30 November 2015

Hi Marius

Good Day. Just read your experience against Nissan SA. We had a similar problem with them. Mu husband got a Nissan. He went to service the vehicle yesterday at Nissan wood mead. He ask them to give a quote as they said it's going to be major servicing. And also inform them that he has the extended warranty.

After all this they gave him a phone call in the afternoon and told him that they started working on his vehicle and it's going to cost him R8500/-.

My husband was very disappointed as they didn't informed him before they started working on it. When my husband said that he is not will to pay that amount as they didn't give him a call or a quote before they started working on it. In his response they said that if he won't pay then they won't give him his vehicle back.

It was like robbing somebody. We are very upset with Nissan and will but Nissan again.


25 March 2015


My Nissan np200 1.6 8 v engine was recently overhauled by mark white nissan in Amanzimtoti under warranty. Current mileage 55 000kms.

After the repair Nissan claims that there is no run in process and sent me the FFG :

The engine of above mentioned vehicle VIN:ADNUSN1D5U0075451 Engine number.K7MF710UJ6358 has been repaired to Nissan SA Specifications with genuine Nissan parts. AS a Nissan Dealership we carry a 12 month warranty on the repairs and workmanship carried out. The 6 year or 150 000km warranty from Nissan SA still stays in affect. You need to drive and maintain your vehicle in accordance to your warranty & maintenance and owner’s manual booklets.

My concern is that if there is defective workmanship on the repair it will be easy for Nissan to move from responsibility and claim that the vehicle was not used in accordance with warranty & maintenance and owner’s manual booklets.

Please advise
Rashid Dawood

10 February 2015

Hi Marius

I’d like to share my story with you.

After logging on to HelloPeter.com and seeing that Nissan Northcliff only had compliments - I was pretty surprised, as the service I have received so far can be described as dismal and grossly incompetent - at best.

My car was broken into and the radio and a section of the dashboard stolen. So I head off to Nissan Northcliff to get a quote on 7/11/15.I showed a gentleman the problem on my car and I received a quote from Lucas - and after verbally confirming that I had everything I needed, including labor, I sent the quote off to my insurance company.

Mistake 1
Low & behold, labour wasn’t included in the quote, so on 18/11/2014 I received and additional quote, sent it off again to my insurance company.

Mistake 2
I was told on the phone that it would take 24 hours for the part to arrive. Then as soon as I paid, I was told it would take 21 days.

Mistake 3
I booked my car in for 9/12/14. After dropping it off - I was told during the middle of the day the one part had not arrived yet and they couldn’t complete the repair. But I was assured it would be there the next day.

Mistake 4
I rebooked my car in for 11/12/14. After dropping my car for a second time. I received a call from Chrizell saying that the parts centre didn’t quote me properly the first time (well actually the second) and that they needed additional parts to make the repair. No one took any accountability for this.

Mistake 5
I paid for the additional parts & labour on 7/01/15 for the third quote and was told the parts would arrive 29/01/15 and would be told if anything else was to the contrary. After being out of the country - I emailed on 10/02/15 only to be told that the parts hadn’t arrived and that the service had only bothered to query the order that morning.

Its been 3 months since I first when into Nissan Northcliff and I’m no further in getting my car repaired than the day I arrived. This is beyond a joke and is deeply frustrating. Honestly, I can’t believe the level of service I’m getting and the lack of accountability taken. I’m utterly at a loss for words.


24 January 2015

Hi Marius

My new car went in for its first service at Nissan Milnerton. They phoned me to let me know that they had a bit of an accident - their driver dented my rear door. At collection I inspected the damages, a nice dent was my gift from them. They offered to have it repaired at their cost so it was returned to them and I received a loan vehicle.

I received my car back after a day but I noticed that there was still kink (more like a line caused by folding/ bending of a metal plate – about 80mm long) near the edge of the damaged door, caused by the dent. It went back, after fighting with Nissan and explaining to their driver what the problem was (as well as spending 30 mins to try and get hold of Nissan via 7 different numbers including cell numbers – all issued to me by their driver).

Nissan finally phoned me and put me in contact with the repairers (I explained what and where the damages were, as Nissan's driver could not recall what I showed or explained to him). The car was returned to me the following day and the kink became a lot of small dots which made up the kink in the door. I argued with the manager at Nissan in that they have had the car for an entire week to resolve the issue and now he is requesting another 4 days to carry out the repairs again.

They tried to get away with having the dent pushed out and hoped that this cheap repair would be acceptable, aswell as the second repairs. They now what to carry out the repairs “correctly” by removing the door, straightening the damaged area and painting it (more like body filler, smooth it down and paint over it).

The repairs carried out to date have been cheap touch-ups and nothing more. If I allow them to do what they suggest then I fear that the door will not match the rest of the car or that it will fade in a few years (and they will be buffing the rest of the car to try and make the door blend it – take off my protective paint coat that I paid for to make matters worse). I love the product but I can not take its lack of service from this branch - Milnerton’s branch is beyond incompetent and it continues to conduct business in this manner.

I bought this car new from William Simpson in Tokai and I can not express what a pleasure it was to deal with them, even after I bought the car. Milnerton is but a disaster and its bringing the brand name down.


18 December 2014

Hi Marius.

I am actually disappointed to read your story. disappointed in Nissan, because it confirms my believe that Nissan is not so service orientated than they claims to be.

I have two Nissan vehicles, and the Micra, with a mere 60 000km’s on the clock, was bought three years ago. I was not considering the three years warranty when I took it for a service three days after the warranty expires.

Imperial Nissan in Parow, Cape Town, phoned me , asking if they should do the wheel alignment and a shock test, the latest which I should consider a standard for a vehicle under warranty. However, since they told me the warranty has expired three days ago, I accepted it that I must pay for the test. Now bear in mind it is a very small vehicle, only travels on tar-roads and cannot be overloaded.

Later in the day I was informed that the shocks is leaking, and that the “control arm bushes were torn” . Amongst some other minor faults. I asked the service advisor if these defects occurred during the last three days, and he immediately denies it. He even said that the previous agent who serviced the vehicle, Algoa Nissan in Humansdorp, should have picked it up and have the shocks repaired. So, these defects occurred whilst under warranty.

However, according to their policy, the warranty has expired, and that is it!!! How is that for service!

I phoned their customer care, spoken to a certain Robbie. He came back, saying they will repair and file a claim for the repairs, but if the claim is not successful, I will have to pay for it!

Marius, I am disgusted. The next morning I received an SMS from the Manager at Imperial Nissan, informing me should I have a complaint or a compliment (what a cheek!), to contact him! I phoned, and as he was busy, left a request for him to call me back. I am still waiting. So I sent him an e-mail, still no response. His name is Jokkie de Roubaix.

I always believe that anything you pay for, is not a service it is an transaction. You receive service when something went wrong, when people goes the extra mile for you. This is gaining him your respect and adoration. This makes you go back. This earns trust, not only in the product, but in the service provider.

Obviously Nissan is not at all interested in this. Make a quick buck, and ignore the complaining client. My disgust is not so much about the money, but also about the attitude. And I wants the world to know it.

I consider printing my story and hand it to all Nissan owners at the robots in their area.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Johan Kruger

9 December 2014

Hi Marius

I have a Nissan Micra November 2012 model. On Sunday 7th December 2014 when I was driving into town with my kids I lost gears and thought that there was something wrong with my gearbox, which was already repaired at 10 000km when it went faulty. Now at 30 000km it looks as if the clutch has gone. The problem is Nissan are now telling us that it is wear and tear and not covered by the warranty and that the clutch is only designed to last about 19 000km so basically we are lucky we got 30 000km out of it. I can not see how this can be wear and tear. I have since been on the net and have seen that this is a problem with the micra vehicles and even in the UK, Nissan is refusing to repair these clutch problems. As I read a story about a 70 year old gentlemen who after only drive 3000 miles his clutch packed up on his brand new micra and Nissan also claimed it was wear and tear and how he drives the vehicle which lead to the problem. Sorry but this is crap. When you buy a brand new car you do not buy it with the thought in mind that in 30000 km you will have to start doing major repairs. One buys a brand new car for the peace of mind driving knowing you won’t have these problems. Nissan world wide seems to have “No care” attitude and a policy of we must just shut up and pay and pay and pay. Will be selling my car ASAP and going back to Toyota. I should never have moved away from Toyota in the first place. This is what I get for selling my Toyota for a Nissan. A really crap car.


20 October 2014

Morning Marius

Need a Problem resolved; I have a new Nissan Np300 s/c 2.016v after a few months of owning this vehicle the fourth gear developed a whining noise. I proceeded to take it to nissan sinoville and after a month and a half of waiting for my vehicle the rear axel, propshaft and gearbox was opened up and parts were replaced. Now the axel that was working fine is now whining and gearbox is still not 100%, 4th gear is still whining but just a bit more quiet. Nissan sinoville told me the engineer from nissan sa said it's a factory fault in the end one bearing was said to be the problem. The vehicle has more problems now then before and my new spot lights on the bullbar were broken off at nissan sinoville and superglued back now tied down with tiestraps I'm awaiting a response. Also my ID book, cds rubber towbar cover are all missing.

Because the vehicle was driven back and forth from rex gearbox centre in jhb and Mayfair gearbox centre in Silverton, almost 2000 km was put on the car, new scratches and dents have come to my attention. Now ons friday after having the vehicle back for not even a month. I was left stranded next to the road for a whole day. The 40A ignition fuse blew. I replaced it and it blew the new fuse instantaneously. Silverton nissan came to my aid, I was stranded for 8hours next to the road because they have confirmed that the starter was never tied down and was shorting out against the gearbox. Running my buisness from my vehicle I have lost jobs, money and clients over and over again because a new vehicle is constantly in for repairs.

I have now noticed rust underneath the driver door rubber and paint peeling. But I'm not willing to take it in for repairs because then again I'm going to sit at home without a car. And a courtesy car is never available.

Thank you for your time
Niel Venter

23 June 2014

Hi Marius

I am having a royal bad time with Nissan SA.

I purchased an out of the box Micra end of November 2011 at DTM Helderberg.
I have been having problems with the brakes since I bought the car.

I took the car in several times to Nissan, who always have a generic answer of “the brakes are dirty and were cleaned.”
I fought with Nissan Micra, and the brakes were replaced when the vehicle had 7000km on.

At every single service, I complain about the brakes. They are always noisy and skreetching – the “cleaning” only helps for a couple of days and the car is back at it again.
It has now gotten to the point where at 40 000km the brakes are so worn that the entire thing and the brake pads needs to be replaced. At my cost of course.

They keep telling me there is nothing wrong with the car, but its unacceptable for a car less than 3 years old to sound like this!

I dont know what to do! Its very frustrating – I’ve felt like setting the bloody car alight


5 May 2014

Morning Marius,

I have noted from a quick scan over the internet that the Navara is constantly having clutch problems. I am in the same boat, my Navara is with IC Nissan Roodepoort for what would be the third clutch including when I bought the car brand new in December 2010. The first replacement in April 2013, I paid for and I guess I am expected to pay again now in April, despite the car being towed to IC Nissan two weeks before the 1 year warranty expired. I have had countless off the record discussions with Nissan employees who confirmed that there is a huge problem with the Navara clutch, primarily because there is too much power going to the clutch. My concern is that there is no official word on the cause of the problem.

With my vehicle, I am advised that the cause is “abuse.” I have obviously disputed this because in my entire driving life of over 20 years, I have never had such problems. I have owned and driven a Nissan Sentra, a Nissan Sabre, Volkswagen Citi Golfs, Volkswagen Polo Sedan, Mercedes C180K (and various Mercedes which are all automatic). I am putting together a case for legal action, however sit with a problem that no one has ever officially mentioned the cause of this problem. Has any of the people who complained of the Navara clutch ever received a proper diagnostic report. Why are Nissan Navara’s having this problem.

Moses Mothibe

16 August 2012

I am extremely unhappy with Nissan and will never buy Nissan again.

I bought a Nissan NP200. The vehicle has a factory flaw on it. It pulls to the left and this is not because of a wheel alignment fault. The distance from front left wheel to rear left wheel is shorter than distance between right wheels and the left wheels are not inline with each other, they are not centered. The same with the right wheels, they are also not running inline. At first Nissan said that their was nothing wrong then after I contacted Customer Care who asked that I take the vehicle in again, Nissan said their was a fault and that they fixed it. However it wasn't fixed. After dealing with customer care again and again I had to go back to Nissan Central Bloemfontein for a third time to have a technician drive with me so that I could point out the fault. He acknowledged the fault and we went to Nissan Central's Workshop manager who then blamed me and said that I am the cause of this error on the vehicle, he then asked me and the tech to go to the Speedy branch which they use for all of their Wheel alignment issues for another checkup. The Nissan tech left me there and I spoke to the Speedy tech and he also said it was a factory flaw. 12000 Km on clock. This is a new Np200.

This was my Hellopeter report.
I only mentioned this part because there was not enough space for the rest.
My Np200's right hand audio speaker is faulty and started giving problems at about 9000km's, I can see that it had chips on it that was fixed with white paint not the same color as the body. The petrol pedal is loose and has a small piece at bottom broken off.

02 August 2012

I bought two brand new Nissan NP200 vehicles from Atlantis Nissan. I have been running up and down to them, to get the various faults fixed, losing a lot of money, as I am a contractor and paid by the hour.

Jan Venter, the dealer Principal came to my house as I was not prepared to go back to the dealer. Jan Venter gave me the option of repair, replace or refund. I said I would just like these bakkies repaired. After thinking this through and discussing this with various people, decided why must I be happy with two demo models, while I paid for new bakkies. The very next day I send this email to Jan Venter informing him that I would rather go for the replace option. This was his response

"Referring to your mail below, as per your recording you have agreed to have the vehicles repaired and that you were completely satisfied with the arrangements made. I see no reason whatsoever to replace the vehicles as both you and your son confirmed your satisfaction with the vehicles.

We will repair the vehicles to NSA standards and have the vehicles inspected by NSA before final hand over."

If they could not repair the bakkies in nine visits why would they get it correct now.

I think that it was not very ethical to give me the demonstration models.

  1. Took the vehicles on the day as arranged, for
    • Overspray, chip marks - It was not fixed that day.
    • License plates - It was not there.
    • Missing rubbers - It was not fixed.
    • Missing areal - It was not fixed.
    • Petrol pedal was cracked - It was not fixed.
    • Carpet clip broken - It was not fixed.
    • Scratch marks on bakkies- It was not fixed.
    • Lose cover over pull bar.
    • Tape/glue marks on both bakkies.
    • White Bakkie jerking.
  2. Took the bakkies back the next day as arranged
    • Rubbers were replaced.
    • Glue marks removed.
  3. Took the bakkies back two day after that
    • Only the one bakkies registration plate was put on the wrong bakkie, the other plates went missing.
  4. Took the bakkie back the next day.
    • Pedal was replaced.
  5. Took the bakkies back in two days.
    • Registration plate was put onto the bakkie and areal installed.
  6. Took back the bakkie in three days.
    • Over spray was fixed, my son had to sit and wait at the panel beaters after refusing to take it himself.

Besides all this I HAVE BEEN TO ATLANTIS twice as well.
When they were supposed to pick up the Bakkies for inspection, it never happened. I work on a contract basis and I have no time to be running up and down to Atlantis and back, this is far from over! These bakkies are also used for business purposes and I can't afford to have them off the road or my drivers spending time at Atlantis.

09 July 2012

My brief aan nissan

Andre Smith

14 June 2012

Good Day Marius

I have a Huge issue.
I bought a Brand New Nissan Micra Visia insync + through Just Group (Satinsky Group) WITH A 5 YEAR 120 000 km SERVICE PLAN.
The car was 3 weeks old and then I was involved in an accident, The car was written off.
MIWAY insurance replaced the car with a BRAND new NISSAN MICRA ACENTA through Nissan Edenvae.

The Brilliant Lady Jeanne Shaw assisted me, and found out for me if they can just switch the service plan to the NEW vehicle.
She phoned the Service Deppartment, and found out that THE service plan was never loaded by HATFIELD NISSAN.
She suggested that I phone Nissan Hatfield to sort this out.

I spoke to Chris Fourie who PROMISED that he will come back to me, AFTER a week I had to phone him and follow up to WHATS HAPPENING?
He said he is waiting for JUST GROUP to supply them with the invoice.
The Dealer principal Phoned me and told me sorry they cant do this?
The fact that it's not transferable is one thing but they had not registered the Service Plan with the vehicle written off so surely they could try and assist me and register it against the new vehicle. It would not have effected them to assist!!!
I even send a Complaint to NISSAN SOUTH-AFRICA and they told me sorry, you got the car through a diffrent dealer?
This is not my fault, the insurance got the car for me through NISSAN Edenvale which only gave me BRILLIANT SERVICE.
Im disgusted through the service I got from Nissan Hatfield, Nissan South Africa.
I want this sorted out, Beacuse I PAID FOR THIS SERVICE.

Can you please asssit?


Rene Du Plessis

25 May 2012

This is my tale, Marius...

My Grand Livina gave me four years of loyal service and was well looked after at Cape Town city branch during this time. When city branch closed, I was referred to Nissan Milnerton for ongoing service, et al. This is where my problems began.

At 60 000kms my clutch failed while I was driving and I suspected that the master cylinder had failed. I arranged for Milnerton to collect my car and quote on repairs. They quoted me on repairs (R 4800) related to leaked battery fluid damage to clutch feeder pipes. I accepted the quote. On the day that I was to collect & pay the bill (one week later), I was informed that towing cost was not included in quote, ie: further 800 bucks. I accepted nonetheless and took the car home.

The following morning (Saturday), as I pulled out of my driveway, the car broke down again. I called Nissan, who sent a technician. He inspected, did a cable-tie temporary fix and drove the car back to Milnerton. I was told that Nissan could not provide me with a courtesy car but the agent expertly suggested the number of a car rental company. Two days later (Monday) I received a further quote for R 2500 - FOR REPAIRS TO THE SAME PROBLEM!!! Reason - technicians did not detect the extent of the damage. How's that for workmanship guarantee??

I complained to Nissan HQ in Pretoria, who did a conference call between Milnerton, Pretoria HQ and myself - left me feeling that HQ couldn't get me off the phone fast enough. Milnerton then offered to forego R1000 labour cost (of R2500 quote). I paid R1500 and the car was delivered to me at my workplace (on Friday). I drove home and heard a grinding (metal-on-metal) noise and the gear knob was fitted facing the wrong way. I took the car back to Milnerton the following day and they offered to again collect the car at my workplace on the following Monday. The service manager further quietly suggested that I sell the car as fast as I could.

Come Monday, the car was collected, repaired and returned to me at noon. I tested it and found a leak under the engine bay and the gear knob was loose / rattling. I promptly took off work early and took the car back to Milnerton. I was told that the leak is a result of air-conditioning overflow - (accepted). The gear knob was also corrected then and there. This whole series of events took place over 17 days. I was left without the use of my car for two full weeks.

I looked to complain to RMI, but after checking out hellopeter.com items on this website, I changed my mind. Who monitors these institutions? Is there anybody out there (apart from a lawyer) who will defend my rights as a consumer? How am I supposed to regain the peace of mind that I had with this car???

R. Herman

17 April 2012


I bought my Nissan Micra in 2008 as a second hand from Zeda at 15000 km, everything was all well until last year December when it had difficulties changing gears so I took it to Nissan Global in Silverton for a services and repairs I asked them to diagnose the car and to fix whatever problem they find I spoke to Dianne. I called in the afternoon when I was about to knock off as they didn't call me the whole day, they called me the next day and informed me that the problem was the gearbox, finally went and collected the car and I paid R14768.54 all inclusive with the service, the gearbox was R12 000.00. I called Diane the next day which was Saturday to inform her that there was no difference the gears are still not changing and she told me to bring it back and I did without the courtesy car and they called me to fetch it the next day and the problem persisted my gears were still not changing, I took it back in January again and the problem was still there even when the car came back from them. I called Dianne and I informed her and she told me I must bring the car back for the fourth time, I then left Pretoria for two months I was working in regions so I was unable to take the car back to Nissan cause I have to work, when I came back from regional visit I was on my way to Hammaskraal with my daughter when the car came to a stand still and the clash was very hard, I called my insurance and they towered me to my house and I called Nissan Global to take the car as the gears are still not changing on Monday (yesterday), I requested a courtesy car as this was their fault and Dianne informed me that they are no cars available. I was late at work yesterday and today as a result I was given a verbal warning, I organize transport for my daughter because they couldn't provide me with a courtesy car as a result I will have to pay transport for my daughter, I mentioned those things to Dianne and it seems like they don't care. They called me today to say that actually the problem is clutch plate and that will cost me R 7 500.00, and I told them that they have obviously misdiagnosed the car in the first place cause if it was the gear box that was faulty my car must have been fine the first time around and that was not the case even after three visits to them they still couldn't fix the car until it came to a stand still on the free way. They are not saying anything anything about my dilemma of non existence of transport all R 7500,00.

Please advice Gears work together with the clash plate if I bring the car to you and you fix the gear box and the gears are still not changing that means the problem is the clash plate and they kept on saying I must bring the car back although they were not dealing with the right issue. How do you get justice on these? I rely on that car to earn my salary hence I paid R12 000.00 to fix it, where am I suppose to get R 7500 in a space of 3 months. Please help

Nelly Khalo/Lehod

11 March 2012

Hello Marius,

Thank you for revealing what happened with your Navara and the non-existent service plan. I was strongly considering purchasing an N200 diesel, but if they cannot live up to their advertisements I am not interested. My opinion is that the biggest problem is the "freebees" they hand out to artificially keep their prices high, but if you do not want the service plan they charge a fortune for the compulsory services anyway.

Thought you might like to know that it has cost them.



09 January 2012

Dear Marius,

I read your website with great interest and attach my letter to Nissan S.A. + Milnerton Nissan + riversdal Nissan.

which I think you will find self explanatory and by all means publish it.

You don't indicate whether you have sorted out your warranty problem?

I look forward to keeping track on your site.


Sue Gurney

05 January 2012


My skrywe in Afrikaans.

Nissan Clearwater /Roodepoort. X-Trial kom nou vir die 3de keer van hul af. Op 22 November neem ek die voertuig na hul. Engin liggie "reset" aangesien dit per abuis uitgetrek was. Dan die kar "dynatune" vir die hoe petrol verbruik en kyk of hul kan sien hoekom die olie-verbruik so hoog is. Ek het na 7:00 die voertuig ingevat en na 4:00 terug gekry met slegs die liggie hersien en n nota onder aan die faktuur dat hul nie die olie lek kan vind nie en die engine moet uithaal en wegstuur dat n ander instansie daarna kan kyk. Hoe is dit moontlik dat Nissan tegnikuste nie self die engine kan oopmaak en die fout kan spoor nie? Sekerlikis daar slegs soveel problem wat hoe verbuik kan veroorsaak en nmagegaan kan word? Intussen is die probleem self opgelos!

Op 22 Desember stuur ek die voertuig terug. Petrol verbruik net so hoog en verloor krag. Ek wil by hul weet wat het hul verstel en word meegedeel dat die verstellings gedoen word volgens Nissan SA se spesifikasie waarop ek antwoord dat die einste spesifikasies my laat staan het! Die voertuig het nie die probleem gehad nie! Ek word versoek om die voertuig in te bring. Ek versoek die werkswinkel bestuurder om terselfdertyd die lug filter na te gaan aangesien die voertuig by Car Service City gediens was en ek die part bevraagteken. Ene Johny versoek om die kar by hom te hou vir n paar dae en self te toets. Hy sal die verstellings ook "manually" doen wat ek agterna verneem onmoontlik is, als is elektronies. Mnr Johny deel my mee dat die probleem die petrol filter is. Ek laat hul n nuwe installeer. Johnny toetsry die voertuig en deel my mee die probleem is nie weg nie, dit is die petrolpomp. Ek laat die petrol pomp vervang. Nou is als volgens Nissan Clearwater weer reg. Johny bevestig dat die lugfilter korrek is (wat n week later bevestig was dat dit n diesel filter is en nie n petrol filter nie), die MAF sensor en die cam/crank sensors als korrek toets. R4000-00 later. Het hul die voertuig gedynatune? Nee, hul het nie n masjien nie.

Na die eerste vol tenk merk ek dat ek steeds skaars 7km / liter kry en weer verloor die kar krag. Intussen word ek deur ander tegnikuste meegedeel dit is die MAF sensor. Ek vat die voertuig die 29ste Desember weer terug met n instruksie om die MAF te vervang. Skielik hoor ek Johny het n 2de handse MAF ingesit en dit was nie die probleem nie maar by ons vorige bespreking was die MAF elektronies IN DIE WERKSWINKEL getoets. Ek versoek of hul die petrol pomp getoets het (wat ek intussen laat toets het) en volgens die werkswinkel bestuurder, Johny, is dit nie moontlik om die pomp te toets nie. Toe ek melding maak dat die pomp skaars n uur terug gepomp was, wil Mnr Johny by MY weet hoeveel bar het hy gepomp. Daarna word ek meegedeel dat ek nie gevra het op watter wyse hul die MAF getoets het nie. Is dit my verantwoordelikheid? Verder deel Johny my mee dat hy dink die probleem is die cam/crank sensor -wat nie foutief getoets was nie!

Ek het my sleutels gevat en is daar uit en geweier om te betaal vir iemand wat raai-raai speel en parte bly vervang. Dit is n werkswinkel bestuurder se kennis! Ek was bereid om vir die MAF te betaal indien hul nie die petrol filter en pomp verniet vervang het nie!

Ek was en is baie tevrede met my XTrial en het tot 10km/l met lugreeling aan, gekry. Die kar ry glad en het baie pakplek. Dit is tragies dat een handelaar/werkswinkel mens so kan afsit van n Nissan produk.

Helge Kruger