14 December 2009

Hi Marius

In short, I got to know your website just now when I logged on to check numbers for Nissan SA. I was so happy and I thought I could get your help.

I noticed the flicking light of the airbag sign on my dashboard since Tuesday 8 December on my Navara. My wife owns this vehicle but I use it very often than she does but on 11 December she took it to Midrand Nissan for them to check and assist. To my surprise, after receiving a call from my wife at about 14:30, I contacted them but the vehicle was not fixed: what an inconvenience?
I asked what took them the whole day to search for the problem which is already indicating on a dashboard but not assisted. It was only after my call that they decided to call my wife and tell her that she must stop including third party in her issues, that the vehicle is not covered under motor plan (true: since 90000 we didn't extend the plan), that she will have to pay R 12 000 to fix the problem (the warranty was only for three years).

After all these, I asked why did it take them the whole day to come back to us, why didn't they inform us earlier that we can make other plans?
The response was that we are not the only customers and I cant dictate to them how theymust treat their "valuable" clientele.
I don't know how to explain the way I felt with these people and it looks like it's a serious cancer that is slowly killing the industry thatif you don't have cash you are done with. We take our vehicles for service, I tell you the car goes in there brand new but comes out a skorokoro with lots of untied screws and lots of other damages that they will always take it in and do more damages.
I am sick and tired of the treatment these industries are offering to us and worst Nissan dealership.

Please give some advice


14 December 2009

Good day Marius

I would like to share our experience with you.

We purchased a Nissan Grand Levina on 18 November 2009, we got it on 20 November 2009. The car was not washed, the excuse it was raining. We noticed some scratch marks on the car, the dealers attitude, we'll send it to Hencor, Panelbeaters in Phalaborwa. I was not satisfied but my husband settle for it. When we got home, my husband washed the car and noticed even more and bigger scratch marks, the boot dented and the left-hand door dented as well. No problem the sales manager of BB Nissan Phalaborwa said, we'll have Hencor Panbelbeaters repair it. That is when my husband and I put foot down and demanded a new car as we bought a new car and not a second-hand car. After phoning Tzaneen, I got the impression they did not believe me as they sent the Workshop manager from the Tzaneen branch to check the car. They then decided we can have a new car with a choice of three on the showroom floor and we had to decide by the next morning 10h00. In fact there was only one car with leather seats which we had to take. They let us use the first car for the weekend of 4 December seeing that I had a doctor's appointment in Nelspruit. Whilst being in Nelspruit my daughter noticed that the vehicle in actual fact had 3 leather upholstered doors and one material, the material being on the left-hand back door which was dented. They still cannot understand how that had happened seeing the vehicles get delivered with a truck onto the showroom floor.

The second vehicle, supposed to be brand new has got 285km on the clock, when asking how the kilo's got on the clock they said they sent it to Tzaneen for a check, which I do not believe. When I asked the salesman who we dealt with when the car went to Tzaneen he could not answer. The second vehicle also has spots on back window, duco marks and we noticed that the back door was sprayed.

I am attaching photo's of the first car as well as e-mails sent to Nissan SA and Nissan Tzaneen. I have had no reply or response on my e-mails.

Nissan SA has contacted me but cannot give me satisfaction on this problem. The dealer is willing to refund the 285km petrol which I am not interested in. I am wanting a discount as this vehicle is not new.

Thanks for listening to my complaint.

Verna de Bruyn

09 December 2009

Hi Marius,

I'm in the market for buying a bakkie and my shortlist included Toyota Hilux, Isuzu KB and Nissan Navara. Not being sure about the reliability and customer service of Nissan I did a search on Google (Nissan Navara Problems) and found your site. Thank you for helping me take Nissan off my list and informing the public.


04 December 2009

Hi Marius,
            Found your website by accident when hunting for a NISSAN Japan address on the web. Needless to say, there is no findable address.

            Let me start at the beginning, I am unfortunately not one of those 'comfortable' people that can afford the grand 4X4's that you guys are discussing in your site. I am limited to (the lower class) buying old model vehicles, with the only guarantee that there is no guarantee, thus I shall be obliged to be doing all my own repairs.

            I drove an old FORD Escort 1600GT for 14 yrs. Did all my own servicing, and never needed any repairs. (Can't say that about NISSAN). A hole in the radiator caused all the water to drain, thus I ended up with a ceased engine. One day someone will invent a gadget that wont set your seat, or open your window, or adjust your side mirrors or ... O what-ever, this gadget will let one know that there is no pressure in the cooling system, that there is no WATER in the cooling system, and will measure the heat of the engine and not just the water. To tell you of how many vehicles I know of that have lost the coolant fluids, and damaged the engine usually permanently, would be a lie, as I have not been keeping count. My sons Ford Fiesta is the latest victim.

            Next on the list was my PEUGEOT 404. I have the names and addresses of a couple of good head shrinkers, for anyone that has anything bad to say about a PEUGEUT 404. If I hadn't tried to service/repair the auto gearbox myself, I'm damned if that baby wouldn't still be running today. The boycotts wakked me there.

            My Chevy El-Camino, well the boycotts got me there too. (Australian).

            My Ford Ranchero, Australian, 'nuf-said.

            Now comes the first vehicle I've ever bought through a dealer. (Fletchers Ford Roodepoort). A beautiful Sentra 160STI, '96 model (purchased '98), that really went great. With no experience of how bad these sharks can be, I only discovered after I reached home, that my odometer registered 121,000 plus-plus kilos. Yet the papers still in my hand showed 119,000. Thus till today, Nissan refuses to honor any guarantee, as the 120000 service was never done. Strange every time I mention pirate spares, I'm threatened with a loss of guarantee. Hoo-Boy!!! I thus once again did all my own servicing, and made a few startling discoveries. All those bearing and bushes exchanges, are they necessary? After 400,000k's, one evening the Sentra came to a stand still, a friend towed me home, (no charge), and after an overnight battery charge, I drove to a franchise auto electrical, and for R270 overalled the alternator. Just think of all the 'servicing' costs I have saved. I use Castrol EDGE sport oil; Nissan (Lionels Nissan Motors Rustenburg) uses a 'bulk' bought diesel engine oil in all vehicles. Hoo-Boy!!! I replaced the CV joints, with "gennuwine" Nissan parts, only to discover that these poor excuses for CV's were created in Boksburg. A year later they were kaput. A franchise fitted real German Quality CV's at half the price, and with a massive guarantee, they're still going strong. Come off it, most of the "gennuwine" NISSAN spares are manufactured right her in good ol' New Sows-Ehfrika. Now comes the sore spot. Not long after purchasing the Sentra, the head cracked. With the massive price of a new one, a third of the price for a complete imported used Jap engine was a better deal. A couple of thousand kilos later another head crack. And with the dashing of the hope that this car would take me on pension, I'm sadly let down, as now with a miserable pension, another head crack, except that now I don't have the cash to repair it. Nissans response is "... so sorry sir, this is a Sentra design fault". (Yippy yay). Now how do I contact JAPAN (not the Pretoria middle puppets)???

            If you can enlighten me on this problem, I will be ever grateful.

Your Unhappy Poor Pensioner.

Len Stanton.

03 December 2009

Hi Marius

See my e-mail below to Nissan SA. They have just contacted me to say that they are not willing to assist me with the case their reasons are as follows :

1.   They cannot find a service record prior to me buying the vehicle (I bought the vehicle from the former Martin Jonker Motors who even provided me with a letter stating that the vehicle had all its services)

2.   There is no history of this type of problem on Pathfinders.

I have to pay +-R22 000 out of my own pocket. Nissan SA sucks !

Dear Sir / Madam

I write this letter out of outmoust desperacy. I will keep the facts short as not to waste anybody's time.

Can somebody please assist me

Regards / Groete

Raynard Taljaard

10 November 2009

Hi Marius

I am in the market for a Double Cab and have been weighing up my "previously owned" low mileage options. I need a vehicle that can carry a fairly heavy, wind resisting Fishing Ski (for the uninformed, a 27kg, 3.5m paddle ski designed specifically for fishing from). For that, I need a good roof-rack system.

Due to my specific requirement for sturdy roof racks, I decided that the bars above the roof of a Nissan Hardbody or Navara would serve as good anchorage for a Thule system. I have reached a point where my decision was almost final with a 3.0 td in my sights.

Thank you soooooo much for your efforts in enlightening the public on Nissan's poor attitude and (non existent) service (and I think I might be a little lenient on the use of my adjectives).


I currently drive a Mitsubishi Outlander which I am very happy with (and wit the impeccable serviced from Mitsubishi Motors in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town) and, having owned two BMW products in the past, agree entirely with your sentiments on their customer service.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to name and shame those who give motor dealers a bad rap.


Sheldon Green
Cape Town

05 November 2009

Hi Marius,

It is with great disappointment and alot of stress, that I'm writing this email today.

I am a contract site worker, and bought a Nissan NP200, on (03.06.09) the beginning of this year and I have endless trouble with the vehicle.

I need to beg to get my bakkie in a working order (at least, for it will never be perfect) so that I can support myself and my mother.

After battling to get the bakkie to the dealership, I need to put up a fight to get the bakkie sorted out. I have asked for a courtesy bakkie, not because I try to be funny, but for the mere fact that I need to work, not lose my contracts, and of course to pay the bakkie's installment. I only received the bakkie back after two weeks - no jokes, and it was my problem to get to site and back.

My first problem start at about 13 500 km when my CLUTCH AND BRAKE BOOSTER PACK UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGH WAY.
I towed the bakkie in to Nissan Springs and they let me know they can only give my bakkie back after two weeks . I asked for a courtesy vehicle because I need to work in a time like this with the RESSESION and supporting my mom which is very ill . They just pulled up their shoulders and there was no help. I HAD TO CATCH A LIFT TO GET TO WORK AND BACK.

Today 03.11.2009 I had the same problem with the bakkie, only with 34813km on the clock and in Hendrina, lucky for me, I had a family member in Middelburg who could helped me to tow the bakkie to Nissan Middelburg. Again I've asked for a courtesy bakkie, and again they did not have one to give me.

Since 7.00am this morning, I battle to get this problem sorted out and to get back to work. I have made plenty calls to the workshop manager Phillip De Villiers in Springs Nissan and every time he just said, he is waiting for his DP.

I phoned him again at 09h30 and he say his DP is not yet in office . If I'm not on site by 11h00, I will lose my contract because we are on a very thight schedule. Who is going to pay this lost. At 9.40 Phillip phoned me back and said his DP said, I can get one off the workshop bakkies, but I have to collect it in Springs .

At Nissan Middelburg, the receptionist was on a private call and let us wait for more than 5 minutes (for she is selling her house moving to Witbank) before she helped us. I were told that they can only have a look at the bakkie this afternoon, and IF they have the spares they can maybe fix it tomorrow. This is going to be another 2 week story. I will be losing the contract of the amount of R150 000.00, Thanks to Nissan Springs, I just had another call letting me know that they have a bakkie to lend me, but I need to make a plan to get it from them in Springs for they do not have a driver. Unfortunately for them I do not even have a car, so HOW do they expect me to get to Springs collecting the bakkie and get back to Hendrina within 2 hours.

On 10.30 Phillip phoned and said that he tried and can't get me a courtesy vehicle in Middelburg or Withban, I insisted to speak to the DP (Mr. Pits Patel) of Sprinngs Nissan. He said he had a bakkie but can't get it in Middelburg, I said to him that it won't help me because I cant get to Springs because I do not have any transport. I also said to him that I will hold them responsible for the lost of the contract of R 150 000.00 and then he was quick to say that he will send his guys with a bakkie and it will be delivered to Middelburg. I arranged with him to get him at McDonalds Middelburg , only for Phillip to phone me at 10h50 again to tell me they can not bring the bakkie again. I just contacted my friend at Beeld and asked for help for we cant go on like this, he said I need to phone (tot u diens) and they would put my story in the paper.

If possible can you let us know which direction to go in, we had contact with Nissan SA this morning, wanting to cancel the contract, we were told that we cannot, and they will let us know in the course of the day whats happening with the bakkie. Neither they nor Nissan SA Customer Service has phoned me back yet. And after this Pits Patel just told me that he does not give a shit if I take legal action, and that he will not pay a send towards this matter, this is the way that NISSA treats their clients. So to hell with my contract, my payments or my bakkie, we are a client and the supplier is always right

This is getting ridiculous, and we need serious help, for we do not get it from Nissan SA either. Its bad, if you do not pay your bakkie, they will come and collect it, but if you pay it you do not have a vehicle.

Thanking you in

Harry Scutts

19 October 2009

Hi Marius

I have had the worst experience with Nissan Nelspruit. If I had money for a lawyer I would sue them to their great grand children!!!

I bought a new pathfinder and 3 weeks down the lie it started having problems, it was a weekend and I was on my way to Jo'burg-about 350km away. As I drove out from my house i realised something was wrong, I phoned the service manager explained to him what the car was doing, he then said no just go we will check it on Monday .Got to Jo'burg the car got stuck on Grayston drive. No one at Nissan wanted to assist me and worse they told me their road side assistance and towing services is only for smaller cars and the policy excludes the luxury cars- how ridiculous to not to take care of people who bring you more money. Anyway I paid for the towing as we as a car rental to drive back home to Nelspruit .After that they refused to pay for the repairs to the car claiming that such was not covered by their motor plan scheme so I was over that.

Now about 18 months later the car's engine started giving this funny but horrible shaking sound-when you brake it feels like the engine is going to cut off. So I then took it in and said please check this car as I do not know what is wrong with it. They've had the car for almost 6 weeks now and still can't fix the car- that's what I was told that they don't know what's wrong with it. I asked if I can trade it in, for a new pathfinder the answer was no. In this 6 weeks, I had to pay for changes to injectors-buy new ones, solenoid, plugs e.t.c. all things which they told me were causing the problem. The car is not any how different at this stage. At some point I had to phone one of their suppliers in Jo'burg and pay for my injectors because they just kept them there and used them as an excuse not to update me on what was going on with my car so I had to pay an invoice on behalf of produkta Nissan-Nelspruit.

Now, this past Friday the workshop foreman called me and said I must come and fetch my car as they don't know what is wrong with it, I demanded to speak tot he owner which they obviously refused. They want me to pay labour ona car which is noty in any how different from how I dropped it there- and I asked them hwo they expect me to pay labour and take the car for someone else to fix it and still pay that person labour, what will I be paying Nissan for- for the fact that they sell cars they cannot fix. At some point they told me the pathfinder engines are too complicated that is why they are battling to establish what the problem is, this was after 4 weeks that the car was there. No one even bothered to ask me how I am getting to work everyday seeing that I bought one of their luxury cars I expected some kind of post sale support-not necessarily paying for my car rental during this time but just asking how am coping without my car.

Now I am stuck with a pathfinder with a heavily shaking engine, not even safe to drive it, it has just done over 100 000kms, I can't trade it in anywhere else in that condition, and I can't afford to just pay for a second car with the one parked in my garage because the idiots who sold it to me, it turns out they can't fix it!!! I also don't know who in this whole world will be able to fixe my car now. I have already spend a fortune on extra spares and changing of parts which was not necessary-close to R20 000 including the new injectors.

I f I could afford a lawyer, I would sue their bloody a****s.


Shirley Mnisi

13 October 2009

Hi Marius,

I bought a new Almera 2004 model at the then Magnis Nissan.
It was my first car.

All was well for my first few services.

I went to KZN, PMB to be precise and the service there was not bad either.

When I came back to Pretoria, apparently the Magnis Nissan has changed to Toits Nissan and they have moved to Gezina Voortrekker Road.
I took my car there for service, my car was unlocking itself after few minutes and you will see hazard flashing for no reason, as if you have switched the mobiliser knob.
So I told them to fix that, of which they said it's an electronic problem so they referred me to a Nissan approved auto technician.
He still couldn't find the problem, I spent the whole week waiting for my car.
I decided to give up and leave with that problem, even now I don't know why a dealer couldn't fix that.

I thought that was enough. The Toits Nissan again changed to Global Nissan. Then I sent my car for 160000km and that's a major service.
Fine they changed and fixed everything and apparently its still in good condition, told by a lady technician.
I spent about R2500 on service which was not bad for major.
All went wrong when I sent it for 175000km, it suppose to be minor a service.
I sent my car in the morning then got a call that there's something wrong with my car so they wanted a go ahead to fix them.
On our telephone conversation I thought I was gona pay around R900, to my surprise when im going to pick up my car the invoice is R6600.
I was not sent a quotation to sign it or agree on it. As I didn't budget for that amount my car stayed there for a week(again).
The lady who owns it couldn't hear a thing. I even requested for a deal to pay it in instalments but she refused.
I requested a recording of the conversation. The lady never said rands or thousands, she just mentioned it numbers(that is tricking customers), and when I acknowledge what I've heard again she said it in numbers, so I had of an opinion that its what I meantioned (the 3 figures), anyway it's a minor service.
Surprise surprise of the amount. I had to use some of my wifes' bonus money to pay for it.
I had lot of fight again about the 10% she promised, she said its all been discounted already, how about that for cheating your customers.
My CD bag that I left there was not there, they arrogantly said their technician never touch anything in the car, so Im lying it was not there.

I took the matter with Nissan. I sent them an email(which I still have) and the following day I got a call from the dealer saying I must come and collect my CD bag.
Im not sure where they got it since their technician don't touch anything in the car.

I was so pissed and sad at the same time. Anyway I was about to finish it and I was looking forward for their upgrade. I said never again. Well Im enjoying my new car at the moment and its not a Nissan and it will never be a Nissan.

I even told my colleagues not to buy any Nissan, and sofar they have listened, not to fall on the same trap as I did.
Even my female friend who wanted my advice I told her not to buy it, she had already had a quote then she decided otherwise, she's enjoying her new car and the service is good(so she says).

Johannes Mnyandu

Good morning Marius,

I have every bit of sympathy with you. I also have endless ongoing drama with my Nissan, and I will never- ever buy another car from Nissan again!

I am trying to get someone at Nissan SA to assist me with my grievences but I keep being referred back to the Customer Care Line.

Do you perhaps have any contact details for anyone higher up in Nissan?

Kind regards

Sonica Vos

Hi Marius

I can seriously relate to the poor service you experienced with Toits Nissan. I reside in East London and in 18 February 2008 I bought my Nissan Navara, but believe me it was not a smooth process. At first I went to the shop and showed interest on the car earlier that month. I test drove it and everything was seemingly fine. At first they insisted on selling me the 2007 model to which I refused as I wanted the 2008 model and the colour I wanted was black, and they had white only on stock. I was told the car would arrive in three days. I went there in three days, the car was not there. I kept visiting that store a number of times up until I decided to lodge a complaint on their website, Nissan SA. I suddenly received a call stating that the car had arrived on the morning of the 18th Feb but they could not give it to me as it was dirty and needed a service before they could give it to me - Now I asked why didn't they simply say so...there was no response.

The time went on and I went for the 15 000km service. That was fine. I went on a 30 000km, then all hell broke loose. First of all my service book was not stamped. I queried this with the staff and I was rudely attended to. I want to challenge you to phone Nissan East London with a very general question, I can guarantee you that the service leave much to be desired.

In September 2009 I hit some rocks underneath my car and the sump and Stabilizing bar got damaged. The vehicle was towed to a Nissan Approved Workshop, who then placed an order for parts with Nissan East London on the 22 September 2009. The parts department confirmed that the parts would take a week as they had to contact the local Nissan Dealers. Two weeks later I phoned the workshop to find out about the progress, to my shock, Nissan told them that the parts would only be available at the end of October 2009, they had tried all the local dealers and failed. There are no parts locally, I was told. This was harshly communicated as when I started asking questions the staff got agitated.

I now dependent on public transport as the insurance took their courtesy car a while back. I am also thinking of selling the Nissan and opt for a Toyota Fortuna instead. It has proven to be more trouble and headache than what I can handle.

Marius, we have never met each other, and therefore I have no reason to lie about Nissan, but this having been my first car, the experience was too sour for me to swallow. Nissan is just not up for it, period!

Dear Marius

I am at my wits end now!! We are a family of 3 with a dog that loves camping so needless to say, my golf is no longer big enough (it is amazing how much stuff you need to pack when you have a kid!) so we have started looking into getting another car. We are looking at the second hand market as we only have a limited budget. We started looking into the Tata Indigo station wagon but then heard stories of bad service & dodgy vehicles, so moved our focus to the Toyota Avanza. That looked promising until reading in forums about the lack of stability of the vehicle & dodgy wheels so then I found the Nissan Grand Livina or X-gear. I thought I had found my dream car, probably slightly more than I was hoping to pay for a vehicle, but write ups were good & I didn't come across any negative comments in the forums. And then I found your website...

I am now really not sure what to do so was hoping you would have some insight for me!!!!! I know you are not an agony aunt & are no doubt really busy but any advice you could give would really be much appreciated!!

Thank you so much for your honesty in the website, it is great to be able to read stories like yours so as to make an informed decision when buying something so expensive & something that we entrust our lives, and the lives of our kids to.

Warmest regards,

Nicola Wooding

Hi Marius,

I have also had bad experiences with Nissan - I bought a Maxima QX with low mileage from a dealership some years back, and although things were fine when the car ran well, the problem started when things began to go wrong with the vehicle. I still drive the car (it's a good powerful vehicle) - but have resorted to having it serviced privately and buying parts, when necessary, from outside of their system. I have a motto - N-BAN (Never-Buy A Nissan) and I spread this word among all my friends and family.

I certainly will go back to buying Toyota (previously owned a Camry) or M/Benz.



The cambelt's teeth snapped on 111,000km. It was done on 60,000km as per Nissan's Handbook. So it should most definitely last for the next 60, 000 km, which it did not. Did Nissan supply me with the wrong km changing of cambelt or was it a defective part (cambelt) that was installed in the vehicle by Nissan? The last service was slipped, 105,000, Minor service. It is only changing of oil and air filters. As explained by the person of Nissan who rejected the claim they MAYBE would have picked up the problem on the 105,000km service. He is actually underestimating my intelligence (so is Nissan SA). Unfortunately for them I have a fleet of Nissan's. This WILL change soon. It appears that Nissan cannot warrant their work or defective parts.

Kind Regards

Kobus Kotze

marius as jy dink jou navara het jou hoofpynne gegee,dan gaan ek jou aan raai om n grand lavina te koop- beste verskoning om jou aan drank te vergryp met n goie verskoning.ek het vir my in 2007 n nuwe lavina gekoop,ook rond gekyk en besluit dit gaan die beste koop wees- WAT N FOUT VAN MY LEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! die voertuig het nou eers 20 000km op,maar die km leseing is nou 5012km,rede die petrol naald het net gegaan to by 3/4".toe moes daar n nuwe "gauge" in gesit word wat ook so die oorspronklike km afgehaal het,dan was daar die spaar sleutel wat nie reg "gecode"was vir die kar om aan te skakel nie-hallo die sleutel kom net so van nissa s.a af-2 keer moes die "steering colom" oop gemaak word vir die tegnikus om die security kode te kry.dan was daar die brief om te se dat die veiligheidsgordels nie vas was nie!!!!!. dan was daar die brieke wat 2 keer net "gebinded" het,shock wat links agter los was.my kar was vandag 2009/09/08 weer by die nissan agent in phalaborwa gewees vir die petrol naald wat foutief is & die voertuig wat swaar is op brandstof,die bestuurder ben het my belowe dat ek my voertuig nie sal terug kry as hy nie reg is nie,maar tot my verbasing moes ek hoor dat ek maar moet aanvaar dat die voertuig maar swaar gaan bly op brandstof want hulle kan niks vir my doen nie en die naald ook maar so n geval is,hoop die airbags werk as hulle moet!!!!!!! GEORGE PETERS PHALABORWA

Ek het nou vir 2 dae gewik en geweeg watter nuwe motor om aan te skaf - en het op 'n X-Gear besluit.

Toe kom ek nou op jou site af - ag nee genugtig so wil mens nou nie met 'n nuwe ding sukkel nie!

So nou sal ek maar voort soek!

Baie dankie

Hi Marius

I bought a Nissan Navara in 2006, this car each year needs a new Clutch Plate. What is that? Clutch Plate has been replaced two times and now its going to be the third time. They don't want to replace it now they say I must pay almost R18 000 to replace it and Warranty will not cover it and it is 68 000km,

Nissan Navara is a useless car - People of South Africa should never be fooled by its looks.


Hi Marius

I bought my Nissan Tiida in August 2006, I took out a service plan - 3 tears or 90k km,

Early this month, Nissan phoned me to say that my warranty on my enjin and gearbox need to be extended and I took the plan.

They also informed me that my service plan would expire on the 28th August 2008. This morning I phomed Nissan to make a booking to service my vechile.They informed me that my plan expired yesterday ( Sunday 23rd August )

I am highly dissapointed and I do hope that you can display my grieve.

Im going to every possible newspaper in order to show the poor customer service from Nissan.

Timothy Clayton

Hi Marius

I found your site when I was trying to find a place to take my car for a service as I am not willing to give Nissan Menlyn one more cent.

I bought a Nissan X-Trail from Imperial Nissan Menlyn. I was told it was an SEL and I checked out the pricing of this and I consider it to be a good deal. After I got the car, I found out that it is an SE and not an SEL. All the documents I received from Nissan state this is an SEL. I did some investigation and found out that there is a price difference of R34,000 between the two cars.

I took this up with the Salesman, Happy Moate, who agreed that he told me it was a SEL and that they would sort something out for me. He then avoided me for several days and finally referred me to his sales manager. The sales manager (Heyno Gerritzen) was completely useless and became very aggressive. I then spoke to the PA of head of Imperial Nissan in SA and she said that Zahied Buksh is very busy and would not return my call any time soon. She said I should take it up with the Dealer principal (Liluth Pringle). (As an added extra Liluth is so stupid she even misspells Principle on her email to me - that is the wrong principle, because she clearly does not have any principles, even though she is a Principal)

This woman has no understanding of customer service and very rudely ignored my phone calls and finally sent me a response saying that her sales team refutes my claim. Even though all the documents say I bought an SEL, she said this is a typing error... what a load of ***.

I have a lawyer who is taking this up for me and I look forward to them paying for this.

Liluth Pringle lpringle@impnf.co.za

I will never buy a car from these thieves ever again and I would warn anyone else to stay away from these people.

You are gladly welcome to add my email to your site.

Kind regards

David Coughlan

Hi there My name is Yvette I bought a brand new NISSAN NP200 and I must say I have no complaints about the vehicle but the customer service that I receive from the dealer is really bad. There is a courtesy car issue with me and the dealer. I also bought a NISSAN X-Trail last month and so far it is going well so all I would like for NISSAN SA is to improve on there customer service because I feel that if there's a problem on the vehicle NISSAN should issue a courtesy car.They can learn by FORD, Ford gives courtesy cars to their customers.

Hi Marius.
Below is my story but could not tell it all as the space was limited. I used the "Tell Peter complaint" medium on the web but i don't know how successful i was.

I booked in our company vehicle a Nissan 1400 LDV for a service at Nissan Mark White on 2009/08/07. The driver complained of a sudden jerking experience whilst travelling at a speed of 100km p/hr. We received the vehicle back on 10th after having to pay R2800.00. Afterall the parts could not have costed more than R600. But anyway , the driver left the Service department only to return back notifying them of the fact that the jerking was still there. The vehicle was then sent out to a carburator specialist by the name of Carb World( why outside of Nissan , i don't know) to sort out the problem. The vehicle was kept by them until the 14th. Nissan then called us for collection and , R1200.00 later . They told us that a carb overhaul had been performed which was necessary to aleviate the problem. The driver took the vehicle but to his dismay discovered that the jerking had not been sorted out. By this time i was fuming because why did i have to pay R1200.00? We returned the vehicle on the 17th to Carb World as Nissan felt that it was their responsibility to sort it out. I myself made a turn by them to find out what was the problem. They felt that the problem had been sorted out as the points needed setting. I then took the vehicle for a test drive but low and behold , the jerking was still there. I then returned and ask them(the "mechanics") if they had done all that was possible as i have but little knowledge and experience in this field. They then pulled out a box with wires attached to it and proceeded to test the coil and therafter the plug wires and found that they were in perfect order. They even sprayed a liquid into the carb but to no avail . By this time i was "woes" as the one "mechanic" suggested that he builds me a new carburettor.( what did they do all this time?) I then telephoned Kevin at Nissan Mark White expressed my dissapointment and made a statement that it was not necessary to overhaul the carb and that i paid for nothing. He disagreed but assured me that this will definately be sorted out by the 18th and that he would arrange to collect the vehicle from Carb World.
I called him today 18th at 11h55 only to find out that he had forgotten to collect the vehicle and he apologized but promised that he would get a Senior Tech to sort it out once and for all ( what tech was then used all along?). The vehicle was back by them at aproximately 14h00 and i was called by Kevin at 14h55 to say that the vehicle was ready for collection and was assured that it was repaired saying that the points were incorrectly set. I went "Phew , what a relief." thinking that this is sorted out at last. The driver collected the vehicle only to call me back 30minutes later to say that the vehicle was still jerking. WHAT NOW? Lucky for me , i have short hair.
I called Nissan but nobody was home. I left a message with the receptionist for Kevin to call me back urgently but received no call until now.
We have paid out R4000.00 till now , but for what? This vehicle had been in the workshops for 7 days til now .To top it all , this vehicle has to leave for Warmbaths early in the morning. Will it arrive there without problems?
Please advise.

Hi Marius,

Wow! Nog 'n man wat die wonderlike produkte van Nissan ondervind het!!!! Ek gaan in Ingels skrywe...my hel was 'n rukkie terug maar ek gaan my bes probeer om akuraat te onthou...

I bought 3 brand new Nissan Micra DCi's from Menlyn Nissan (Toit's Nissan) in July 2006.

Initially I would've made the purchase at Extreme Nissan, but I was offered better trade values for my 2 used vehicles at Menlyn Nissan.

After confirmation that the cars would be ready on the day, from the salesman Louis Bergh, my dad, wife and I travelled from JHB to Menlyn on a Friday afternoon only to wait approx. 5 hours for delivery. I did a pre-delivery check myself as I'm peculiar of anything I pay for. I found defects on all three cars.

1. Silver Micra - TXP551GP (My wife's car)
- Bonnet was scratched.
- Shoe polish between safety film and front bumper
- Loose centre console.
- Front PDC not working

2. Grey Micra - TWR840GP (My car)
- Interior light loose (hanging out of roof fitting)
- Loose centre console
- Scratched speed dial console
- Scratched radio/dvd cover.
- SatNAv not working (reboots every time)

3. Gold Micra - TXP554GP (My parent's car)
- Loose centre console

I took the up the defects with the salesman, and they fixed the centre consoles, or so they said. He urged me to come back later to fix the other problems.

I was furious, and should not have accepted the deals, but our trade ins was already taken and we've waited so long. A mistake from my side.

I made the salesmen make a note of all the defects and informed him I would only be back in a week's time as it was Easter weekend if memory serves correct.

I phoned them on Monday insisting on a new vehicle (TWR840GP), they said to come see them when I get back.

I returned only to find closed doors. I spoke to the acting dealer principle and after many hot tempered conversations, I still got nowhere. They said I had should've stated all these faults before I took delivery - which I did!!! They agreed to fix all the faults but would not replace my car. They sent another Nissan Micra DCi (red colour, didn't get number plates) to Extreme Nissan, as it was closer to me and I would never return to that dealership in Menlyn.

The workshop manager at Extreme Nissan told me, on collection of my vehicle approx. a week later, that they basically stripped the entire car, and if it was their dealership, they would've replaced the car - word from the dealership principle. He added that he could not put on paper that every single bolt is put back the way it was. Now how would that make you feel? I had several rattles form there, and found a used tracksuit pant inside the dashboard!!! (an attempt from them to stop the rattles).

I lost my composure and ripped out the entire roof. I was in hell. New car, full of defects and no one to turn to. I addressed Nissan SA, which is as useless as a *** without a ***.

I approached the Car Trade Ombudsman, and they advised me to purchase vehicles from dealers accredited with them - and to never sign before you're 110% satisfied with a car.

I had the same hell with my wife's car. Menlyn Nissan replaced her bonnet, only to find they over sprayed parts of the engine and missed some of the inside bonnet (still white!!!).

Her front PDC never really worked, and the on/off switch was fitted upside down.

Menlyn Nissan blamed almost all of the problems on the company who installed the PDC and SatNav - a Nissan accredited company...but it still remained my problem!?

March 2008.Wrote my car off. Drove into a 600mm ditch in the road, nose first. Seatbelts engaged. Major damage to frontal area/bumper. Airbags did not deploy.
January 2009. Wrote my wife's car off. Truck turned in front of us without indicating. We were almost decapitated. Major damage to frontal area/bumper. Airbags did not deploy.
Took the matter up with Nissan SA via www.hellopeter.com , only to receive some useless comment.

My parents traded their death trap for a Volvo, so I'm happy to say that we're rid of all of them.

I'm leaving out many details of my saga, as I said it was some time ago and I actually want to forget about that period of my life.

I can honestly tell you that I will never do business with Nissan again(their response..."That's unfortunate"...), not even consider the mighty Skyline GTR.

Nissan SA and all their dealerships can really kiss my butt.

I've never been treated so badly as a customer, never driven a car(s) with so many defects, and never been in "hell" like this before.

I believe that Menlyn Nissan closed down (unconfirmed), and this brings joy to my heart if it's true...if only more will follow suit..

If you want a more accurate and edited version of this email, I will do so.

Francois van Vuuren

Hallo Marius,

Ek het ook sopas besluit om nie 'n nissan te koop nie! Moes besluit tussen Toyota en Nissan, maar na al die reaksie, sal ek by Toyota bly,

Baie dankie!

Petro de Vos


Dankie tog vir hierdie webblad. Ek hoop net iets kan gedoen word om Nissan te laat wakker skrik.

2005 Pathfinder se versekering is duurder as 'n nuwe Prado, want volgens die versekeraar omrede die onderdele duurder is.
Die voertuig het oorverhit, sonder waarskuwing, en onmiddelik na die agent geneem.
Ek is meegedeel dat die oorsaak 'n gebarste waterbottel is. Hulle sal bestel.
Na twee dae word ek aangese om die voertuig te kom haal, die bottel het nog nie gearriveer nie, maar ek is welkom om die voertuig te gebruik, sorg net dat die gebarste bottel vol vloeistof bly.
Ek noem aan die werkswinkel mense dat daar water by die uitlaatstelsel uitblaas - dit kan mos net 'n gekraakte silinderkop wees.
Neem die voertuig terug - nee; se hulle dis net die waterbottel.
Na meer as 'n week kry ek 'n oproep - die bottel het opgedaag - ek kan gou die voertuig bring, koffie drink terwyl dit gou-gou vervang word.
Ek se nee - laat toets vir die gekraakte silinder. Weer word ek oortuig dat dit nie die probleem is nie, maar hulle sal maar so doen.
Volgende dag laat hulle weet - die silinderkop is gekraak en sal vervang moet word.
Kry kwotasie van +/- R17,000.00 plus ingenieurswerk.
Nuwe silinderkop van die Pathfinder was bykans R30,000.00 (Prado = R9,000.00).
Geen silinderkoppe in die land nie.(Jy kan nie eens 'n agter weerkaatser by die agente kry nie)
Die voertuig staan vir bykans twee maande by Nash Nissan in Alberton en wag vir die silinderkop.
Nissan SA hou my elke tweede dag op hoogte met sms'e.
Voertuig word uiteindelik herstel met 'n rekening van R85,000.00. Nissan vereffen 'n gedeelte. Balans aan Nash Nissan = R54,000.00.
Ek bevraagteken die R25,000.00 vir 'n "turbo". Is voorheen vervang onder waarborg. Binne twee maande weer vervang, maar op daardie stadium geen koste vir my nie. Nou moet ek betaal want kwansuis is daar geen waarborg op onderdele wat deur Nissan betaal word nie.
Die R54,000.00 word dadelik oorbetaal aan Nash. Bewys van betaling word aan hulle oorhandig, maar hulle weier om die voertuig te oorhandig totdat die inbetaling nie op hul bankstaat verskyn die volgende dag nie. (ons familie koop meer as 30 jaar by Nash - handelvoertuie).
Nissan SA laat weet dat Nash +/- R12,000.00 moet terugbetaal - van die onderdele moes teen kosprys gefaktureer gewees het - word per tjek betaal waarvoor 'n 14 dae wagperiode is.
Ek ondersoek die enjin na ontvangs by my kantoor - geen water in die verkoeler: ou lugfilter, maar ek het betaal vir nuwe: van die onderdele is nie egte Nissan onderdele nie.
Skakel vir Nissan SA en laat weet. Kry later 'n oproep van Nissan SA dat Nash Nissan 'n gedeelte van die "turbo" moet terugbetaal. Na 2 weke nog niks.

My storie met Nissan SA en Nash Nissan is lank nie klaar nie. Volgens my is hierdie mense PATETE en is Nissan die SWAKSTE produk op die Suid-Afrikaanse mark.

Diederick Rosslee


i bought a 2006 nissan tiida at Datcentre Durban, car rode terribly unevenly feeling every bump on a surface, six months later after umpteen visits and fights, the rear shocks were replaced, however the front still rides the same. i think that these dealers frustrate you to such extremes that you eventually give up.

i'm on the market for another car but who on earth will trade this junk.


To summarise my complaint:

I am extremely disturbed by the delaying tactics, and by the denial of any liability from Nissan SA, and CMH Nissan.

Richard Mowbray







This is terrible, I have similar story with a navara I bought, only two weeks after purchasing the car, I happen to need a clutch kit ect, costing about R17000, how is that so? They say its not coved by warranty? This is a scam, this is daylight robbery. How should I trust them again? Balowwold Motor is a disgrace, how can they do this?








Hello Mr Venter,

I came across your sad story whilst surfing the web in search for a Nissan car, the Nissan Livina to be specific. I think you had a raw deal there and for that reason i am considering other makes like the Toyota or VW makes. This is not the kind of service that we should condone as consumers. From your shared experience, i would also will not recommend a Nissan to any of my friends or coleagues.

Thank you for your story and hope that this will be a lesson to Nissan to take customers seriously now and in future.


Mangaliso Silinda

Hi Marius

I placed an offer on a NISSAN NAVARA just yesterday. After reading your personal experience and comments from other NISSAN owners, I have decided to withdraw my offer and stick with the known brand TOYOTA. Better safe than sorry!

This is not an isolated incident as I have heard similar horror stories but I didn't know that it was this serious. NISSAN needs to get the right balance between "Value and Volume" as they seem to be focused on pushing more volumes out to the market. The rapid depreciation of NISSAN NAVARs will stand as good testimony to this!

After sales service and positive customer experience seems to be missing from the NISSAN value proposition. I do agree with your comments about BMW - I will recommend BMW products and the services (especially BMW BRUMA) any day.


Hi Marius

Dankie vir jou web-tuiste. Ek was ook in die proses om so oor 3 maande 'n Nissan Navara te koop, maar lyk my ek sal nou eerder vir 'n Toyota/Ford moet gaan. Nog R360 000 wat Nissan gaan mis.


Jean Du Plessis

Potential Nissan "Navara" Buyers Beware!!!!

By Craig Robertson 083 449 6067

I am writing this letter to highlight a major contributing factor as to why some Dealerships in the motor industry are experiencing a decline in the sale of vehicles.

The answer is a simple one: Poor quality vehicles, backed up by shocking service & dealers that try mislead their customers. (This Time they picked on the wrong customer.)

The purchasing of a new vehicle is supposed to be a pleasant experience as anyone who has ever had the privilege of buying a "new" vehicle will agree.

Here is what I experienced when I decided to buy a Nissan 4.0Lt Navara 4x4 from Atlantis Nissan in Centurion (My 1st Mistake)
I went to Atlantis Nissan in Centurion on the 27th Dec2008, where I was met in a friendly manner by the salesman (Kobus) and the deal was initiated with all my requirements.
I was informed that I could collect my "New" Nissan Navara the 1st week in Jan2009, which never materialized due to a delay in various things that still needed to be done on the vehicle i.e. Tow-bar, rubberizing, Canopy, Chrome Steps etc. I suggested that they take another week and ensure they get everything done before attempting the hand over my "New" Nissan Navara. The agreed date was the 12th Jan 2009.

The 12th finally arrived and I was looking forward to driving my "New Nissan Navara"

I arrived there that afternoon only to find the following:

They requested I leave the vehicle with them and they will sort everything out;
You can imagine my disappointment. (In hindsight I should have cancelled the deal there and then)
(My 2nd Mistake)

These might sound like minor things, but after all it is supposed to be a "new" vehicle. I then have to ask the question as to how was the PDI (pre delivery inspection) done, If at all? One then has to question the ethics of all the staff involved at Atlantis Nissan Centurion from the "principal" dealer (Jan Venter), Workshop Manager (Wessie), Sales manager (Anne-Marie), Salesman (Kobus) that they are happy to hand over a vehicle to a customer in this shocking condition!

I then waited more than a week and as I had heard nothing further from Atlantis Nissan, (bearing in mind I had paid for the vehicle in full on the 12th Jan 2009) I then decided to contact Kobus, who said that I could come and collect my vehicle on the 21st Jan 2009.

On arrival the vehicle was clean, bonnet re-sprayed, but still no canopy or chrome steps?

When I finally got a chance to drive my so called "New" Nissan Navara (bearing in mind I work in JHB and commute daily by motor-bike) I noticed that when driving the vehicle that there was a vibration that got progressively worse as one increased in speed, it became prominent at 80kph - 100kph, enough to get my 11 year old daughter asking questions as to why the vehicle was shaking.

I reported this to the workshop on the 30th Jan 2009 and the head mechanic (Fred) said that it sounded as if it could be a faulty prop shaft or that it was not balanced. I then had to return my "new" vehicle back to the workshop on Monday 2nd Feb 2009, later that day I was informed that they had to order a new prop shaft and that for a "New Nissan Navara?" (*Questionable if that actually happened) I waited 3 days.

I collected my vehicle on Wednesday afternoon 4th Feb2009 after work. Friday 6th that afternoon I took the vehicle back to the Atlantis Nissan, and reported to the workshop manager (Wessie) that the vibration was still there, he accompanied me on a test drive and confirmed the fact; his diagnosis was that it was a faulty tyre.

I said to Wessie that I was prepared to take my vehicle to Hi-Q the next day (Sat 7th Feb '09) to have the wheels balanced and alignment done and hope to get the problem solved once and for all. Wessie agreed and said he will do whatever it takes to get my problem solved on Saturday, even if it meant taking wheels from one of the other new Navara's on the floor. (Empty Promise)

Saturday 7th Feb'09: I took my vehicle to Hi-Q they removed the wheels for balancing only to find the vehicle had 2 buckled rims, and 3 faulty tyres. Great for a new vehicle that only had 400km on the clock, of which I had only driven 40km, the rest had been put on by Atlantis Nissan test driving the vehicle, and driving to and from Club Canopies, "Yes believe it or not I still did not have my canopy, or side steps".
I phoned Wessie while still at Hi-Q and asked that he send 2 new rims and if I could have the 3 faulty tyres replaced; his response was he could not help me as he had to get authority from Nissan SA and they do not work on Saturdays. (See above mentioned empty promise)
While on the lift at Hi-Q, I noticed that the 2 back wheel hubs had signs of rust and corrosion on and to crown it all, the flange where the so called new prop shaft had been fitted was also rusted?
(* Surely if they had fitted a new prop shaft someone would have seen the rusted flange?)

You can imagine by this stage I was furious... I asked Jaco (Manager @ Hi-Q) to put the faulty rims and tyres back on my vehicle. I went directly to Atlantis Nissan around the corner, only to find Wessie had disappeared, the sales manager (Anne-Marie) was there and she gave permission that one of the other new Navara's on the floor be sent to Hi-Q so that I can swop the wheels in order to solve my problem.
When arriving back at Hi-Q I was shocked to find that the other new Navara that only had 59km on the clock, also had buckled rims and faulty tyres. (This was confirmed by Jaco and he put this in a letter to the principal dealer (Jan Venter) of Atlantis Nissan; sent through on Monday 9th Feb2009) So here I had spent my entire Saturday morning trying to solve my problem, but all I had done was waste my time.

On Monday 9th Feb'09, I decided to e-mail Nissan SA Customer Support Centre Dickson Pillay dicksonp@nissan.co.za to request for assistance. He responded by saying that Nissan will address the problem with Jan Venter. I was contacted by Jan Venter and asked to bring my vehicle in; so I thought well now I am at least going to see some positive reaction and get my problem solved. (3rd Mistake)

On the 11th Feb'09 I sent an e-mail to Michal Rautenbach Manager customer care of Nissan SA. michalr@nissan.co.za had no response. (So much for been a customer care manager)

They had my vehicle for more than a week attempting to get the vibration problem solved. I went to collect my vehicle on Saturday the 14th Feb2009, and can you believe it my canopy as well. Only to find that the window rubbers and seals were loose and that the paint job on the canopy was nothing but shocking. Kobus the sales man was full of excuses and suggested I leave the canopy for him to sort out. (I mean what's another Month???)

The thing that was even more infuriating was when I went over to my vehicle, I noticed that there were
No Name brand inferior quality tires on my vehicle with the name "High Performance HP"
I immediately asked Wessie (work-shop manager) who manufactures these tyres and he replied more than once that they were made by Good-Year, "Which was an out-right Lie!" Not only do they sell inferior quality vehicles as new, they attempt to resolve their problems with inferior products. (Another way of misleading their customers)

The 16th Feb'09 I decided to send a second e-mail to (Michal Rautenbach) michalr@nissan.co.za as I was now fed up and had enough. I explained all of the above in my e-mail plus the fact that the dealer was prepared to down spec the vehicle. The rust & corrosion was also a concern bearing in mind that I bought a vehicle that was registered in Jan 2009, the build date on this vehicle is Sept 2007. I would expect that when one purchases a vehicle in Jan 2009, that one would receive a vehicle that was at least built the later part of 2008! So where has this vehicle been, and if there are signs of corrosion now, what will the condition of this vehicle be in a year's time?

I must say that this e-mail caught his attention, as I did get a response. He arranged for one of the Nissan engineers by the name of Leon to attend to my problem. Once again I had to take my vehicle back to Atlantis Nissan 17th Feb'09. I was phoned on Friday 20th Feb'09 and told I could collect my vehicle. They had changed the tires and put on the specified Good-Year Wrangler tires, they also removed the signs of rust & corrosion on the prop shaft flange & rear wheel hubs. (I cannot at this stage confirm whether it has been removed or just hidden, based on my current experiences with Atlantis Nissan Centurion to date) But the vibration problem is still there...

On the 27th Feb'09 I phoned Atlantis Nissan and informed the service manageress Alta, and Dickson Pillay of Nissan SA that the vibration was still there and that I have found more signs of corrosion and rust.
I threatened to take the matter further & they never even bothered to phone me back.
I only received a call from Dickson Pillay on Monday the 9th March '09 after I phoned Michal on Saturday 7th March '09. Michal, Dickson and all at Atlantis Nissan just make empty promises with very little action...

In summary I paid a lot of money for a "New" Nissan Navara Double Cab Bakkie.

I do not expect a new vehicle to have:

Then to be given the run around by all staff at Atlantis Nissan from the Prinicipal Dealer (Jan Venter) by taking a chance in deceiving his customer by putting on inferior tyres, with the hope of cutting costs and thinking it will not be noticed.

The question is where is the so called 'Feel good' feeling one is supposed to have when buying a "New vehicle?" The other question is what happened to good "Customer Service?"

Hi Marius

While browsing for something entirely different I happened upon your article and thought I'd tell you about my experience with Nissan in 2005:

On Wednesday 24th August 2005 I took my Nissan Sentra 160SE to Melrose Nissan for a 180000km service. At 4:45pm I phoned to find out if the car was ready for collection. I was told it would be about 30 to 45 minutes (i.e. by 5:30pm). I waited until 6:20pm! This was not a good start to my relationship with them but things were to get worse.

Two days later I took the car back for a scraping noise coming from the right front wheel. The right front wheel bearing was tightened and that seemed to sort out the problem.

On Monday 5th September I noticed the noise again when I drove into work so on Wednesday 7th September I took the car back to the service department. At 5pm when I came to fetch the car I was told that I needed to replace the right transverse link (control arm) and preferably the left one too as they were worn. I was told these would be delivered in about two days.

I decided at this point to speak to the dealer principal as I was not very happy with the service I was getting from the 'service department'. He agreed to replace the control arms free of labour charges which I understood to be compensation for the time and inconvenience I had experienced. He told me he would give me a call when the parts arrived. I accepted this gesture of good faith.

On Thursday 15th September (over a week later) new control arms were finally fitted free of labour charges. Invoice total: R1646.52.

Friday 16th September. Knocking and scraping sounds continued!

On Monday 19th September I took the car in at about 11am and took it for a test drive with the service advisor. We did not hear the knocking noise but did hear the scraping noise which he agreed was very worrying. I received a phone call a while later and was told that the right front wheel bearing was worn and this was definitely what was causing the scraping noise. A short while later I received another call saying that the wheel bearing and hub needed to be replaced! I met with the service manager and asked if the labour would be done free of charge as this was still the same problem being fixed. I pointed out that the control arms had in fact not needed replacing. He told me that he was running a business and could therefore not do it labour free. I went upstairs to the dealer principal who told me he would have to discuss the matter with the service manager.

At about 5pm I received a call to let me know the vehicle was ready for collection. I was very unimpressed to see that a charge of R290 for labour was included. Invoice total: R2155.19.

The next day I left a message at Nissan SA Customer Support Centre to please call me and a day later I received a call from a lady at Nissan SA. I explained the whole story and highlighting the incorrect diagnosis (control arms) as the main problem I have. She said she'd call Melrose Nissan and get their side of the story and then come back to me. When she got back to me it was to say that Melrose Nissan would not refund me therefore Nissan SA could do nothing more!

So the bottom line is that the scraping and knocking noise – apart from time and inconvenience – cost me R1646.52 + R2155.19 = R3801.71. The control arms did not need replacing so at worst it should have cost me R2155.19. Having now seen what a control arm looks like and how it works, I have to ask this question: How on earth could a vehicle servicing department have diagnosed that scraping and knocking noises were being caused by this part?

As a final chapter to this story... I put a sign on the back of my car which read:


This got their attention! I received a call from the dealer principal who said he knew of the sign on my car and he was obviously not happy about it. We agreed to meet and discuss the matter but the very first thing he did was to threaten legal action - So much for discussion! In the end I agreed to take the sign off my car and he said he would give me a call with a solution to the problem.

I never heard from him...

Nissan - Never Again!

Niels Ellefsen

Hallo Marius

Ek het die e-mail vir jou gestuur aan hangende die Nissan 4x4. Wel sy is verkoop en my nuwe Ford 4liter word Woensdag af gelaai.

Mense sal jou en al jou kliente begin kontak om jul te help om van hierdie voertuie ontslae te raak of om jul te help om dit in te ruil op nuwes.

Ford is bewus van jou web blad sowel as Barlow World Nissan moenie skrik vir die naam nie hul deel met alle motors. Die een persoon se naam is Jansen die mannetjie is op en wakker en ek praat met lof van hom die ander een by Barlow World is Marcelle. Hul voldoen aan my lys van spesifikasies en vereisters. Ek het Maandag hul gekontak en Dinsdag het ek 'n ordentlikke voertuig gekry. Tans gee die bank die ja woord en sy kom in met 'n canopy met rubber rising op Woensdag al die pad van die Kaap af.

Gesels gerus met die mense hul luister Jansen 072-2301 135 Barlow World 011-552 9000

Hi Marius

Saw your website and it looks we have a similar problem with our factory demo Grand Livina, bought from Datcentre Pietermaritzburg with 10 000 on the clock and the verbal promise that it has a service plan (we were told one could not buy a Nissan without it!). Then after the 15 000 km they wanted us to pay for the whole service! We said no and have also taken the hello peter route (yesterday). We are waiting to hear from them. At very least we want Datcentre to pay for the service and then we will then take the vehicle to the garage we have been using for 3 years and whom we trust. The car is great but the organization itself?

Jeremy Hollmann

Hi Marius,

I am extremely upset and agitated by the "service" received from Nissan. I called the customer care line and voiced my complaint but as yet nothing has been resolved. I last heard from one of the representatives on Monday promising to keep me updated but I haven't heard anything since.

My problem started when I took my car to Northwest Nissan on Tuesday 25 November. The car wouldn't start immediately when the key was turned, but it still started hence us driving it there. We were told that they would check on the problem and call us. Later that afternoon we had to call Catt to find out what's going on. She said they suspected the CPU (computer box) but would still check as they were unsure.

The next day we called and was told that it was probably the computer box and that it would cost R12 000. I asked that they make sure as I cannot go on "probably", they said they would come back to me again and assured me that no work would be carried out as I told them I do not have R12 000!

Later she called me and said that Bosch (don't know when they sent the car there) found the problem, that it was not the computer box but some wire leading to the engine; don't remember the exact word and it would cost R3850. She asked if they could go ahead and I said yes as I understood that this would fix the car.

I got a call again this time they said it was the computer box and it would cost R13000. I told them that I cannot pay as much and told them I would rather take my car back. I was told that the car would be ready at 15:00 on Friday afternoon. I sent my husband and a friend to collect (tow) the car. They were told that the car could not be released unless I pay R2850 for re-wiring that was done. In order to get to the car my husband had to give them the money but when they got to the car the vehicle was in disarray - the wiring was open, some cut, hanging from the dashboard and the engine. Parts were on the backseat. The car was taken apart.

There was no one to talk to as everyone had left apparently but for one sales person who advised not to take the car but to speak to Corrie Pistorius (service manager) on Monday.

I could unfortunately not get to Corrie on Monday as I had to attend a work function but I called him (I always have to call as they seem unable to call me) and he said he would get back to me. Later he sent me a sms saying the "car was put back together, I can collect". I went to se him yesterday. He promised to try and resolve the issue of the money I had to pay for re-wiring I didn't ask for and which didn't solve the problem. He also said that in any case I would have to have re-wiring done to ensure that this was not the problem. I ask you - do you replace all car parts to "make sure it's not the problem"? He also said he would check on possibly getting the computer box "fixed", this would at least cost an additional R3000 but would call before anything is done. He also asked that I leave the car as he wanted them to come and show where wiring was replaced as I dispute this, my husband and friend looked at the car and saw no new wiring as everything was left open on Friday.

This is very upsetting - I have been without transport to work and I have no means to get from Randfontein to Sandown. How do I get to work until this is resolved??

I missed a lot of time at work and as yet I have not heard one apology even.
Corrie promised to try and help but how long is this going to take????

I specifically took the car to Nissan as I do not trust any other "unknown mechanics" but it seems I was wrong in doing that. I cannot begin to explain how upset I am. It seems I am being taken for a ride, if you have any advice I'd appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Lynne Heynes
072 285 8497

Dear Mr. Moodaley.

I kindly refer you to the attached document as well as the email below regarding my Nissan Grand Livina.

From the communication you will see that I have experience numerous problem with this vehicle and as a last resort referred the matter to your department.

Mr. Jaco Wolmarans promptly informed me that Nissan South Africa will assist me as a matter of urgency since I need to travel to the Cape Province on the weekend of 12 December. During the past week I have been forced to call Melanie from the Global Nissan dealership a couple of times to enquire about the status of my complaint. Melanie, who also seems to have been left in the dark, informed me that all the necessary documents have been sent to the technical department but that it seems as if Nissan South Africa is now claiming that they do not have a loan vehicle for me, probably causing the delay in communicating an action plan to me.

I have left two messages for Jaco Wolmarans this morning but it does not seems as if he will call me back soon. Arrogant as it may sound I wanted to suggest to Jaco that NISSAN pretends that I have bought a brand new Patrol and then give me THAT level of service. If Nissan does not have??? a loan vehicle I will gladly assist in obtaining quotations from reputable rental agencies.

Kindly pardon the tone of my email, unfortunately I do not feel to be polite anymore after almost a year of endless frustrations with a brand new vehicle.

Your urgent assistance in this matter is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Jan du Toit

To: Mr. Andre Van Heerden
Cc: Mr. Abel Du Toit
Mr. Gerrit De Beer
From: Jan du Toit
Date: 2008/07/21

Re: Problems experienced with Nissan Grand Livina WWP035GP.

Dear Mr. Andre Van Heerden

I refer to our recent conversation regarding the problems that I am experiencing with my brand new Nissan Grand Livina (purchased January 2008). I also wish to confirm that I will leave my vehicle in your care from Friday afternoon on the 1st of August up to the morning of Wednesday the 6th of August in order to correct the following problems:

It is very important to note that some of these issues have been unsuccessfully dealt with by Toits Nissan in the past.

In addition to the above I have experienced the following issues with this BRAND NEW vehicle.

In the light of the above I hereby request Toits Nissan to correct the above mentioned without reservation. The service that I have received up to date is appalling to say the least, this was my first and definitely the last Nissan that I will ever own.

Kind regards,

Jan du Toit

082 664 6527

Dear Nissan Customer Support.

Your urgent assistance is required with some major ongoing problems I have been experiencing since purchasing a brand new Grand Livina in January this year from Toits Nissan. Kindly refer to the attached letter for more background information of problems experienced up to 21 July 2008. In addition to the problems mentioned in my letter dated the 21st of July 2008 the following repairs were undertaken by Toits Nissan as a result of my complaints:

Not serious

  1. Right front door still cracking when opening and closing as well as when door frame is under strain when cornering.
  2. Windscreen still making cracking noise, indicative of incorrect mounting. This normally happens when the glass is cold and the vehicle was driven.
  3. Rears brakes have hot spots causing vibration when braking at high speeds and jerking when braking at low speeds.


  1. Air conditioner makes loud bang like noise when activated. The air conditioner also causes massive power loss on the vehicle.
  2. Gear shifting is not smooth, difficult and requires extremely gentle shifting. Gear shifting is loud and can be heard inside the cabin whilst driving.
  3. Clutch shudders. It is almost impossible to depress (let go) the clutch without jerking the vehicle once or twice (persistent through all the gears), especially when the air conditioner is activated. This problem persist 90% of the time but I have had a couple of good days on which the clutch operated fairly smoothly.
  4. Knock that can be felt through steering when turning sharply left whilst approaching a parking space at low speeds (locking steering wheel to left). This knocking noise is sometimes heard when driving on uneven surfaces and seems to be originating from the front right suspension assembly.
  5. Engine revs between 4000 and 4100 revolutions per minute at 120 km/h compared to 3400 rpm of another tested Livina. Acceleration and deceleration is extremely sensitive and difficult to maintain a steady constant speed.
  6. Driver seat cushion collapsed, back rest cushion following suit.

Global Nissan was kind enough to report the gearbox and clutch problems to Nissan South Africa last week. Unfortunately they were informed that Nissan is aware of problematic clutches on the Livina and that nothing can be done about this adding that I do have a warranty! Global then arranged for me to drive another Livina together with one of their foreman. What a joy it was to drive that car! The mentioned foreman afterwards drove my vehicle and experienced firsthand ALL of the problems I have listed above.

In the light of all of the above mentioned problems and inconvenience endured this year I insist on one of the following as an amicable outcome:


Your urgent and favorable response is anticipated.

Kind regards,

Jan du Toit

Hi Marius

Strangely enough I visited your website before making the decision to buy my pre-owned Navara. Taking careful note of your experience, I ensured that the Service Plan was still effective on the vehicle and proceeded to take ownership of my Navara in September 2008. Having owned an Isuzu double cab 4x4 and an Isuzu 350LX prior to this, it was admittedly a difficult decision for me to make in changing to a Nissan product but I believe that change every now and again is healthy so I dived in.

Now, exactly two months into ownership, I hear a strange noise within the engine compartment and speedily, I get it off to my nearest Nissan dealership for a diagnoses and repair. Whilst at Nissan Randburg, I requested that they also look at the Cruise Control as it's been ineffective when engaged. Knowing that the vehicle has been serviced at the required intervals and being under two years old with mileage under 100 000kms, I was confident that the warranty would cover the costs of these repairs inclusive of parts. Nissan Randburg's technicians proceeded with the diagnoses and informed me later in the day that the vehicle needs a “new oil pump” and a “new coil” for the cruise control and due to the labour intensity of the work to be carried out, they require at most a week for the repairs. No problem, I said so long it's a week and at no cost to me. They responded by confirming that the warranty should cover all costs of repairs once they are able to confirm service history on the vehicle.

The call back:

They have noted that whilst the service manual reflects proof of services up to and including 60 000km, the service manual does not reflect a stamp for the 15000km service and as such they are unable to make any warranty claims on the vehicle. So I enquired as to why such history cannot be retrieved through the Nissan central database and shockingly I was told that no such database exists as the Nissan dealers are all independents and are not connected through any central system. I thereafter recommended that they contact Nissan Fourways for such proof as it was the Fourways dealership that was responsible for all services to the vehicle; only to be notified that Nissan Fourways had recently ceased operations and they are therefore unable to acquire proof of service on the vehicle.

I chat to the previous owner and he remains adamant that he never missed a service and unfortunately he has no records to assist me with my dilemma. He never paged through his service book and as a result failed to notice that the page was missing a stamp. Truth be told, I paged through the book pre-purchase and failed to notice it myself as I had seen stamps for all other services. Nissan, on the other hand, refuse to assist even though it is obvious that it's a dealership error. I logged a complaint with Nissan South Africa and was assured that it will be investigated and I will have a response within 36 hours; needless to say I am still waiting to hear back from them.

I now own a vehicle that no longer has a warranty and will cost me no less than R15,000.00 to repair. What makes the entire experience so disappointing is not just the mystery of the 15000km service but rather the lack of assistance from the Nissan employees. Going the extra mile for clients simply does not exist within Nissan, be it a dealership or the mother ship itself. Sadly, the closing line to your article really sums up the future of my vehicle “... cometh the time, goeth the Navara!!”. I can also assure you that I shall never touch another Nissan product, no matter how tempting it could be!

Kind regards

Yarzil Bux

Hi Marius

I was just about to buy a Qashqai but after reading the list of comments I don't think I'll go near Nissan. Problem is I think similar comments can be listed for all the other makes of vehicles. I won't go near a Williams Hunt dealership (Voortrekker road, Cape Town) ever again after the crap service I got there with a Corsa utility I had. Absolutely pathetic. I was thinking of a Hyundai Tucson but heard a shocking story from a friend who bought one from Hyundai Culemborg. Where to go??

Kris Janse

Hi Marius,

In October 2007, I bought a Nissan Tiida and a Micra from Nissan Randburg branch. The Micra had 45000km on the clock, and they gave it it's 45000km service, 101 check and stamped the Service Booklet before delivery of this vehicle. My wife started hearing a scratch noise on the brakes of the Micra. I booked it in to be looked at. I was told that the brake disks and brake pads needs replacement costing R3700.00? When I told the service manager that the car only have 55 000km, and it only has been 10 000km since the service, how could they not have inspected the brake pads and replaced them, with the 45 000km service and the 101 check? Now 5 000km before it needs to get it's actual next service I not only have to replace the brake pads, but the disks as well? The service manager told me at Nissan they only check if brake pads are o.k. for the next 10 000km. I said to him how is this possible, if service intervals are at 15 000km. How come no one at least then tells you about this? The guarantee of having your car serviced at a Nissan dealer and the 101 check surely should mean a bit more than this simple excuse. Obviously not. I was more than willing to pay for the brake pads, even though it should of fallen under the paid service that was part of the purchase price. This week the steering of the micra has come loose, but it needs to go for its actual service of 60 000km any way. Another extra expense to be added to that service. This is the last time I buy a Nissan. The same happened, as to you, 3 consultants phoned me back, and at the end they admitted it was their fault, but were only able to give me a R300 discount.

Best Regards,
Francois Maree

Marius ek is Gert van der Berg van die Paarl, ek het so +- n jaar en n half vir my n nuwe Tiida gekoop by Laubschers Nissan in Porteville in die Wes-Kaap. My voertuig staan nou op amper 50 000km. Sedert my voertuig vir sy eerste 15000km diens gegaan het by Droomers Nissan in die Paarl het my voertuig n Tappet raas geluid gemaak, wat Nissan tot nou toe nie kon reg maak nie. As ek vir Nissan skakel om te hoor hoe hulle my te gemoed gaan kom om vir my n ander voertuig te reel en ek n klomp geld gaan verloor op n inruiling op n ander voertuig, dan kry ek n antwoord van daar is geen fout op my enjin nie en dat die voertuig geen gevaaar vir my in hou nie, maar nog steeds is die probleem (geraas) op my voertuig. Ek sukkel nou al amper n jaar om die probleem op te los. Wat staan ek te doen. Nooit sal ek weer n Nissan koop of aanbeveel nie.

I have been wondering for a while which one to buy, Navara or Hilux, If this helps you can forward this to Nissan indicating another buyer has decided to move over to Toyota.

Thank you for taking the time to inform us..........

Hi Marius

I wish I had gone on the internet and read your experience before I bought a Nissan.
I have purchased a Nissan Tiida and from the time I got it, we have been taking it back and forth. Nissan After Sales Customer service is pathetic. It seems like all they want to do is sell the car and then they are not interested.
My biggest Mistake was signing with the bank for a car that was not ready. We saw the car listed everything that needed to be done and was assured that it will be done - 101 point etc. I signed on the 30/4 only received the car on the 7/5 and still virtually nothing was done with the faults we had asked to be fixed. i have had so much problems going back and forth it is unreal and too long a story to write about it.

The worst part is that i haven't paid the first installment yet and when I asked the bank if I could cancel the deal they said no. What about the 20 day exchange period?

I am so frustrated and upset about this whole deal and I wish i could do something about it. I would appreciate any advise you may give me.

084 240 5967

Hello Marius,

I am just as disappointed with my new Nissan 1400 bakkie. Since the first week I bought it, all kinds of problems developed. I had it back with the dealers where I bought it and promises are made, and they even “looked” at the bakkie. Nissan Head Office [Zelda at Customer Services] is there only in name. Nothing concrete comes out of my complaints. Some of the problems I encountered include an oil leak (loose seal?), electrical problems, petrol cap rusted clean off the vehicle, steering rack had to be replaced, the oil problem still persists .... they claim that “it is normal for me having to put in at least a tin of oil when I fill my bakkie's tank!!”. The canopy they had fitted on the bakkie leaks like hell. They allegedly “fixed the problem”, yet it still leaks water. Water also leaks into the cabin part when it rains, near the pedals. A number of other problems also continuesly happen to be a problem. The idea I get is that Nissan truly do not care about their customer's satisfaction, in fact it shows they do not care about their product and their good name! Nissan's Head Office just cannot understand my frustrations with this vehicle, their tone of voice when I raise my frustrations just tells the whole story.

Please, to whom and where should I complain about my problems? Nobody at Nissan seems to care. I am a divorced woman with three school-going kids. I need the transport desperately and I am still paying for this new vehicle. (27 700km!).

Thank you.

Zelda Keulder

I bought a second hand Nissan Sentra with a maintenance plan” not a Nissan maintenance plan” The car had a head gasket blown and it was towed to Nissan. The car was booked in and they started working I think. I have asked them to rebuild the engine. My maintenance plan did not cover the Rebuild as the original problem was overheating. I then had to fork out somewhat +\- R17000. My problem came in that it took them over 2 months to get the vehicle repaired, after I was told it would only take 3 weeks. I was not offered a courtesy car and within that time I hade to call and call and email on a daily basis to get some sort of progress report. All I received was im sorry and more false promises.

When I finally received the car it was in a worse condition when it came back than when it went, some thing where Air-con did not work some plugs where not connected and the reverse light did not work and just a mess in the engine bay to mention a few. Due to the poor service I received I decided to put the bad experience behind me. Not long after that about 3 month the car broke again. I was then forced to take it back as it was a serious problem and I was still trying to recover from fixing it the same time. I then took it back for a warranty repair. Early December last year they started working on it “I think”. Due to the warranty it was a free repair but it caused me major inconvenience as I only received the car late February this year. Once again I only received a courtesy car By mid Feb. Once again the car came back unsatisfactory once again job NOT well done. On my way home from collecting the car I was stuck. After of about an hour or so of trouble shooting it became apparent the Alternator was not connected up properly, Wires switched around there was oil leak below the engine and once again messy wiring. After calling and mailing Nissan till today I have not received a response. I cannot blame the car I love my Nissan's but the after sale service as they call it is Pathetic. I never got any updated for every 20 mails I sent I got one reply days later with apologies and every phone call was an apologies but no updates. I even told the customer consultant even if it was bad news I will be happy as long as I knew what the problem was.

I will never take it back again ill take it somewhere else.

Kind Regards,

Maliq Daniels
+27 (0)21 809 7777

I live in Hartbeespoort. I took my Navara to Toit's Nissan for a service.

The people were unfriendly

They gave me a learner customer service consultant who was so stressed out that she totally cocked up my paper work

After I told her that Avis must pay for the service she still billed me!

It gets worse...

They spray cleaned my engine and by the time I collected the vehicle the fan belt was squealing like a pig.

And to top it all they never tightened the wheel nuts. Today on my way to work the wheel came off.

They came to fetch my vehicle, but not once did I get a phone call from the dealer ship owner or branch manager to apologize for their mistake.

I could have been killed

Eddie van Jaarsveld
+27 12 250 2196

I was on the process to buy one now I will never

Thank you


I Will never ever never buy a Nissan again because of poor service.

I had a exhaust (Catalatic converter problem) and Nissan Droomers Paarl in Western Cape look at it for two weeks, there after I was called and told to fetch the car and now two weeks later I'm told my warranty expired and I must pay R40 000 to fix my X-Trial as it has a bearing knock.

I am disgusted at the incompetence firstly and the improper way I am discriminated against because a Nissan dealership can't perform a mechanical repair. I already paid R1800 for what they said it would cost and now because of that poor decision or workmanship I must pay R40 000.

This must be a woke!!!

I'm taking this case to the highest court and will slam Nissan in the media - as this is unacceptable!!!All I did was to take my X-Trial to the experts and look now?

Do you have names of people at Nissan South Africa, CEO or somebody that I can logged my complaint to as this is completely unacceptable

Elton Campbell
083 794 9029