deployment vehicle, a Nissan NP200 registration number XSW417GP, for a service. During the course of the day we repeatedly followed up what the status of the vehicle is, only to be informed that the authorization for the service came through from Avis very late. We have a national contract with Avis and all our vehicles are leased from them with a service clause included. The manager, Jacques, told my driver that the vehicle will only be ready the next day. Unfortunately I can track the movements of all my vehicles on my laptop, and I found that someone was driving around in the residential area with the bakkie. I sent my driver, who was around the corner from Nissan, to enquire how it is possible for the vehicle to be driving around, minutes after we were told it is immobile and will only be repaired the next day.

It turned out to be the manager, Jacques, who drove around with it. We took the vehicle from Nissan on his arrival.

Approximately two weeks ago we scheduled the same vehicle for another service at Nissan Klerksdorp. The vehicle was taken in early the morning, but by then nothing had been done by the garage to obtain authorization from Avis for the service. At about 14H15 the afternoon I was called by a lady, I believe it was Marie or Martie, informing me that they can not order any parts unless I pay the parts first. I informed her that the vehicle was under Avis warranty and that they are paying the whole service, to which she then replied that the vehicle is out of warranty.

I immediately contacted our fleet coordinator, Clera Moatshe, who confirmed with Avis that the vehicle was in fact still under warranty, otherwise they would have replaced it already, which is another part of our agreement with them. They also confirmed that the authorization for the service was sent through to Nissan early that morning. At approximately 16H30 the same lady contacted me, stating that she has just received the authorization from Avis, but seeing that the service is a major service, they will not be able to finish before closing time. There was also the problem of a bearing which they had to order, and this would only be available the next week. I told her to have the vehicle ready for collection by my driver and that she must inform us when all the parts are available, then we can schedule another date for the service.

It is now two weeks later, yesterday my driver enquired about the service and the parts, only to be told that the part (bearing) will only be available next week. I simply can not believe that a simple part such as a bearing can take three weeks or longer to arrive, not in a major company such as Nissan. I spoke to someone at Nissan Klerksdorp, who confirmed that the part number could not be found and that it was requested from Nissan SA, but that this was received more than a week ago and it was forwarded to the correct person to order the part, but this has not happened.

I am extremely disappointed with the level of service provided, this vehicle drives up to 5 000km per week, and the lives of my employees are at stake due to someone not doing his work. I am at the point of taking the vehicle off the road, hiring another vehicle from Avis as a daily rental and submitting the invoice for this to Nissan Klerksdorp until my own vehicle's service is completed.

Your urgent attention in this matter is hereby requested.


Reinhardt Rossouw

22 June 2010

I own a Nissan Hardbody 3.3 - it has a full service history, only serviced by Nissan themselves. Picked up my vehicle after 90 000km service ... smelled some oil ... phoned Nissan ... they told me it was probably oil that spilled during the service, and not to worry. 3000km later the oil light came on - took it back to Nissan, they told me that there was no oil in my vehicle, they topped up the oil and instructed me to bring it back after another 1000km. Did that ... they quoted me R4500 to strip the engine to find out what is wrong. After 2 weeks I got a quote for R50 000 to redo the engine stating that all rings have collapsed. Got an independent engineer to inspect the vehicle - who confirmed that all rings were still intact, and they only problem they could find was that the valve stem seals were hardened ... which is unusual for a vehicle with this mileage. Furnished them with the independent report and asked them to do a re-quote --> they changed the words and upped the prices!! Took the matter to Nissan SA Customer Care - no joy. They refuse to furnish me with a copy of the report done by their engineers ... 2 months has passed and to quote Nissan 'Considering the age and mileage of your vehicle, the above failure considered to be due to normal wear and tear of the seals and piston rings' MY CONCLUSION - NISSAN only last 90000km SO BE WARNED

Scary part of it all another lady from Silverton experience the same problem with her Nissan Navara !

Corrie vd Walt

10 June 2010


Very long story cut short...

Everybody has more or less the same story. I had to wait a week after Nissan Waterfall sat with my money (paid cash) after promise after promise.

Vehicle was delivered after a PDI (tyre pressure 3.8 rear and 1.45 front) And so it goes on. Noisy engine.....reported it to dealer, dealer said take it elsewhere (mail to prove this) Mail from DP apologizing or fraudulent transaction and lyiong sales man (still awaiting his promise of finding out exactly what happened) Took vehicle in for repair with 800 km on the clock- no noise in engine found my the sister company in Durban. Still persisted with the noise and after Nissan SA did not respond to my 6 letters I took it upon myself to make a little noise. Eventually Nissan did contact me (never will put anything in writing even if requested) Vehicle cutting out whilst driving, no brakes, lights flicking etc etc. Still NO response from Nissan SA (Have mails to prove same - addressed to all concerned so I am not interested in their "stock reply"

Eventually demanded a replacement vehicle after the aircon packed up. Fixed and the whole front house came loose. This was eventually fixed in the parking lot! The decent sort of fellow mechanic said I should request a new plastic engine cover because mine is scratched from all the work done on it. The nudge bar supplied by the dealer is vibrating the chassis and needs repair - guess where I will get with this!

The vehicle is eventually going well now but what a slog! After sales from Nissan SA is non existent, unprofessional and insulting to say the least.

I have documentation of all that I have said and the emai;s and documentation is available for your info anytime.

Motto: DON'T BUY NISSA - ESPECIALLY NP 200 (No back up or service)
Sorry this epistle is disorderly but I am p---off with the way I have been handled by Nissan.


Motto 2: Never pay cash for a vehicle!

08 June 2010

Hi Marius,

I bought a new NP200 diesel earlier this year. 7000 km further, the engine packed up. I took the Bakkie to the local Nissan dealer and that is where things got very strange indeed.

The dealer said that it is a warranty claim and they must work under instruction from Nissan SA. I must admit that the dealer kept me informed of what they were doing every step of the way. This took almost FOUR WEEKS as Nissan SA had to instruct them every time to check something else, strip this, strip that, send this away to be be checked etc etc.

In the meantime, I was stuck without transport. Obviously I asked for a courtesy car. Now things really got interesting - the dealer said Nissan SA had to give me a courtesy car and of course Nissan SA said the dealer had to give me a car. Many phone calls later Nissan SA said that they would give me a courtesy car but only after it has been confirmed that the Bakkie will be REPAIRED UNDER THE WARRANTY! So does that mean that if a Nissan's engine packs up after only 7000km's they can refuse to repair it under the warranty?

Here is the best part. I got a phone call two days short of waiting four weeks. This is more or less the extent of the phone call.

Nissan SA: Mr Koch we have very good news for you, your Bakkie will be repaired under the warranty. Oh sorry, we have bad news as well, the spares, pistons, bearings and and a top gasket will only be available on the 18th of June.

Nissan SA: We have more good news for you, you can now get a courtesy car from Nissan SA. Oh sorry, we have more bad news for you, we have no courtesy cars available.

There you have it. Not a new engine, no they replace a few parts and no courtesy car. It seems that I will be without transport for about SEVEN weeks. Nissan SA doesn't give a s*@# about their customers. All they are interested in is selling their vehicles and tough luck for you if it breaks.


Marius, please publish this email on your site, together with my contact details, to warn anyone thinking of buying a Nissan. I am busy putting up a Facebook page regarding the poor service and I will send you an invite as soon as it is up.

Kind regards and thanks for putting up your site,( http://www.mynissanstory.co.za/)

Dirk Koch

05 May 2010













New NP 200 bakkie now 2800km. Paid cash. Car went in twice for wheel alignment during the 1st 2 weeks of ownershiPVERY TIME CONSUMING -THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BRAND NEW CAR!

Third problem: the car accelerates at will. VERY VERY DANGEROUS! It went in for fixing -AGAIN! The car came back with the same problem.

The problem was worse: after one of the accelerating episodes THERE WAS NO 2ND AND 3RD GEAR! Went back to Nissan on a flatbed. This was Friday the 16/04/2010.



Now going on to 3 weeks (without any offer of a loan vehicle), we have been told that there was nothing wrong with the gearbox. This is a life threatening vehicle and Arnold (Owner Global Nissan) simply told us to come get the vehicle on Friday afternoon 30/04/2010! IT IS NOW FIXED .... For how long?CHECKED BY AN ENGINEER BECAUSE WE SAID WE DON'T WANT THIS 'DUD' VEHICLE!

OUR REQUEST WAS TO HAVE A NEW BAKKIE OR OUR MONEY BACK. WE HAD 2 MONTHS OF NISSAN HELL. WE A COMPANY WHO NEEDS A CAR IN WORKING CONDITION!. Mr Tony Mini (parts manager Nissan RSA) told us that this life threatening problem we experienced was impossible. On our insistence they want to give a report to us through their legal department, clearly we are in their eyes, crazy and untrustworthy. NOT GOOD CUSTOMER RELATIONS. Now we are told it is a plastic cap that should have been removed in manufacturing causing all of this?? This vehicle cannot be trusted. We want a new one or a refund.



03 May 2010


Dear Sir

As mentioned telephonically to your personal assistant, Alet, I would like to discuss a very serious matter with you, regarding my experience with my current Nissan vehicle.

I have been a loyal Nissan customer for more than 10 years. My first Nissan vehicle, as a student, was a Nissan Premera (pre owned) in 2000. I finished my studies and was very impressed with my vehicles performance and therefore decided that my first self bought, self owned vehicle would definitely be a Nissan! In 2006 I bought a Nissan Hardbody 3D (also pre owned). In December 2009 I was appointed in a management position in a very big and successful construction company. Together with this new position came the advantage of a motor allowance, and there was not even a doubt in my mind that I wanted my own, brand new Nissan bakkie. So therefore, on 03 December 2009, I bought myself a brand new Nissan Nirvara 2.5 King Cab.

On the 26 March 2010, on my way home from Polokwane (where I currently work) for the Easter weekend, I heard a strange sound in my engine (note that my Nirvara is now 4 months old and only has 21 000km on the clock). I stopped immediately, as there were no service lights that came on, but I was concerned about the sound on the engine. (Just to inform you, that my bakkie was in for his 15 000km service just a few weeks before). I contacted Nissan South Africa road side assistance, and my vehicle was toad in to the nearest Nissan service centre which was Moto-Deal Nissan in Vanderbijlpark. At that point they couldn't give me any indication of what was wrong with my bakkie, and they gave me a 24hr courtesy vehicle to get to Bloemfontein. I was assured that someone would contact me on that Monday, 29 March, to give me an update as to where we stand with the situation of my bakkie. I heard nothing from anyone at Moto-Deal or Nissan Customer Care, and then decided to phone on Wednesday 31 March as the Easter weekend was approaching, and I still haven't heard anything from anybody.

I phoned numerous times to find out if they could not supply me with a courtesy vehicle. By this time I had to cancel all my Easter weekend bookings as I had no vehicle. (With this I already lost a lot of money regarding deposits that I have already made more than a month ago).

After long discussions with people at the Nissan Customer Care offices, namely Coleen Erasmus, they decided to only give me a courtesy vehicle on Tuesday 6 April 2010 that I had to collect on my time in Rosslyn, Pretoria.

They gave me a Nissan Lavina. I explained that I am working on a construction site and that my employer pays me per kilometre that I drive, thus am I losing a lot of money not being able to work on site with a vehicle like a Nissan Lavina. They insured me that my bakkie would be ready within a week.

The first report they gave me was that the oil pump had gone, they would fix that problem and I would have had my vehicle on the 10 April. On the 10th, after not having heard anything, I phoned and they said that I must bring the courtesy vehicle back to Vanderbijlpark on Monday 12 April, but that there was no guarantee that I would get another courtesy vehicle and that there was now also problems with the 'sprockets' and that it is not available in South Africa yet, therefore I have to wait another 2 weeks for it to arrive and to be installed in my vehicle. I explained that I could not work without a vehicle and if they could not guarantee another courtesy vehicle, I could not give back the one that I currently have. After then speaking to Daleen at Nissan South Africa, they said I could keep the courtesy vehicle until my bakkie is ready.

They insured me that my bakkie would be finished on the 29 April when I go home again to Bloemfontein, I could in other words collect my vehicle at Moto-Deal Vanderbijlpark and give back the courtesy vehicle.

On 29 April, after confirming the previous day that my bakkie will be ready, I arrived at Moto-Deal in Vanderbijlpark at 10:00 just to find out that the vehicle has not been assembled yet. They assured me that I could come back at 14:30 to collect the vehicle. I went back at the given time, just to find that the bakkie was STILL NOT assembled. They provided me with another courtesy vehicle, as the previous one had to be returned. They promised, yet again, that they would phone me back first thing the next morning to arrange for my vehicle to be brought to me in Bloemfontein. At 12:30 Friday 30 April, not having heard anything, I phoned Moto-Deal. They then told me that the 'bearings' apparently had also gone??

The quality of a relationship is based mostly on trust. That would include trusting one's partner, one's employees or employer AND also trusting one's suppliers. My trust in Nissan has now been broken as I have been a loyal customer for 10 years, and after all my support and confidence in your product and company, this is the kind of service I receive.

Sir, I would like to ask you please to help in assisting me in this matter, as at this stage I do not have the time on the energy anymore to try to sort out this mess!

Could you please contact me or email me on the following numbers: 082 524 9099 or 083 4494 674.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,


03 May 2010

Hi Marius

On the 7th of December last year I took my Navara to IC Nissan in Kempton Park for a gearbox problem. (My Navara was at another dealership "Nissan Bruma" for two months for the same problem.) I decided to take it to IC Nissan in the hope that they will be able to sort out the problem. On my way to IC Nissan my Navara started overheating. Arriving at the dealership they informed me that the head casket was faulty and that it will have to be repaired first. That was the end of my holiday plans as they will only be able to fix it in January. Well we are now in Mei of 2010 and I am still without my Navara after many phone calls and visits to the dealership. I have also contacted Nissan SA for assistance with well no luck. My business is losing money as I had to take a bakkie out of the fleet that I have to travel with. Not ones have the dealership offered me a loan unit even after asking for one. I have paid my instalments at the bank and also my insurance for the past 8 months and had no joy in even using my own car. My question to Nissan is Do you think it is fair and when do you think I will have my Navara back????

Werner Pretorius

08 April 2010

About 2 month ago my NEW Nissan Navara's motor packed up and I was standing next to the road. Nissan had to rebuild the motor through their warranty system. I was told that I should take the can back after 1500km for a oil change, which I did today. To my horror I was told that I would need to pay R945 for the oil change!!!!! They say that it's not covered in my maintenance plan and that I should pay!!

This is crazy!! I'm now paying because the R400 000.00 car I bought can't even do Km30 000 before the motor need to be rebuild! How does that work. All of this after my lights didn't work 2 days after I bought the car and my aircon plug broke on km28 000 and the car left me beside the road.

I always get bad service and the people are arrogant... almost as if they are doing you a favour!

Never will I support Nissan again and I will make sure everyone know about there BAD SERVICE!!!


Morné De Noon

01 April 2010

Hi Marius,

Ek het my TIIDA 1.6 Accenta as 'n demonstrasie model by Toits gekoop.

Toe ek die kar kry het ek vir hulle uitegewys die matte in die kattebak het 'n probleem en daar was klein krapmerkies onder die kattebak se opening. Hulle het aangedui dat hulle die sou herstel met die eerste diens.

Die eerste pyn kom toe die installeerders van die handsvrystel die battery ontkoppel. (Ek sal hulle nooit self aanstel nie, ek sukkel nou nog om die gesig te lees en kort-kort kla mense dat hulle my nie kan hoor nie.) Niemand kan vir my die radio se kode voorsien nie! (Dit neem toe drie dae om dit in die hande te kry.)

Op daardie stadium was dit weer verskriklik warm. Die lugversorger se pyp het toe 'n lek en al wat hulle kon doen was om een van 'n ander een af te roof.

Wel die eerste diens het gekom. Daar is toe met Nissan gepraat, volgens die diensbestuurder oor die matte en ek sou gekontak word.

Die tweede diens het gekom. Fotos sou geneem gewees het en na Nissan SA gestuur gewees het, wat dan weer na my toe terug sou gekom het.

Toe pak die regterkanste venster se meganisme op in die middel van Desember 2008. Ek vat toe die kar na Atlantis Nissan toe, omdat hulle eerste oopgemaak het. Alle Nissan werkswinkels is mos dieselfde. Die onderdele moes toe van Nissan SA bestel word. Wat interessant was, is dat vier ander mense vir dieselfde onderdele bestel is na myne het hulle s'n voor myne gekry! Die TIIDAs het steeds van die produksielyn afgekom elke dag. Wat sal 'n mens vir die versekering sé as jou kar gesteel of beskadig raak en jy het geweet die venster kan met die hand op en af geskuif word? Nissan sal net hulle skouers optrek. Ek het daar met 'n klantverteenwoordiger 'n paar keer gepraat, maar die storie was al die tyd dieselfde. Ek het hom ook oor die matte gevra, maar hy weet altyd van niks nie. Atlantis Nissan het ook van geen sout of water geweet oor die matte nie en probeer uitmaak dit is deur my toedoen.

In dieselfde tydsgleuf het my broer my vertel dat Nissan hom aanbeveel het om vir sy nuwe Nissan trok 'n roof onderdeel verkoeler te kry, omdat hulle kamstig nie voorraad het nie. Intussen kom die trokke aanhoudend van die lyn af.

Nou is dit tyd vir my kar se vierde diens, die waarskuwing het glad nie aangekom nie.

Dis waarskynlik tyd om vir Nissan in Japan 'n mooi afskeidsbriefie te skryf met 'n afskrif aan Nissan SA:

Ek weet nie wat volgende om te verwag nie.

Verder het ek ongelukkig 'n ballonbetaling wat die verkoopsman in die ooreenkoms ingebou het en ek was ongelukkig haastig. Dit was Vrydag en ek moes Maandag 'n hele ent van die huis af begin werk.

Nissan het 'n goeie enjin, maar geen lewensiklus steun. (Definitief in Suid-Afrika nie!) So hulle wil eintlik nie kliënte hé nie.

Louis Krüger

30 March 2010

Hi Marius

Please put this link on your page as well:


When that clutch is fixed you will have less power on your Navara when taking off.....


George Brittnell

28 March 2010

Hi Marius

Nice website but, unfortunately, too late. My Navara's (a company vehicle) clutch started giving problems (a slip when moving off - in first gear). I pointed this out to the service technician (at Imperial Nissan Parow) when the vehicle went in for its 75000km service. The technician assured me it will be no problem, it can be fixed as the vehicle is still under warranty. All that needs to be done is to send photo's of the clutch to JBH, get authorization, and they will replace the clutch. On Thursday, 18 March I took the vehicle. On Tuesday, 23 March Imperial Nissan phoned to inform me Nissan SA requested that the clutch be sent to JHB as the mileage was rather high (87000km). I could understand this as it would be necessary to check for abuse - until I Googled "problems with Nissan Navara". Guess what pops up first - Problems with Nissan Navara's clutch!!!! The following day I received an SMS from Imperial Nissan to contact them re the clutch. I was then informed the clutch needs to be sent to Germany for inspection! I wanted to know if Nissan does not have the expertise and technology available in SA. It was just said it's Nissan policy. I can wait or pay for the clutch and claim when they receive authorization (which could be in a couple of months!)

Marius, is there no collective action one could take against Nissan? One thing I'M going to do is send as many mails possible to as many contacts possible with a link to your website. I'm sure it will make a difference although we will still have those with blinkers on, like Cobus Roos and Claudine, exactly the reason why companies like Nissan and others are still in business! It is clear they don't have the mental capacity to calculate the ratio between satisfied and dissatisfied customers!

Please add my mail to the complaints on your website.

Bronwyn Kinnear

27 March 2010

I am the not so proud and unhappy owner of a Nissan Patrol 30dti diesel that was purchased new in 2006 this year I noticed my dashboard started 'delaminating' MAKING BUBBLES EVERYWHERE!! Unfortunately my vehicle is out of warranty, but I feel for a vehicle that I paid over half a million rand for this is totally unacceptable, and I will pursue this matter as far as I can!!! If I don't get any response I am going to take pictures of the dashboard and post it on all the Nissan Forums, including Australia and SA 4X4!!!
Really why must I put up with this when it is surely a bad design or inferior material that were used!!

J.C. Lesch

25 March 2010

Hi Marius

Ek het toevallig op hierdie site afgekom en voel sommer SIEK.

1 April 2009 het ek my Nissan Tiida Versia 1.6 by Group 1, Nissan, Kuilsrivier gekoop. Hy het ongeveer 20 000km opgehad. Die verkoopsman het aan ons vertel dat die diensboekie geldig is asook die fabriekswaarborg en dat ons hom moet bring op 30 000km vir diens. Verlede week neem ek die voertuig vir diens. 'n Halfuur later kry ek 'n oproep dat hul Avis gekontak het en dat die voertuig nie geregtig is op dienste nie. Ek noem dat ek die voertuig by Nissan gekoop het nie by Avis nie. Hulle gaan vind uit by die verkoopsman en kom terug met die antwoord dat ek nie geregtig is op dienste nie.

Ons is tydens die koop van die voertuig in kennis gestel dat dit Avis voertuie was wat teruggekom het en wat verkoop word, maar daar is ook aan ons genoem dat hy geregtig is op dienste. Ons was nog so opgewonde oor die nuus - my eerste voertuig wat gratis gediens gaan word!

Ons het die verkoopsman gaan sien en die hou daarby dat hy nooit dit aan ons gesé het nie. Dat dit slegs die fabriekswaarborg is wat geldig is. Hy bied glad aan om ander kliente se nommers vir my te gee sodat ek hul kan bel. Niks is op skrif nie, dus is dit sy woord teen myne.

Ons is baie teleurgestel in hierdie diens.


Jy mag my skrywe op jou website plaas.

24 March 2010

Dear Maruis,

I bought a new Nissan Pathfinder in Nov 2006 and have really enjoyed the vehicle since then. Two weeks after the warranty expired I noticed extensive
rust above the front windscreen and took it immediately back to the dealer were it was serviced one month earlier. Their comments were that it was caused by stone chips and
that it is now out of warranty (under 10000 Km) I then asked the service manager at Mc Carthy Gateway why did they not report the rust during the last service that was still within the warranty period to which he respond that the do not conduct rust check and do not have the technical knowledge
I questioned this With Darlene at Nissan Sa customer care and she stated that rust check is the owners responsibility and also pointed me to clause in the manual that I had to have the car specially treated before it was purchased because I stay at the coast..( this made me wonder that if a service manager cannot conduct a rust check what chance has any lady owner of a Nissan have ?)

A panel beater checked the vehicle for me and there were no stone chips and the rust was caused by poor painting at the factory.
After a three and a half month battle with Mc Carthy Gateway and Nissan customer care they have rejected the claim. Therefore I can state the following

DO NOT BUY A NISSAN PATH FINDER as they rust on the front windscreen and at the back door. After a quick internet search and 1 phone call I discovered that there 11 others in the Cape with similar problems. You will not be able to give them away as nobody wants to buy a rust bucket.

Do not rely on Nissan customer care to assist you, they don't return phone calls, stall all complaints and by not responding and have the wrong name.

Nissan has now lost a loyal customer for life by not being prepared to pay R3500.00 in rust repairs on a half a million rand vehicle (does this make any sense?...customer care?)
I wish that some body gave me this advise before I bought mine

Marius you can put this on your site with my name and feel free to contact me if you need any further info.


Mike Willemse

23 March 2010

Atlatis Nissan Motors service is horrific. I have never met people like this unfriendly and unprofessional.
Last year it took them almost a year to find the problem why my Navara was losing power whist driving. I ended up at the Manager. I was almost accused of filing up my bakkie with dirty or low grade diesel. After they indicated that they fixed the problem they insisted that my vehicle plan must pay for the repairs I had to return the vehicle another 3 times before the problem was fixed. The last time after again I was ensure that the Bakkie is now 100%. I had to return again as they neglected to fit the air filter cover which was still on my backseat. No one noticed that even though I was told that the manager personally took the car for a test drive.

On 17 March 2010 I took my Navara for a 90 000Km service. The lady at the counter was not very helpful nor friendly. It seemed my vehicle was not register to be serviced even though I made the booking a week in advance.

On collecting my vehicle after I received a call that my vehicle is ready for collection I was told to wait as they have not received payment from my vehicle plan.

On inquiring where my service book was I was informed that they do not know and that they may have misplaced it. They will phone as soon as they find it. Till today I was never contacted.

During the service I requested that they fix a noise at the front of the bonnet of the bakkie and to fix the cruise control. None of these were fixed!!!!!!


Stephen Tiley

17 March 2010

Dear Marius,

I own one of the above vehicles, it's a 2009 model with 15800 km, it has a terrible vibration between 3400 revs and 3600 revs. Have you had similar complaints for this vehicle?

They seem to be unable to repair mine.

Melvin Bell

12 March 2010

Hi There,

On the 20/01/10 I was in an accident and the car that I hit got saved by a pole.It was a write off.The funny things about my Nissan was that the seat belt never locked me back and none of my six airbags never popped.I got a neck and back injury.

My car was fixed by a panelbeater but on completion,it was discovered that the Airbag control unit was not working and further more, my seatbelts locked.

How possible is it that when you are in an accident and the car you drive,never protects you like it has been said.I'm very disappointed in Nissan and wouldn't want to recommend anyone to buy it.



11 March 2010


It seems pretty Anti Nissan anything and anyone SA or in general to me and even if you have the Nissan SA response on there, you're still not being very positive about their product. You ask people to comment about their negative experiences and there is no "contact me about your positive experience".

Perhaps your issue is purely with Nissan Pretoria and you should change your approach to show this i.e. My Nissan PRETORIA story or my Nissan SA story. But you freely use the word Nissan and now you want to clarify it to Nissan SA. If you like your toyota or bmw so much, why not change your approach to mybmwstory,com and make it a positive one!

Sorry, I'm just annoyed with how many negative people are out there and how quick they are to tell their negative story and not share some positive news and highlight what is good out the world. It's easier to make a fuss about a bad experience, than to highlight something positive.

Anyway, enough said from me. I'm off to have a happy day, to be positive, to let people in in the traffic and to smile at the beggar on the street.

YOU have a super day, I think you need it more

Kind regards

10 March 2010


Do you have a section on your website for HAPPY Nissan customers who would never ever ever in their life drive Toyota? Or is this purely and Anti-Nissan site?



04 March 2010

Dear Marius,

You are certainly not alone. We too bought a demo Navara with 5409km on the clock with a service plan and warranty. When it came to the 15000 km service we find we have no service plan. The same fight you talk of ensued. I am not a person to leave things so we are in a position where everytime we have to service the car we need to get an order from East Rand Nissan for payment, despite the fact that we have the paperwork to say that we have a maintenance plan ( from an indepenant company which we forced them to do in the absence of a service plan) which clearly is not valid. In our case we were in possession of a service plan booklet and paperwork . Furthermore we paid around R2000 for delivery costs that were not done and needed to pay a years licence, buy number plates and get past putting the car through a roadworthy test due to the lapse of time.

We confirm that we were also told that you could not buy the vehicle without a service plan but Nissan cancelled ours, no reason given.


Debi Basson

26 February 2010

Dear Marius

I sincerely hope that you will also have the courage of conviction to place my story on your website "MyNissanStory".

Since 1972 my family (father, mother, brothers and myself) has owned 23 Nissans/Datsuns between us. Our story is a complete different one to yours. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences with our Nissans. Not once have we had a bad experience with either our vehicles or Nissan. My Nissan Sentra 1.6GX (1992 model - later "donated" to "distribution of wealth"), which I bought new, picked up a gearbox problem at 213,000km. Nissan immediately acknowledged a product flaw, and fixed my little trustworthy car without any cost to me. When it was "donated" to "distribution of wealth" (STOLEN) in 2007 (by now I had given the car to my son) it had almost 600,000km on the clock, and apart from the gearbox problem, never had any serious repairs done other than normal repairs one would expect from a car with that kind of mileage. Even with such high mileage it was still giving more than 12km to a liter of fuel.

It is sad that you had this ONE bad experience, and now want to judge the brand based on this. I currently own a Nissan Hardbody 3.0i SE 4x4 Double Cab (2000 model) with more than 250,000km on the clock and I love my truck. It is sturdy, powerful and extremely reliable. This has been my Nissan experience for the past 28 years. Great vehicles, and the one brand I will ALWAYS trust. I am convinced that this is one of very few bad experiences with Nissan, and believe that for every bad experience there probably is one million or more feel good stories to be told. Bad experience happen with all brands, but judging a brand on ONE bad experience is according to me grossly unfair. Don't get me started on some of the brands YOU like so much. Your favourite was a complete nightmare to me and the double cab you are considering now fell apart on the Steenbokpan gravel roads within 30,000km.

But if it makes you happy to continue with your witch hunt against Nissan, go for it. I just wanted to share my fantastic experience with the Nissan brand with you. I do hope that you solve your problems, and I sincerely wish that you never experience problems with a vehicle again.

Kind regards

Cobus Roos

25 February 2010

Hi Marius

I couldn't agree more - a Nissan never in my life again not even for free.

I am busy making myself a banner that I will be displaying on the back of my Murano and it will read as follows.

NISSAN S**_T EXPECTATION and then I want to challenge Nissan to put the F back in S**T.

My story is one of frustration, anger @#$%^&*()_+!, no confidence and absolute disgrace at the attitude and service of Nissan SA.

My Nissan Murano is roughly 3.5 years old now and has undergone the following transformation.

1. Gearbox replaced at 75 000 Km -this was done under warranty - Cost R 46 000-00

2. Transfer box replaced at 160 000 km - no warranty    my cost   R 14 500-00

3. Exhaust manifold cracked at 150 000 Km - no warranty    my cost   R 5 000-00

4. Power steering fluid transfer hose - 140 000 km - no warranty    my cost   R 5 000-00

5. Under garage support arms L and Right - 100 000 km no warranty my cost R 8 000-00 at 160 00 km I have to replace again.

6. New Shock absorbers
R 7 000-00

This is not mentioning the other bits like cv cover boots both sides.

My car was bought as a demo and had 2000 km on the clock. It subsequently have had all its services, even when out of service plan and has traveled long distances.

I have requested Nissan to send me reports on the failure of the manifold, powers steering fluid pipe and transfer box, but all they got to say is that it is due to wear.

It seems to me they could not be bothered about unhappy customers and the Quality of their product. You get stuck at Customer services at Nissan and can talk to no one else about your problem.

Well I recon I have had enough of this and will go out of my way to inform as many people as I can regarding my Expectation that tuned into S**T.

Please put this on e- tv if you can cause I am putting it on my car ( if you can call it that)


Kobus Davids

25 February 2010

Dear Junaide

Regarding our telephone conversation on 4/06/09 I had the following issues on my XTrail and would like your comments on the following

1. My wiper blades noisy and shudder when used in rainy weather conditions it would bed in. and still is noisy
2. When I had to replace my tyres on vehicle could not find any local brand and had difficulty getting hold of tyres later on I bought rims and tyres from Motor deal VDB +- R9000 My clock ratio changed I had discussions with Nissan South Africa on that matter and was afraid for damage to the cars gearbox
3. My radiator fan wire rusted off I took it in to Hansie Roodt Vereeniging they took a red piece off wire attached it to the broken off wire thus repairing it.
4. November 2006 Nissan SA send out the filler replacement letter. Took my car to Hansie Roodt which they replaced. My petrol gauge light suddenly came on at 437 km, not where I were used to +-500 km I took my car back and had to hear that there is nothing wrong. Drive my car like that sins and could not take my car back as I am afraid of more damage
5. The driver seatbelt have be helped to roll back after it is disconnected after use. still is like that.
6. Rattles on my radiator fans and radiator.
7. The last straw for me on this stage I heard a noisy hissing on my exhaust system took the car in for gasket check at Motordeal VDB. To my surprise I had to hear that the exhaust manifold is cracked on the converter and this would cost me R13200 to replace. Why did it cracked in the first place? Will the new one also creaked after a few years?

NS I still think Nissan XTrail is a excellent vehicle but all above problems took my pleasure out of my vehicle for me.

Please assist, how do I get my trust back? would you get yours back after all this?

FC Potgieter

24 February 2010

Pathetic Service from Magnis Trucks Samrand

Hi Anton

I apologise that I had to revert to this, but it has come to a point where this seems the only option left open to me.

I sent my Nissan UD90 in for clutch replacement in December (12 Dec Nissan invoice date) last year. The clutch was replaced and no problems were experienced.

My clutch again failed early this year (2 Feb Nissan invoice date), and the person I was dealing with, Deon Swart, told me its driver abuse. The truck probably didn't do more than 500km in-between the 2 clutch replacements, and stood still for 90% of the time between December and January due to shutdown.

I had to believe him, as I don't have the technical know-how to argue. I requested a report so that we could take steps against the employee. I was promised a report, but this has never materialized.

When the report was not forthcoming, I started wondering whether or not it really was driver abuse, or maybe something else was wrong after the second replacement.

I sent the truck back, and Deon told me that it was the booster that was faulty, and he verbally quoted me R1600 for replacement. At that cost, I didn't mind, so I said go ahead and replace the booster.

Thus, the story changed from driver abuse to booster being faulty as the reason for the clutch failing the second time.

I then received an invoice for R8000 for the replacement. I almost fell out of my seat! I phoned Deon immediately and asked him what the story was, why R8000 all of a sudden. He stated he couldn't think why he would have quoted me R1600 over the phone. Then my argument changed, as I'm of the belief that Nissan Samrand should have done a thorough check when replacing the clutch a second time, to ensure that the reason they give for the 2nd failure was correct, or maybe to prevent future clutch failure. This was obviously not done, otherwise Nissan Samrand would have picked up that the booster was faulty, whilst replacing the clutch a second time. I was also told that the truck only gets taken for a 2 - 3km test drive after a service to ensure all is well. I'm pretty sure that in those 2 - 3km, the driver couldn't have gotten through all the gears, thus he wouldn't have picked up the problem.

Then, the story changed again. This time, the booster was just not faulty, it was damaged because of driver abuse. Again, I requested a report for this, signed by you, the DP and him, and Deon promised I would have the report by Friday 19 Feb. When no report came, I phone again on Monday morning, and again he promised the report by Monday COB. Today is Wednesday (24 Feb), and still no report. Throughout all of this, not once was I, the customer, contacted to keep me informed of my trucks' progress. I had to do all the phoning.

When I go to the doctor, and tell him my ankle hurts, he doesn't only look at my ankle, he looks at whatever else could probably be the cause for my ankle being sore. People look to technicians as doctors sometimes, especially people that don't have the technical know-how. They're there to diagnose the problem, look at what could have caused the problem, and what must be done / be avoided to have the problem recurring.

Total cost to date, + - R 28 000, with a further R8000 that Deon wants me to pay.

I can not in my right mind pay R8000, when firstly, I was quoted R1600 verbally, and secondly when I feel that the technicians should have picked up the booster problem with the FIRST clutch replacement in November of last year.

Kind Regards
Schalk Cilliers

From: Jaco Kotze [mailto:jaco@thekotzes.com]
Sent: 19 February 2010 03:22
To: 'Coreen Nagel'
Cc: 'Marius Venter'; 'Liesel Fysh'; derekf@cape.nashua.co.za; 'Junaid Ebrahim'
Subject: RE: Nissan Tiida comment

Dear Coreen,

Yes , your consultant did explained the process. But here is what's getting annoying, frustrating and absolutely unacceptable to me. According to Nissan the assessor will contact Nissan SA about maters like this and Nissan will only then get involved. I called both assessors, the one working on my case from my insurer and the technical assessor appointed by my insurer to inspect the car. The technical assessor explained that they have no ability to test or diagnose why the bags did not deploy and its is Nissan who consist of the necessary tools to perform diagnostics.

Now, I am here in the middle. The fact of the matter still stands, I am the customer who bought this car being manufactured, guaranteed and marketed by Nissan, entrusting it with the safety of my wife and it failed. I do not care about who's policies apply where, what or where, my issue is with the manufacturer.

See the highlighted areas below... None came to play, no airbag deployment, she had no control of the car in a straight line, car was in a skid and that seatbelt really hurt her. Everything below all just a bunch of marketing nonsense but if you think I am telling fids proof me wrong. I owned a Fiat Palio a couple of years ago and even that cheap little car's airbags deployed and the anti lock braking actually worked and I stepped out of it with one scratch to my right arm.

I have had it, my wife was really hurt and NISSAN don't want to come to the party unless the insurance query it, get up and do your own investigation and tell me precisely what the hell went wrong! I don't even want to imagine the consequence having had my 5 year old son travelling with her that afternoon.

The Nissan Tiida is a car designed to be driven and enjoyed. As such, it's equipped with all the active and passive safety features required to ensure complete peace of mind. Electric power steering across all models, ABS anti-lock braking, EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and Brake Assist ensure maximum grip and control. So you can manoeuvre agilely around tricky situations. And powerful halogen headlights provide a wide arc of strong illumination to cut through darkness and bad weather.

The Tiida Visia+ and Acenta models come standard with the dual front airbags, and curtain airbags are available on Acenta models. Further protection is offered by a high mounted stop lamp, front seatbelt pre-tensioners and a warning triangle. Foglamps on high-end models, an immobiliser and NATS (Nissan Anti-Theft System) security on all models add to the feeling of safety and security that comes from knowing that you have the best possible protection on your side.


From: Coreen Nagel [CoreenN@nissan.co.za]
Sent: 19 February 2010 01:48 PM
To: Jaco Kotze
Cc: Marius Venter; Liesel Fysh; derekf@cape.nashua.co.za; Junaid Ebrahim
Subject: RE: Nissan Tiida comment

Dear Jaco

Kindly advise if you have received below e-mail?

From: Coreen Nagel
Sent: 13 January 2010 02:45 PM
To: Jaco Kotze
Cc: Junaid Ebrahim
Subject: RE: You will not be safe in a Nissan Tiida!

Good Day Jaco

Thank you very much for your mail.

I regret to hear of your wife's accident.Based on below information, it is difficult to comment as to why the airbags have not deployed.Airbags will only deploy under certain circumstances as explained in your vehicle's owners manual.I will request one of our Customer Support Consultants to contact you direct in this regard and to explain the process that need to be followed regarding accident enquiries.

Trust that you will find this in order.

Kind regards

Coreen NAGEL

One of our consultatns have contacted you regarding the process to follow.

Kindly advise the stance of your Insurance Company?as we as the Manufacturer are not allowed to intervene without notification from the Insurer of the particular vehicle.

Kindly advise.


Coreen NAGEL
Manager: Customer Contact Centre Operations
Tel: +27 (0) 12 529 5107
Fax: +27 (0) 86 631 4494
E-mail: coreenn@nissan.co.za

19 February 2010

(Follow up from Nissan Tiida story)

Hi Derek,

You are not intruding at all, I received quite a response from people all over the country and will happily share my experience. I have had one call from Nissan SA after the incident and no further communication or follow up what so ever. The car was eventually written off. My wife was in and out of hospital due to massive internal bruising, even spending 2 days in the surgical ward. Don't get me started on my portion of the hospital bills.

I am sorry but I will never recommend a Nissan to anyone, I am sure if she had more protection this would not have been the case especially at the speed she was doing. Imagine the consequence of an accident at 120km/h.

There is a lot of other car brands to choose from, and manufacturers that is actually backup their brand. I decided to copy Coreen Nagel - Co-ordinator: Customer Support Centre in this mail, perhaps I should forward all responses I received up till today as well.

Choose carefully!


15 February 2010

It was with great interest that I discovered Marius's website whilst trying to find details of someone at Nissan SA.

I am unfortunate enough to own a Nissan Murano and have spares related issues since the first Nissan workshop experience, if I list them going back the 2 ½ years I have owned this vehicle I will be here all day!

I frankly feel very sorry for the Midrand Dealership who have been trying to repair my vehicle as they cannot do much when Nissan SA never have spares, I would like to know how Nissan SA can even sell vehicles when spares are never available,I have even had to wait 6 weeks for new windscreen wiper blades in the past.

I have attached correspondence relating to my recent unpleasant experience.

It is now the 15th Feb and I am still battling to get my vehicle repaired once and for all.

My vehicle was back at CMH Midrand on Thursday 11th Feb where the problem was apparently identified, this time I was told that the spares were in fact available and would be at the Dealership on Friday ,surprise surprise ,it is now Monday and I called this morning and the parts are still not at the Dealership.

To put it in straight South African language I am now GATVOL hence me looking for details of someone at Nissan SA and coming across this interesting web site!

For the records my gearbox problem started on 17th December 09 and was supposedly repaired prior to me going on holiday on 28th Dec 09.(see attached correspondence giving all the details)

It is amazing that Nissan could not find the fault and or never had any spares but yet I am the one inconvenienced,I requested a courtesy car on 2nd Feb and was told this could not be done ,which amazes me as I have driven plenty other vehicles where courtesy cars are always arranged when a vehicle needs to be kept over night, as mentioned in my attached mails I do not expect a courtesy vehicle when my vehicle Is merely serviced but this is pushing it!

I even tried purchase another Nissan in December as I was going on holiday but my Murano is worth nothing!

Coreen,as it appears that you are in customer service at Nissan SA I eagerly await your comments as this is not CMH Midrand's problem but Nissan SA's problem ,I might add the CMH Midrand have been most pleasant in trying to get my vehicle sorted without any back up from Nossan SA.

In my opinion Nissan SA should not be selling vehicles that they clearly cannot offer any back up for.


Steve Easton

12 February 2010


Today is the 12 of Feb 2010 and our Nissan Nivarra is in Maputo Mozambique's workshop with Paulo the mechanic and Giovani the owner has been dealing with us............. and has been on and off since August 2008....YES THIS IS CORRECT......... once we received our car last year from Nissan Durban we had it for one month and it went straight to Nissan Maputo as OUR CAR IS STILL NOT OPERATING...
My husband Daniel returned Friday 8 of January from our Christmas holiday to collect the Nissan Nivarra and then immediately it did not function so he took it back to Maputo Nissan and our horrible story about our brand new Nissan Nivarra continues as it is still in the workshop and as you can see from the start of my story below from the first part of our horrible experience IT IS NOW A YEAR DOWN THE LINE.................... Our Nissan Navara has been more in a workshop than we have acctualy used it...............
We have had no phone call's or e-mails from anyone at Nissan to even apologies for this disgusting excuse of a car..........that I might add we pay monthly instalments and they are not cheep here in Mozambique

I can honestly say this car is just a walking disaster and has been since the beginning..... I am taking this problem up with consumer carte Blanche South Africa and this e-mail is going directly to Nissan Japan as this is just something a consumer whom bought a new car can endure any more......You be the judge and decide whether or not you would place your money in the hands of a company such as Nissan! I will most definitely never buy a Nissan again.....


On the 16th of Feb 2009 our brand new Nissan Nivara bought in Nov 2008,started smoking at the engine and the car speed slowed down. We where driving to Durban to then catch a plane to Cape Town for business. We managed to drive our brand new Nissan Nivara to Nissan Durban hoping they would help.We bought our car in Maputo, Mozambique and the car was brand new so we where still under the warantee and we where sure Nissan Durban would help us.

Now the story begins with how we have spent money, time and undue incompetence with Nissan, it is 3 months later and my husband and I still do not have our brand new Nissan Nivara back.The first month began as a joke, can you believe Nissan Maputo ( Mozambique) where not in any way helpful. There where numerous phone calls as well as e-mail correspondence and we copied Nissan Durban in on the e-mails so they could also see the terrible service we where receiving from them... if any at all. Eventually Nissan Durban embarked on opening our engine, on our brand new Nissan Nivara, of which it took them a month to then inform us they still did not know what was wrong with the our brand new Nissan Nivara.

Please note....... that no one... I mean no one.... phone us to keep us updated on what was happening with our brand new Nissan Nivara. We where the ones whom where phoning them every couple of days . I would like to introduce you too these two staff members form Nissan Durban, not to even mention again the helpful staff member in Maputo,we have Ashley and Janni.Understand now it is a month now down the line... with nothing we continued to pay our monthly installments on this brand new Nissan Nivara... with successfully achieving nothing from any one. By this stage my husband and I needed a courtesy car to conduct our business. This is the reason we bought a brand new Nissan 4/4 ( I might add) Nivara , to be able to conduct our business successfully computing from Mozambique to South Africa. The request for a courtesy car came to us immediately... the answer was a NO.

Can one actually cope? yes... we continued perusing a courtesy car with perseverance, survival skills and a million phone calls to a telephone service center in Jo'berg. I am sure everyone knows how stressful this can be, one never gets the same person on the phone when you do actually get to speak to a customer call member and then you have to explain your story AGAIN so one can find out the update on ones case. While all this is going on Nissan Durban have still not received word and permission to even start fixing our brand new Nissan Nivara, to top this they could still not tell us what was wrong with the engine. Logicaly once permission is granted to fix or replace a car engine, parts are then ordered and an estimation date should be agreed on as to when the brand new Nissan Nivara would be ready? No, no ,no,no and no not in our case we continued to phone Nissan Durban every couple of days to get any information... this was like drawing blood from a stone.

Finally close to the end of the first month we where granted a courtesy car. We where starting to get a bit hopeful, until the customer care phone correspondent proceeded to tell us it would take some days to get this courtesy car to Durban. I mean have you ever... we where in Durban at the time and we put our business on hold for the mere purpose of receiving a courtesy car. I asked them over the phone what sort of a courtesy car we would receive and they told me they could not tell me. The reason we bought this brand new Nissan4/4 Nivara , as mentioned earlier in this story, was to successfully commute for business between Mozambique and South Africa. What would be the point of a courtesy car if it where not the same car? Well we received a Nissan Nivarra 2/4 NO WINCH.

The plot thickens, still no news form Nissan Durban as to when the car engine parts would arrive and when the car would be fixed.. now that they received permission to fix our brand new Nissan Nivara. Parts where being ordered from china no dates provided so Nissan Durban HENCE no news for us. Ah... now end of the second month, we are still paying our monthly installments on our brand new Nissan Nivara.Finaly we received word to say our car would be ready 29th of April 2009 and this was a phone call from Ashley Nissan Durban confirmed on Friday 18th of April ( one week before the car would be ready) .We where so relived... so we made our way to Durban on Thursday 28th April. We booked a hotel for the night so we could collect our brand new fixed Nissan Nivara early in the morning to then we could make our way back to Mozambique. As we where driving to Durban on that day, my husband asked me to give Nissan Durban a call to find out what time Friday morning our car would be ready. I asked the receptionist to speak to Ashley as he was the one whom told us the date to pick up the car, and I was told he was on LEAVE for that week and not due back until the following week........ I informed here we where picking up a car the following day and some one had to phone us back to tell us what time to pick up our car . I informed the receptionist that Janni was to phone us back before the end of the day, well I can imagine what you are all thinking???? No he did not phone us back .I continually phone him until I got him on the phone. Eventually we spoke and to our disappointment he informed us the car would not be ready. We where angry.. if anger is the word. I informed Janni that Ashley had told us it would be ready on Friday 29 th April and we had planned and payed for a trip to Durban to collect.. I mean how can some one not pick up the phone to tell us that the car was not ready??? They all knew we reside in Mozambique and it takes us time and money to come to Durban.... And that Ashley was conveniently on LEAVE? This story to us now is beyond comprehension. Janni proceeded to tell us that maybe the following week the car would be ready so we stayed in Durban over the weekend to see any news on Monday. I even asked him to see if the mechanics would work over the weekend... I mean it was Nissan Durban's fault surely they would help fix this expensive hiccup they had caused! Monday's phone call to us was just shocking.... he was waiting on a part and could not say when he would receive it so again we where back to the beginning of our story ... told for the second time... we should make our way back to Mozambique and he would call us... Ya sure.....

Can anyone actually believe my story so far? Janni knew how angry we where so if anything good he did phone us over the next two weeks and he did keep us informed. He phoned us to say parts had arrived and the mechanics where working on our car and all was going well. He finally told us a date as to when we could pick the car up for the second time and it was 10, 11, or 12 of May 2009. We managed to arrange a business trip over the same dates in Durban so the trip would be worth while... but the trip had to be arranged a week in advance as I was flying to Durban and my husband would fly to Mozambique to collect the courtesy car to then be able to drive it back to Durban. So the arrangements where all made and payed for on the 1 st of May, for us to arrive in Durban on the 11 th May. On the 5 of May we received a phone call from Janni Nissan Durban and he proceeded to tell us a part had not arrived and that it would only arrive on the 13th of May....
We... we... we... I mean what does one actually do at this stage? So we lost our temper we informed him that Nissan Durban would be receiving an invoice from our company for extreme incompetence payable immediately, hence wasting our time , money and untold frustration. We informed him that our story would be e-mailed to his CEO, the consumer council and to the press. We then received a phone call on the 7th of May from Ashley , now he is back from leave .... no apology... nothing. He proceeded to tell us that this part would only arrive now from China on the 18th of May.

Well today is Friday the 15th of May 2009 exactly 3 months down the line with no news and still no fixed brand new Nissan Nivara. This brand new Nissan Nivara has spent more time being fixed than we have actually used it... we now are going to be refusing to make any more installments as of from next month, we want the Manager of Nissan Durban to arrange delivery of this vehicle to where we reside in Mozambique, we want proof from a second approved party on the authentication of the new engine and parts and finally we want a guarantee that the work they have done on the car. This must be done within the next two weeks( Last day 1 June 2009) otherwise you can consider this car no longer our property of which we are not responsible for. I believe everyone will understand WHY????

Yours sincerely
Nichola Ireland-Rugheimer
Daniel Rugheimer

08 February 2010

Hi Marius

I am so sorry for you...
I have been a committed Nissan owner/driver for 14 years
I would NEVER own anything but a Nissan.

My Navara has not given me 1 seconds problems
I luv my car to bits and pieces.


08 February 2010

hi marius,

my name is jack,
i have driven nissan/datsun for 20 + years ,my last buy is a used nissan xtrail.with a problem.
the previous owner blew the motor and had another engine installed ,then left the country and the car got sold to defray costs.

this is where the nissan dealer comes in ,you have to get the key coding done by nissan,which i did with great service from nissan pinetown.
then i was told there is a problem with the diesel pump or fuel management system.

but nissan couldnt help,i took it to a diesel mech.who has been very good but limited due to the onboard computer.
we found out wat its not doing,now to solve the problem! i cosulted with nissan pinetown and was askd to tow the vehicle back to them, inorder for them to assist.

this is where the fun started ,management told me to remove my vehicle as there was no one there qualified to even look; never mind fix the car, i was then given a bit of verbal abuse that ,wasnt warranted for the situation.as i was phoned to come and give more history on the vehicle.
cost of this towing 1000 rand ,and none the wiser.

as i am forced to get key coding done by nissan,and they have the computer to analize the problem,but as per their own admission they havent got a mechanic to fix the problem.or to assist.
they only sell new cars ,work on same vehicles till warranty expires and after that there is no interest in you or your car,buy a new one .thats wat i was told.

i tried to get info via nissan sa but to no avail.

i have had 25 nissans or more new and 2nd hand i love nissan ,but to be treared in this manner has put me off,obviously there is a problem when you change a engine in a nissan fitted with computer boxes,but there must be a way to get some sort of assistance,

nissan makes more money per car selling parts in its lifetime.but havent got anybody qualified to solve a problem ,or is it to much of a hassle.

do you know anybody that can or could advice on this issue.

everything works except the fuelmanagement system,the injectors dont activate no signal from the small fuelmanagement box under the bonnet.

sorry i dont know the exact tern for that small box.

thanks jack polling

04 February 2010

Dear Marius,

I am so glad I came across your site. Have been investigating the option of replacing my vehicle with a Nissan Navara, you have saved me the money, the time and most definitely the pain.

When will Nissan realise that the customer is KING? Well if it is any consolation I will not be voting with my Rands at Nissan because of your experience and others listed here on this website.

Keep up the good work; hopefully you will save many more unsuspecting customers.

Kind regards

Ilka Cave

01 February 2010

Hallo Marius

I recently,Approximately 3 months back purchased a new (supposedly) Nissan Livina x-gear.
This is my 7th Nissan I have owned. It will be my last as well. Not because of the Nissan vehicle but the Nissan dealers that is pathetic and incompetent.
It might sound harsh but I will tell you my story.

I purchased this new vehicle in December 2009. I noticed that the paint started coming of the front bumper as it is a black bumper with white sprayed on it. It deteriorated very quickly and I took the vehicle to Nash Nissan in Alberton where I have bought it. They first told me it was because of high pressure washing, (this car is only hand washed) which I replied my previous 6 vehicles were washed on a weekly basis and the paint never came off.

They then took photos with a cell phone and said they will send it to Nissan SA.
I had to phone regularly to find out what was happening as nobody came back to me. This is now since the 14th January 2010 that I first complained. Today I was told that the vehicle will have to go to a panelbeater for respray and it will take approximately 3 days.

First of all this is unacceptable to me as this is a brand new vehicle, I demand a replacement bumper not a panelbeater paint job. My car is new not a second-hand piece of c***. I paid a lot of money for it. Then the person tells me when I asked, that they do not have courtesy vehicles and I will be without my car for the 3 days. Unacceptable as well.

They will come back to me after once again communicating with Nissan SA. Yeah right, another 3 weeks to wait to hear from them.....

I will once again speak to the dealer principal as I feel he should be the one to sort out my problem and not Nissan SA as I purchased the vehicle from them.



30 January 2010

Hi Maruis,

Op jou berig afgekom toe ek wil oplees oor n Navara waarvoor ek tans in die mark is. Ek het Desember 2009 Tzaneen toe getrek, maar ek is eindelik n Pretorianer. As ek jou storie so lees dan klink dit of jy my storie vertel.

Net eers n bietjie agtergrond.

Ek het n Fiat Palio nuut vir my vrou by Nissan Hatfield gekoop in 2006. Fiat is n baie goeie produk, maar Nissan se diens is uiters pateties en dis hoekom Fiat onder hulle faandel uitgekom het. Ek was so beindruk met die Palio ek het in 2008 vir my n Fiat Strada gekoop, maar ek het toe by Maartin Jonker Motors gekoop net om uit tevind die diens was maar net so pateties. Gelukkig was Fiat toe onafhankilk en het my voertuig toe by hulle laat diens.
Die probleme het egter begin toe die Toit's groep gevou het verlede jaar en alhoewel Fiat op hulle eie was het hulle nog aan dieToit's groep behoort en het toe saam met Toit's gevou. Letterlik in n week was al die Fiat handelaars in Pretoria en Brits toe, behalwe die een in Centurion wat deur die eienaar van die Nissan handelaar besit word( nie deel van Toit's Nissan nie) Ek moes 3 weke wag om my Strada te laat diens, want dis die enigste handelaar. Ek het hulle daarop attend gemaak dat ek oor my toegelate 1000 kilometer's sal wees en my waarborg sal ongeldig wees. Ek moes maar my beurt afwag want dit was gedurende Desember 2008 en kon my bakkie eers in Januarie diens. Ek wou toe met mening van die Fiat ontslae raak, maar niemand wou aan hom raak nie, behalwe Centurion Nissan.
Ek ruil my Fiat toe in vir n gebruikte Nissan Tiida met 28000km's wat deur een van hulle verkoopspersone gery was. Ek was toe vertel dat die motor nog n diensplan het tot by 60 000km's, want elke Tiida word verkoop met n diensplan wat aan die voertuig behoort en nie die eienaar nie. Toe ek die voertuig ontvang het het hulle my vertel dat hulle sommer die 30 000km diens gedoen het. Ek het die voertuig op die Vrydag in ontvangs geneem en het gedurende die naweek, deur eenvoudig die enjinkap oop te maak agtergekom dat die voertuig nooit gediens was nie. Die daaropvolgende week het hulle die motor toe wel gediens en het omverskoning gevra en kon nie verstaan hoe so n probleem kon ingesluip het nie.
Die faktuur was egter reeds die vorige Vrydag aan my gegee vir die diens gelewer. Dit was wel n nul Rand faktuur.
Dit was egter met die 45000km diens wat ek toe by Centurion Nissan moes hoor dat die voertuig se diensplan nie meer geldig is nie, want die voertuig het van eienaars verwissel. Na vele verduidelings en allerhande stories moes ek maar hul rede verstaan en opdok. Tot vandag toe weet ek nie wie regtig die voertuig voor my besit het nie want ek is ook vertel dat Avis die voertuig besit het.

Die feit van die saak is dat ek nie die waarborg het wat ek gedink het ek het nie en niks wat hulle vir my nou se kan n verskil maak nie, want dit was n faktor wat in ag geneem was toe ek die voertuig gekoop het. Nissan is na my mening, net soos Fiat, n baie goeie produk, maar die diens was maar nog altyd swak en dit is miskien n goeie ding wat met Toit's gebeur het. Ongelukkig is baie van die ou staf wat by Nissan Hatfield gewerk het weer in diens by van hulle ander takke.

My ouers woon in die platteland en ek was verbaas oor die kwaliteit diens wat jy by kleiner handelaars kry. Ek het besluit om my vlg voertuig in Bronhorstspruit te gaan koop, maar nou blyk dit in Tzaneen te wees.

Dawid Roux

28 January 2010


Ek wil net sê hoe teleurgesteld is ek in Nissan ek het al die jare Nissan gery.

Ek het 'n 2007 Tiida die kar het glad nie goeie pad vermoee nie, ek het nog nooit so 'n probleem met een van my

Ander Nissans gehad nie, maar deesdae sale k nie weer Nissan koop nie, ek voel glad nie veilig in die kar nie.

My kar is Nov 2009 in vir 'n diens by Nissan Parow toe kry ek net 'n oproep om te sê my

Kar is gestamp de diens daar was uiters swak.

Mina Campher

27 January 2010


I purchased a Nissan truck UD350 on the 31/03/2008 at Boskburg delearship currently km's 98000 and now the engine is gone. All services have been carried out on time in fact one week prior to this we asked for vehicle to be serviced and we were told it was too early as it was about 3000km behind while we took it for a broken mirror. The cause according to the Local Nissan dealer is a Thermostat that failed , further more they are telling me it is 100000km or one year warranty and therefore no cover exist. And from my point of view as far as l am concerned Engine and Gearbox is still covered the second year. My vehicle registration is BRM857L. Please advice me what must l do because honestly l think this is duck and diving and l am fed up about the poor service as they keep promising to contact me but they never did. I do hope you will take this seriously

Chrispen Mncube
Operations Manager

24 January 2010

Hi Marius,

It so easy to complain about tiny nitty gritty bull regarding Nissan products. I own five nissan NP300's with kilometres from 30 000 Km to 200 000 Km. These pick up's all go off road for work, gravel roads, sand dunes, mountain climbes etc. All I need to do is the neccassary services, at Nissan, change tyres and fill them up with fuel. To date, no bad service or breakdowns whatsoever and this is in Namibia.

Maybe you should consider buying brand new vehicles before compaining about s*** and please put this on your website as well.

Best Regards,



Your use of the English language demonstrates why you are probably madly in love with your Nissan. Another thing, try to switch to a decent drink when you receive your commission from Nissan. Brandy and coke is not the ultimate.

Marius Venter

22 January 2010


I bought my Grand Levina brand new at Mcarthey Nissan Germiston.The vehicle had about low km on the clock when I went on my first long trip.After travelling for about 600km
I noticed that when I stopped at a stop street there was smoke coming out of the air vents and the inside of the car smell was that of oil not a new car with leather upholstery.anyway after returning from my trip I took the car back to the dealer where I purchased the car.They booked the car in at the workshop and I was told that the seal on the drive shaft had to be replaced they car for two days no courtesy car supplied and this is a new car!!!Then when I got the car back I reported to them that there is oil stains where ever I park the car. I was told that this could be of the oil that was underneath the car that leaked out before the seal was replaced.I travel aprox.5km to work and back,but occasionally I do site visits kilos with more than 200km when I noticed that the same thing ,smoke out the air vents and the stinch of oil in the car.Again back at the dealer the car is still way under the first service which is at 15 000 km.they give me a courtesy car because they keep mine for a few days.report from workshop is that they over filled the gearbox oil.

Get my car back after a few days.check everything seems fine.Don't go on any long roads for some time.first long road I go on same shit again.Now I am p***** off( excuse the punt).so I send it back but now the vehicle is close to its first service so I ask to check this oil kak leak out again.by the way the car was almost had full tank of petrol when I got it back it was below half.drove the car on its first long road again and same thing again .and my fuel consumption went from between 670 -740 km per tank to 560 -670km if II really push my luck with the reserve tank.returned to the dealer spoke to the workshop manager Tinus he told me that it would be sorted out this time because I told him the car is new and this was unacceptable.cool after having the car for a week or so I phoned the dealer principle and told the story and and that all thou I was given a courtesy car that I need my car back.he assured me it would be sorted out ASAP.I was then informed my vehicle was ready for collection and that they sent it some where els to be fixed the gear box was taken out and that a pipe inside came off and was refitted the car km was still then under 18000 km.so I got my car back have not had the need to travel on along road yet.

I feel that the money I pay every month on this car is a lot so I expect value and good customer service from Nissan but unfortunately this is non existent I would demand a new car or a full refund as I don't have any faith in A Nissan vehicles.

Fritz (one p***** off Nissan owner)

From: Jaco Kotze
Sent: 12 January 2010 10:11
To: CoreenN@nissan.co.za
Cc: marius@interexcel.co.za
Subject: You will not be safe in a Nissan Tiida!

Hi Coreen

I was the owner of a Nissan Tiida 1.6 Vista+ that was purchased for my wife. I bought the car for its cost effectiveness, low maintenance and safety. This car has failed in one of the most important feature, its safety. My wife was really hurt during a accident yesterday when head-on collided with another vehicle at a intersection here in Rondebosch Cape Town at a speed of 60Km/h + to 0 on impact. The front is all smashed up and nothing triggered the airbags.

How can I let someone so dearest to me drive in a death trap like that. I paid for safety and for the fact of having airbags.

I hope they don't try to repair it, I will fight not to. I will rather buy something I trust! I am a very dissatisfying customer, extremely cross about this since it happened to MY wife. Nissan better get this sorted, I will pursue this matter at all cost.

Jaco Kotze

12 January 2010

Hi Marius,

After reading the interesting responses on your website it is clear that Nissan has some serious problems. What I cannot understand is that in this financial crisis you would expect that the Dealers and Brands up there game to retain their clients. With that said here's ANOTHER story...

I purchased my Nivara 20th October 2009 and stated with challenges whereby they could not add and finalize all the extras on delivery date. The first day I had to take it back for rubberizing and the bull bar and at this time I picked up that there was a noise when leaving the clutch. I further picked up a chip that was missed on the bonnet. Both these was directed to them immediately. I then send Wesbank a mail informing them of the noise. The Thursday when all the extras was now fitted I made a point to take back to them the morning to look at the clutch problem and I was told by the workshop foreman that the noise was due to Nissan who changed the pipes from rubber to aluminum what then in turn is standard and nothing was to be worried about due to this being a standard noise on them. With this said never the less he was arrogant. A week from returning from my long weekend I took it to Nissan Midrand who also confirmed this but they could resolve the problem.

About 3 weeks later the chip was sorted and now where already into December what was hectic and I had to go on some business trips and before going on one the 17th Another noise started what sound like tribal drums on the passenger side in front. I then was fed up and on the 23rd I went back to Nissan Boksburg who then had another mechanic who went through the Nivara and stipulated a lot more was wrong as the below mail suggests. I then spoke to the New Car sales Manager Boksburg (Debbie) and said that this is now the last straw who then tried to get my car in but the workshop made it clear that they are fully booked and cannot sort it out now. I then informed them that I will take it up with Wesbank. Debbie said it is fine and that since getting the vehicle she was aware that I raised concerns and that an opportunity was given for Nissan to sort it out (this must have been fisit number 8 to Boksburg Nissan and all the sales people there know me by name already). Wesbank Regional manager Gauteng phoned me back that afternoon and said that yes I gave them the opportunity and that we have to honor the Maintenance and Service plans what I took what I had no problem with but the fact that a simple noise was misdiagnosed initially and no worse was the problem. I had a call from the Dealer Principle who informed me that they apologies for this and those they know they made a mistake and those they will sort it out. I then told him that they need to sort this out ASAP or replace the vehicle as these issues was raised then and still nothing was done and now that it is worse they cannot sort it out as they firstly have no spare vehicles and they are fully booked. He said I must tell him when I am ready to bring it in where I responded it is not me to tell you but you to tell me when you are ready to sort this out.

Now, I am still waiting for his call, just escalated this again to Wesbank who will escalate it to Nissan and in the mean time I am sitting with a vehicle that is not 100%.

See the mail below

Advice would be accepted and you may post this

From: Prinesh Pillay [mailto:prineshp@impnf.co.za]
Sent: 23 December 2009 11:10
To: Klasie Vuyk
Subject: Nissan Navara 2.5


Upon inspection of vehicle outside the workshop,
The thrust bearing seems noisy,
The fan belt and jockey pulley wearing,
Noise in Left front of dash, droning noise.

Please come back as soon as possible.

From: Klasie Vuyk
Sent: 26 October 2009 08:57
To: service@wesbank.co.za
Cc: Daleen Vuyk; nicos@impnf.co.za
Subject: FW: Welkom by NISSAN FINANCE!
Importance: High

Baie dankie vir die verwelkoming!

Ek wil net graag dadelik tot U aandag bring dat ek wel met die ontvang van die voertuig Dinsdag 26th Oktober alreeds vir my verkoops agent aangebring het dat daar alreeds 2 probleme met die nuwe voertuig is.

  1. Die Ratkas maak 'n baie snaakse geluid
  2. Enjin Kap het 'n duik in.

My versoek aan die verkoops agent was om byde te vervang. Onder geen omstandighede gaan ek toelaat die byde reggemaak gaan word nie. Ek sal die voertuig een middag (vandag of more) terug neem dat hulle dit kan ondersoek en byde kan bestel.

Byvoorbaat dank

Klasie Vuyk

11 January 2010

Marius weer Gert van der Berg van die Paarl.My voertuig staan nou op 97000 km ,en nog steeds sit ek met dieselfde probleem.Droomers Nissan in die Paarl sou my voertuig op 4 Januarie 2010 kom haal het om weer na hom te luister maar tot en nou het niemand my gekontak nie.Ek het hulle die 5 de Januarie gebel en hulle sou terug gekom het na my toe,maar tot en met hede het niemand my gekontak nie.Hulle diens is pateties en nog steeds sit ek met die TIK ,TIK raas geluid op my enjin.Kan niemand iets vir my doen nie,het dit nie nou tyd geraak dat Nissan vir my n nuwe enjin in die voertuig sit nie of wil hulle nou naam weg gooi deur honderde lesers wat ingaan op die web werf nie.


Gert v/d Berg

02 January 2010

Hi Marius,
Thanks, I was considering buying a Double Cab but after reading your story I will not consider Nissan.
Herman Gibson