From: Mohammad Nabbie []
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 9:07 AM
Subject: Service Complaint (Nissan) - URGENT

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Good Morning Natasha

I'm emailing you with a followup complaint from my previous one lodged last year October (see attached mail). This time round I don't have any issues with a specific dealer per se but rather with Nissan itself. Ever since I purchased my vehicle in March 2009 I've been dealing with a problem that just doesn't want to go away. After my traumatising experience at Nissan East Rand Mall I decided to take my vehicle to another dealership that would offer me a better service. In every sense of the word Nissan Woodmead has been providing me with an excellent service of which my former dealership could not. Nevertheless, even Nissan Woodmead cannot rectify the problem with my vehicle.

Enough rambling - The problem with my vehicle is that it has a knocking noise on the steering that is so irritating; Its sounds like my wheels are going to fall off anytime & I am concerned that it just might. I've taken my car to the Nissan dealerships (East Rand Mall & Woodmead) about 12 times now for the same problem. Every time the noise comes back as soon as I drive the vehicle out of the workshop. I am so tired of this problem that I beg of Nissan Global to intervene. Clearly there is a problem with my vehicle and it needs to be rectified. I plan on taken my car for its 40000km on Monday to Nissan Woodmead - but prior to doing that I want Nissan Global to get involved with the dealership to sort out the problem. If it does not get sorted out this time round I am going to be forced to take this issue up with the RMI & the Motor Industry Ombudsman. Please assist as I really don't want to take this route, but if it doesn't get sorted out I will - almost 18 months with a defect on my vehicle is unacceptable.

Please contact me urgently.

(p.s. I hope this mail reaches you and still work for Nissan:)

Kind Regards
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