09 December 2011

Hi Marius,

Please see below my problem with Nissan and feel free to publish it, maybe someone will respond to it...

On Monday 5 December my Nissan Hardbody broke down whilst my wife was driving it. It cost me to get it towed in to the workshop where I have it serviced about 25km away (they are RMI certified and the bakkie is out of warranty). The next morning they informed me that it is the starter motor that disintegrated. I was shocked to hear this as I had a brand new starter motor fitted at Nissan Parow on 05/01/2011 at a cost of R11 000 (part was just over R9000) while the vehicle was still under Motorite warranty.

I contacted Nissan on the 6th and spoke to a Mandy there and informed her of my problem and she said that they will order the part and get back to me as to the procedure to follow as the part should still be under warranty. When I phoned back later in the day to follow up, I was put through to the parts department where I spoke to a Donovan and he told me that he will order the part the next day (07/12) and that the part will arrive today (09/12). When I asked him what procedure I need to follow to get the part from him, he told me he doesn't know why I got put through to him, he just orders the parts and I need to speak to Mandy.

After then talking to Mandy, she said she would find out from the manager and get back to me. I told her that I would e-mail her just to confirm all the questions I have and sent the e-mail on the same day. I phoned again yesterday afternoon after not hearing back from anyone (08/12) by 17.30 and she then tried to get some answers from her management team but I could hear them talking in the background saying I should bring the car in - a vehicle I might ad is stuck without a starter motor. When I told them this (again) I was told to bring the part in. At this stage they have wasted 3 days and it became apparent they had not even ordered the part! I asked Mandy to please mail the DP and everyone else involved, which she then did.

I went there this morning and spoke to a Jokkie de Roubaix - service manager I think. He told me that I need to get the vehicle to them but that they will not be paying to get it there. I reminded him that this is the second starter motor in less than a year, so either a) there was another reason for the part initially breaking and this was never fixed when they originally replaced the part, resulting in the new part breaking less than a year later, or b) it was indeed a faulty part. I hope it is not the first instance and that there isn't something else that was never picked up when they replaced the part, as the vehicle was still under warranty when the part was fitted, that would've meant the other problem(s) could also have been covered by the warranty, which is not the case now. I also requested that the initial towing costs of R450 and any other cost arising from it should be covered by them as it as a result of the starter breaking. He just told me that I have no proof that they indeed missed something and that he will only make a decision once they receive the part as to whether he will be sending someone to fit the part, or give me the part to fit myself.

I feel that more effort should've been made by someone to contact me, or get respond to my e-mail. Instead, I had to phone them every time and even drive there this morning, which is more than 40km detour to my work and take 2 hours out of my day to try and resolve an issue THEY are responsible for. I have never heard of a bakkie that goes through 2 starter motors in 11 months, which brings me to my next question, why is the cost of the part in January R9000 and today when I got a quote from another dealership it is R5000? The parts manager at Nissan just told me it's Nissan SA and they do these type of things sometimes - part number is still exactly the same, so either they overcharged Motorite, or something else is seriously wrong here.

I would like this issue resolved ASAP and Nissan to carry all costs that has resulted from the starter motor breaking as I feel that it was not done properly in the first place back in January, namely:

  1. Cost of tow truck to workshop (R450)
  2. Any labour costs the workshop had to incur to remove the starter motor
  3. Cost to get the vehicle to the Parow dealership
  4. Cost of the starter motor
  5. Cost of any other faulty parts that caused the starter motor to break in the first place and that was never repaired by them

Johan Hugo

05 December 2011

Hi Marius,

I'm actually looking for some assistance, as I'm at my whit's end.

I own a 1998 Nissan 3.0l V6 Sani. Wonderful vehicle, LOADS of space an goes just about anywhere. I keep it away from any Nissan Dealership due to poor service, exorbitant prices, a don't-care attitude and general dislike of their after sales service.

The problem I currently have is the following: I've recently replaced the original engine with an imported Nissan Maxima engine. The engine itself is fine and runs beautifully. During the transplant, everything from the Sani is placed over onto the new engine, i.e. intake manifold, etc. The only remaining Maxima parts is the physical engine itself, the block with the pistons and the two heads, the rest are all Sani transplants.

The Sani now has a very intermittent problem. On cold startup one can smell fuel, which means she's a bit rich at this point. The thing that really gets me going is the intermittent hesitation. This will happen hot or cold, on a 50km drive it may only happen twice, puttering around in the traffic, it might be ok, or it will really be jerking as if there's a dead spark plug.

The coil, distributor cap, spark plugs and plug leads have been replaced - no luck. The throttle position sensor reads 0.45V at idle when at normal operating temperature. If there's anyone that might be able to shed some light on this, I'd really appreciate it. I was thinking of replacing the Sani with another Nissan, but after reading the horror stories on this site, I'd rather fix old trustworthy as she's given us nothing but joy.

Charl Heydenrych

29 November 2011


We have been driving Nissan now for over 6 years. In December 2010 we bought a Nissan Tiida , a demo model from Motoredeal in Ormonde, when we got home we realised the boot does not lock, called them the Monday to notify them. We took the vehicle back and they tried to sort out the problem, they said they put in a new boot lock, it still did not lock. I took the vehicle back on two separate occasion after that and they still were unable to fix it. About a month ago I took the vehicle for its 2nd service and reported it again, I was told that I would have to bring the vehicle in and leave it for a couple of days so that they could arrange for an auto electrician to have a look at it, the would arrange a courtesy vehicle for me. A week passed and no word from them , the 2nd week passed and I called the dealer to find out if they had the courtesy vehicle and what's happening about fixing my vehicle, I was told the courtesy vehicle did not come in yet they guy will will be back which never happened . I called back a week later and he promised to call me back in half an hour, to date he is still calling me back. I called today and was told they do not have a courtesy vehicle I must bring my vehicle ,leave it there and they will contact an auto electrician( he is apparently out sourced) he will work on the vehicle for the day, I must collect it in the afternoon and return it again the next day and the next day until they can figure out what the problem is.

Now I think I have been more than patient with these people, it is not the first time that we are been messed around by motordeal, we previously had another Tiida that we purchased from them and had endless problems with the rear bumper. I will always love Nissan but will DEFINITELY NEVER BUY FROM MOTORDEAL* AGAIN. Do they want to wait for my warranty to expire before fixing my vehicle.

Kind Regards

Shameema Poonan


* They are a franchise dealer they have one in vereeniging and one in Ormonde, tel 011-835-3535

22 November 2011


Jy mag gerus hierdie kommentaar op jou webtuiste sit.

Omtrent so maand terug het ons 'n tweede handse Nissan MP200 bakkie gekoop by Nissan East Rand Mall by 'n Luke. Die dag wat ons die bakkie gekoop het vertel Luke ons dat die enjinkap gestel moet word en hy dit die volgende week kan doen EN HY BIED ONS 'N COURTESY KAR AAN.

Dae verloop en ons hoor niks van Luke nie.

In die eerste week het die kar moeilikheid gegee. 'n Waterpyppasstuk het los gekom. Hoekom? Want die passtuk lyk meer soos 'n gardena produk met kleefband vasgeplak as 'n gepaste produk wat in motorvoertuigenjins gebruik moet word.

Vier weke later en die clutch het gegroet.

Dringend skakel ons Nissan om hulle in kennis te stel van ons probleem. Volgens 'n ander Nissan tak kan ons nie gehelp word nie want ons is 'n duisend km's oor die dienskilometers. Nuwe inligting waarvan ons die eerste keer hoor aangesien ons vertel was deur Nissan East Rand Mall dat die kar nog nie gediens hoef te word nie.

Darem het ons 'n extended warranty bygekoop. Die klein probleempie is dat Nissan East Rand Mall het nagelaat om ons te voorsien van die Warranty Boekie.

Uiteindelik is die bakkie by Nissan East Rand Mall op 18 November 2011 met 'n groot gesukkel.

Op 21 November 2011 laat weet Nissan East Rand Mall ons dat die part is op 16 Desember beskikbaar sal wees. O en daar is geen courtesy karre beskikbaar nie.

So nou in twee maande se tyd het die kar twee keer gebreek, ons moet R2 000.00 betaal vir n kardiens 2000 KM NA ONS DIE KAR GEKOOP HET en Luke en sy kollega Colin vermy ons soos die dood.

Ons het nog net patetiese, slinkse diens ervaar.

Nadene Burger

02 November 2011

Hi Marius,

I also have a complaint with Nissan Midrand that is well over a year old. In fact, I make a point of keeping in regular contact with the Customer Care Department to follow up on my claim. I know that nothing will come of it, but Nissan has the WORST customer care of any vehicle brand that I have owned (Opel, Saab, BMW, Nissan).

I purchased my second hand Nissan Navara from a private seller with just under 17,000km on the clock. It had missed its first service, but Nissan put the service through under the service plan. I was lucky. Immediately after the service, the turbo failed (literally as I drove out of the dealership, it started to whine). Nissan were not prepared to fix this under the warranty plan so I had it rebuilt at Turbo-Worx in Centurion (an excellent workshop).

This vehicle was housed at Nissan Midrand during the sale, and Nissan took the vehicle to the Dekra-AA workshops for a full 101 point inspection. Upon receiving my vehicle back from Nissan, the spare wheel was missing and Nissan claimed it is not their responsibility. Note that the wheel was on the car during the inspection and this is proven by the 'tick' on the inspection paper from Dekra. I later enquired at Dekra, and they claim that the will not pass a vehicle without a spare unless it is fitted with run-flats. My vehicle passed inspection!

There was an electrical fault on the headlights that was picked up on with Nissan. Nissan sent the car to an auto-electrician, and I was quoted R240.00 for the job. When I picked the car up, I had a bill for R1640.00 for the electrical work, R2,400.00 for new brake pads (after 17,000km?) and R364.00 for a light bulb (which costs R20.00 at Midas). On top of this, my spare wheel was missing! No communication was ever made with me with regards to the extra cost of the electrical work, the changing of the brake pads or the over-inflated cost of the light bulb.

I was told that I am responsible for the bill, and the vehicle would not be released until I pay up. Reluctantly, I paid, but soon followed up with Nissan Customer Care to remedy the situation about responsibility and cost. Perhaps I should have not been that naive to expect excellent customer service from this brand.

Don't get me wrong, I love the vehicle, but I will NEVER get it serviced at a Nissan dealership again because of the total disregard for customer satisfaction and over pricing.


Gareth Powell

28 September 2011

Maruis ,

Firstly I would like to share my view on our beloved countries economy ; Bad service results in bad economy ! Therefore bad service which is not sorted out , should be named and shamed !

My Nissan story start in 1976 , this was my family bought their first Nissan , then called Datsun . My dad bought a SSS , with vynil top et al , with his danger pay after returning from the angolan war . The agents that he bought it from was Boerebenodighede in Pietersburg . A couple of things has changed in the meantime . Peietrburg is now Polokawne , and BB Nissan is part of the Global Nissan group . Thereafter my dad owned various Nissans of which today he still drives a NP 300 double cab . This is one of his vehicles the other originated from German stables .

My first babe magnet was a Maize Yellow , Datsun 1400 , this I inherited from my Grandfather which also came from the Boerebenodighede showroom floor
1982 . This bakkie is still parked a right under my nose . The Kappok trokkie, as it is affection ally known in the family has 760 000 km on the clock and is still alive and KICKING, of this the majority of 700 000 kilos was added by me . This bakkie formed the start of my Business ,in 1993 .

Currently I have a fleet which is 100 % NISSAN ! and really proud of it , this is mostly LDV's but also include passenger cars and SUV's .

My Navara was one of the first to enter our countries shores . It is now 5 years old and have just over 200 000 kilo's on the clock . And I'm really happy with my Navara .To say to you that these kilo meters have been problem free , would be a lie , But all the queries have been resolved , any new vehicle have teething niggles , and as customers we always want a little more than what we pay for . Let me give you the reasons why this man is a Nissan man ,
· Whenever I had a query that was not dealt to my satisfaction , my
our dealer , the query was fast and efficiently addressed by Nissan SA . No acceptations , this included the replacement of a bench seat one of our workhorses , when the vehicle already had in excess of a 140 000 kilo's done . There is also numerous other instances where the boys and girls have more than what was expected .
· They support their brand and customers . Show me any other vehicle
manufacturer or importer that will handle a goodwill claim on a 1996 model vehicle ! this was no small query . they spend a large chunk of cash on this vehicle , after i sat down with the customer care department and explained why is felt they are responsible .
· Bang for your BUCK , every time we have had the privilege to buy a
new vehicle we would do our sums and comparisons and they keep on winning .
Nissan seems to have the right blend of quality and value worked together .
Just look at the X trail .
· They help where they can. Twice in the last year Nissan supported us on cross border outreaches ! They provided us with brand new vehicles with no strings attached or no demands from their side , they just made a plan to help .
· And just today , after a bit of a tug , they approved a warranty
claim on our Qashqai , and this after the service plan and warranty both have expired .
· Further I have always believed that mediocrity is for Fools , so
I'm not a go with the flow guy , and not everyone fancies Nissan , therefore I love them !

I believe in any organization one is not always able to keep everyone happy , But this man is happy with the product , after sales service and more importantly with the brand !
If the economy allows I will immediately by myself a V9X Navara, for business & the bush ,and 370 Z for Sunday afternoons !

Nissan will be the way We move for many years to come

Thank you for your time in reading my mail

Growing greetings
Anton M. du Plessis

14 September 2011

Hi Marius,

This is the experience I've had with Nissan. I'm happy for you to place it on your site so others may be aware of this.

I recently bought a 2010 2nd hand Xtrail at AAD Nissan in Minerton in Cape Town.

As I came to collect it I was informed that they didn't have a spare key and that they will try and get the spare key. This was the first time I had heard that there was no spare key. They then let me know a few days later that they can't get the spare key and that it would cost approximately R1500 for a new key. I refused to accept this answer as I was never told prior to me signing the contract that there was no spare key and that I can't believe that one of the main Nissan branches in the country sell Nissan vehicles with no spare key. After spending about a week trying to get an answer from their customer service department I finally called them and got an answer back from them today saying the best they can do is offer a 10% discount on the key which means it will still cost me R1300. Why should I have to pay anything for something that should be standard. What happens if the battery goes flat on the key and my wife and children are stuck on a dark road. No spare key for me to even be able to take through to them.

They then called me and said there's nothing they can do as the dealer is the one responsible for it but that they would get the dealer manager to call me. It's 4 days later and I'm still waiting.

They are such a big company yet they don't care about the customer once you've signed. I don't understand why they would alienate customers in this way on a purchase of a R200k vehicle. I will never buy another Nissan again.

Lance Jason

25 August 2011

Dear Marius,

Apologies for side-stepping the normal 'contact me' link, but it didn't want to work for me.

I have been a happy and loyal Nissan customer since the early '80's.

All of my Datsun/Nissans - in fact the one was branded Datsun in some places and Nissan in others - have performed as I would have expected.

My current Nissan - a 1995 Nissan 2.0 Hardbody Custom, owned from new - is currently at 480 000km and is finally starting to slow down. But this is to be expected with the age and the semi-commercial use to which it has been put. It was even stolen once, and recovered after 5 days almost intact, by an off-duty policeman, on his way home, who saw it parked off on the side of the road and recognised it as having been reported stolen at his station earlier that day when he was on duty. (Lost the canopy, the battery, two back wheels - which we suspect were removed in the Pound- and one HT lead!)

I am so happy with the vehicle that since it is reaching the end of its very long normal life, I intend to re-incarnate it in a slightly modified form, with a Nissan 3L V6 motor - if I can get my hands on a good second-hand one before the tow truck drivers do.

Initially the vehicle was serviced by a Nissan dealership, and they did ok - lets say very good, but not excellent or outstanding. I did share some of the minor problems experienced by some of your correspondents - for example I was quite interested to have to pay for brake pad replacements at 20 000 km! The dealer admitted that since the brake pads no longer contain asbestos, they are 'soft' and wear out quickly, but what they subsequently installed lasted a lot longer.

As the kilometres racked up, and parts began to wear out, the dealer became less able to service the vehicle efficiently. I was advised by friends that dealer service departments are really 'parts replacers', which they do according to a list, and they are not able to think laterally or 'trouble shoot'. I was advised to have my vehicle serviced by a good private garage, which would be more reasonably priced, and which would be able to spend a little more time on an ageing vehicle.

I followed this advice and found not one but two such good garages, which between them have managed to keep my Nissan going well and at a reasonable price til today. I was, of course, able to have the vehicle serviced privately because it was by then out of warranty.

In sum, it seems that the issue here may well be some of the dealerships & their inability to sort out product problems, and not the product (although I see that many of your complaints are serious product-related defects, such as the Navara clutch - R26 000 for a clutch replacement??! My old banger had its clutch done after 300 000km by one of my private garages for under R3000, including a minor service.) I know that I did not have any issues with the minor warranty matters that did crop up during the warranty - they were taken care of as a matter of course during the services and at no cost to me - the replacement of the floor mats without asking is one such issue.

In sum, I'm very happy with my Nissan product, and am satisfied that I got fair value for my money. I would certainly purchase a Nissan again, but after having read the letters on your website, I will research which model and where (which dealer) very carefully.

I certainly hope that the dealers and Nissan SA are not letting the brand slide, and that they will pay heed to the comments on this website, and take the necessary steps to deal with the issues - for example, a dealership employee driving around with a customer's car without his permission is unacceptable, and must be addressed. The fact that this happened at (I assume) a franchise dealership is no excuse - Nissan SA is, I think, responsible for the actions of its dealers - perhaps not in law, but certainly in terms of PR and brand image.

Finally I do recall recently trying to purchase a sealing strip that sits atop my windscreen from Nissan Gateway. I telephonically confirmed with them that they had the part & went to collect & pay for it. When the windscreen company arrived later that morning, they advised that I had been supplied with the wrong part. Apparently the packaging was correct, but the part inside was not. The windscreen installer told me to get the correct part and call him when I had done so. I telephoned Nissan Gateway and 'explained' what had happened... the upshot was that they sourced the correct part from another dealer (they had no stock) and sent a driver to get it, (hopefully not in another customer's vehicle) deliver it to me and uplift the incorrect part, inside an hour. So they got it wrong but they fixed it.

I am happy for you to post this mail, together with my contact details. I'm quite curious to see how many people are out there who have had a good experience with their Nissans & their dealers - part of my research!

Many thanks & kind regards (& commiserations & good luck to all the disappointed owners - hope you win through in the end),

Christopher Schembri - 031 260 2301

From: Mohammad Nabbie [mailto:NabbieM@eskom.co.za]
Sent: 15 August 2011 02:42 PM
To: henkk@mcmotor.co.za
Cc: natashann@cc.nissan.co.za; marius@interexcel.co.za
Subject: Complaint: Service Consultant (Brian)
Importance: High

Good Afternoon Henk

I am so upset right now. To date, I have received brilliant service from Nissan Woodmead but my last interaction with Brian has really p***ed me off and I am questioning using this branch in the future.

In May 2011 I brought my car (Nissan Livina X-Gear, YCV 363 GP) in to Nissan Woodmead for my 60 000km service. Knowing that this was the last service covered by my service plan and that my maintenance plan was ending, I needed to fix anything that was broken in my vehicle. At the time, two critical things were brought to the Service consultants (Brian) attention.

  1. Replacement of my brake pads
  2. Replacement of my squeaky fan belt

Both these faults were acknowledged by the Service consultant - Brian. However, at the time of picking up my vehicle (after the service), he said that he was too busy to order the fan belt and that my brakes would be ok till the next service. I explained to him that because my maintenance plan was expiring and I needed to change the brake pads immediately. He suggested that he would order the fan belt and the brake pads from my maintenance plan at the time and he would change it at my next service at no cost!

Almost on a weekly basis I used to call in to try to get hold of him to find out if he managed to order the parts - Being the busy man that he is I always ended up leaving a message! Alas - he never returned any of my calls. Today I called Nissan Woodmead and by a stroke of luck I got him on the line immediately. I asked him about the brake pads and the fan belt and he said that he never ordered it as he has too many things on his mind.

This the reason that I am so p***ed off right now - Because of his poor planning I have lost out on a set of brake pads and fan belt for my car that my maintenance plan would have paid off. Now what do I do?


Kind Regards
Mohammad Sho'ayb Nabbie

11 August 2011

Geagde Meneer,

My Seun 20 jaar oud en sy meisie het n Nissan Micra gekoop so 2 maande gelede by Nissan Silverton.
Die voertuig is op Nicoline van Blerk se name gekoop. 2 maande dus is die voertuig gekoop onder die nuwe verbruikerswed.
Die verkoopsman het aan hulle gese dat die voertuig moet op 90 000 km gediens word anders verval die waarborg wat hulle saam met die kar gekoop het. Die km lesing was +_85000 gewees ten tye van die koop.
Op 90 000 het my seun die kar gediens ten bedrae van R1400.00.
Hulle quote hom toe +_R9000 om control arms voor te replace ens. Ek se toe aan hom dat dit onanvaarbaar is en dat hulle dit moet opvat met Nissan.
Die hadelaar wou bleikbaar niks weet nie en toe kontak Nicoline die Senior Manager After-sales. Jacques Labotsky wat die saak toe opvolg. Sy het ook met die kliente mense by Nissan SA gepraat.

My problem is dus as volg, Nissan is nou bereid om die coltrol arms self te vervang maar hulle wil nie die kostes van die diens aan my seun teruggee nie. Hulle wil ook he dat my seun die sparkplugs vervang op sy eie koste van R600.
Moes die motor dan nie gediens word voordat dit verkoop word nie?

Ek dink dat hierdie handelaar sien dat dit 2 jong kinders is en dat hulle hulle vir n "ride" kan vat.

Wat se die nuwe consumerwet , wat staan hulle te doen en wat is hulle regte. Indien hulle dan nie regkom nie, wat kan hulle aksies verder wees?

Die Uwe,

Jean Rossouw

02 June 2011

Hi Marius

I read your story on the internet and thought I could share this with. I have a two inch file in respect of information pertaining to the vhicle.Currently the matter is with my attorney.

I have been having a problem with a vehicle purchased and financed by Nedbank in 2008. To date the matter is far from reaching a resolution as a result it has affected my health and work performance. The dealership in question being IC Auto in Benoni.

According to the vehicle's records, a service plan expired in July of 2010 due to the dealership's misrepresentation. This resulted in the vehicle being operated without being serviced since the 60000 km was not carried out, now the odometer reading is at 85000 km and the vehicle requires attention. As a public servant who has more than half of the salary committed to the vehicle installments, there was no provision for the servicing of the said vehicle because of believing that the service plan is in force.

According to Mr. LM Dikotope (Attorney) a letter of demand has been sent to the finance house of which the send date thereof was not disclosed. It is therefore in this regard that I inform the finance house that my plan is to book the vehicle in for service at the very same dealership and advise you to stop the deductions from my bank account till the matter is sorted or a replacement is given as it was my wish when all this started.

A very disgruntled individual.

SM Moukangwe

02 June 2011

Goeie dag

Ek is nie seker of hierdie mail enige iets gaan beteken nie, maar hoop tog dat iemand by NISSAN kennis sal dra hiervan en sal probeer om julle personeel bietjie beter op te lei!

Ek het om en by 5 jaar terug my motor by TOIT'S NISSAN HATFIELD gekoop. Die verkoopsman het die kar aan my verkoop met smash-'n-grab vensters. Vir amper 5 jaar voel ek tog te veilig in my ou karretjie - tot 'n paar weke gelede toe iemand langs die pad daai bubble gebars het!!!! Raai wat? Die vensters was nie smash-'n-grab nie soos wat aan my vertel is toe ek die kar gekoop het nie. Dit het nie net vir my finansiële skade berokken nie, dit het vir my en my kinders (6 & 7) net soveel emosionele skade berokken.

Ek het terug gegaan na Nissan Hatfield maar blykbaar volgens die mense wat nou daar is, is hulle nie meer TOIT'S NISSAN nie. Hulle is blykbaar nou Global Nissan en ek kan blykbaar maar op my kop staan daar is niks wat enige persoon op hierdie aarde daaraan kan doen nie. Ek en my kinders kry op die oomblik trauma behandeling vir wat gebeur het - en die man by "Global Nissan" se raad aan my is "vat 'n dop, kom oor dit en koop 'n nuwe kar".

Nie net is NISSAN onsensitief nie ek dink NISSAN is ook uiters onprofessioneel. Hoe kan julle goed aan mense verkoop onder valse voorwaardes - ek het absoluut geen kennis van karre nie - en het die verkoopsman met my hele hart geglo toe hy my vertel dat ek "smash-'n-grab" vensters op my kar het.

Ek hoop regtig dat NISSAN in die toekoms hulle mense beter sal oplei en ophou om motors met leuens verkoop te kry!!!!!!

Francis van Zyl
(072 297 2120)

13 May 2011


Ek het in Maart 2011 twee voertuie by Limpopo Nissan Modimolle gekoop. Die een 'n NP300 4x4 het ek gekoop omdat die verkoopsman my belowe het ek sal tussen 10 en 12 km/l kry die ander 'n NP200 het ek gekoop omdat ek hom wou vergelyk met ander voertuie van se soort omdat my besigheid 3 tot 4 van hulle gebruik. Met die ontvang van die NP300 het dit gou geblyk onder gewone werksomstandighede gee hy so tussen 7 en 8 km/l brandstof. Hierdie voertuig word baie gebruik en ek kon hom nie laat staan sodat hulle na die bakkie kan kyk nie. Hulle het toe aangebied dat hulle vir my 'n soortgelyke voertuid sal gee om mee te ry. Met die aankoms by die dealer moes ek 'n dokument teken waar ek alle risiko vir die voertuig neem. Met navraag het dit toe geblyk dat die voertuig geen versekering het nie, en indien ek in 'n ongeluk sou wees sou ek die voertuig en die ander voertuig se skade uit my sak moes dra. Ek het toe weer my eie voertuig geneem en Nissan SA geskakel. Hulle het hulle hande in onskuld gewas en gese hulle kan nie die dealer dwing om vir my 'n voertuig te gee nie maar die dealer het ingestem om na die bakkie te kyk. Ek het toe my eie plan gemaak en die bakkie dealer toe geneem. Hulle het die bakkie getoets en gese hulle het 9 km/l gekry en dat dit binne specs is. so het ek by 'n doodloop straat gekom. Ek het nie tyd om voor Nissan SA se kantore te toi toi nie so ek het dit daar gelaat met die plan om die voertuig so gou moontlik te verkoop om iets anders te kry. Die NP200 is die voertuig wat ek persoonlik ry en ek was heel tevrede met die voertuig tot een dag in Februarie 2011. die V-band van die bakkietjie het gebreek met die breek van die V-band het dit iewers by die dryf-as ingedraai en die die enjin doodgeruk met kleppe wat buig en die enjin wat daar mee heen is die bakkie staan op 57 000 km met al sy dienste gedoen by dieselfde handelaar. Ek bel die handelaar, hy se ek moet Nissan SA bel om dit aan te meld hy sal solank reel vir insleep diens. Die bakkie het gaan staan sowat 80 km van Nylstroom af. Dit is sowat 20 km na Marble hall. Ek bel Nissan SA en die eerste ding wat die persoon my vra is wat gebeur het en ek se die v-band het gebreuk. Hy se toe dat die waarborg dek nie die V-band nie. Na 'n gestry het hy die claim gelock en gese ons kan aangaan.

Soos wat die handelaar die voertuig reg maak kry hulle elke keer iets wat nog stukkend is wat dan weer geeis moet word waar Nissan SA dit query en tyd mors. Dit lui daar toe dat ek die 4 Mei na 2 maande my bakkie kan kom haal op voorwaarde dat ek die insleepdiens sal betaal. Nissan SA weier om die insleepdiens te betaal want ek het sogenaamd aangedring daar op dat hulle die bakkie in Nylstroom regmaak en nie in Marb hall nie. Nie dat ek kan sien dat dit enige verskil maak nie want die voertuig is onder waarborg so hulle sou my moes Nylstroom toe neem in elk geval. Hierdie is 'n werksvoertuig, na twee maande se wag en groot verliese in staantyd betaal ek die geld net sodat ek my bakkie kan kry.

Met die eerste paar draai met die bakkie ruik die bakkie erg na petrol en ek moes die bakkie terug neem handelaar toe. Daar is 'n part wat petrol lek. Nissan SA se die part is nie beskikbaar in SA nie en hulle kan die part moontlik he teen 31 Mei. Dit beteken dat ek vir drie maande nie 'n voertuig het nie. Hierdie is nie my tweede voertuig nie dit is my werksvoertuig sonder hom sit ek by die huis en kan nie werk nie. Weereens bel ek Nissan SA. Die terugvoer wat ek kry is dat hulle sal 'n "request" insit na bestuur om te sien of hulle vir my voertuig kan leen. Maar daar is nie 'n goeie kans nie.

Die bestuur kom terug en se dat aangesien ek die eerste keer geweier het om die vorm te teken toe die handelaar by die NP300 se probleem 'n voertuig vir my aangebied het, kan hulle nie 'n voertuig vir my gee nie. Hulle het egter die part aangejaag en dit sal nogsteeds die 31 ste Mei hier wees.

Ek kan geen reaksie van enige iemand behalwe die support diens.

Ek was 'n Nissan supporter al my lewe en het reeds 6 Nissans gery in my lewe en ek is nou 35. Hierdie was egter die laaste.

Ek het van die eerste oproep met Nissan net agressie teenoor my gekry.

Kas vd Merwe

11 April 2011

Hi Marius

I read your story with great interest! I have a massive problem of being ripped off totally by a company called Automall Nissan here in East London.

I bought a car with low mileage (Nissan Tiida 24 800km) last year and when it reached its 30 000 km mileage I took it to Automall Nissan for a service. I was told that it already had been
serviced for the 30 000km and will be serviced for the 45 000km instead. I thought no problem and instructed them to proceed.

I got a phone later that day to say that my disc pads etc. were beyond skimming and had to be replaced at R1 100 each! The final total for the service as a whopping R5400! I was told by a telephone-jockey that it was my driving habits that caused the wear and tear. THAT IS RIGHT, MY DRIVING HABITS AFTER 4000-5000KMs OF INNER CITY DRIVING IN A TOWN OF EAST LONDON! It takes me 10 minutes to get to work. I would rather have bought a BMW if this is the normal cost of a Nissan service!

I got my car back and after viewing the "worn" discs, I got a bit suspicious. I asked a few friends about these amazingly worn discs and eventually approached a company that specifically deals with brakes, pad and dics. It appears some idiot attempted to skim the discs at Nissan Automall but failed dismally in their attempt! Instead Automall Nissan just made it out that I was the one who worn them out beyond the level of skimming. I have a letter from this company stating this and they stand by their argument. In fact everyone I know of who knows cars has said the same thing. They could have been skimmed.

There you go, Nissan Automall failed to skim my dics but they skimmed my wallet instead!



J. Pretorius

08 April 2011

Hallo Marius

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Renier van der Westhuizen and I live in Port-Elizabeth. I have purchased a Nissan Hardbody NP300 k13 from
IC Auto in Benoni. I took delivery of the vehicle on the 22nd of August 2010. On my way to Krugersdorp I noticed a noise coming from the gearbox, prop-shaft or engine but I thought that it is a new vehicle and it may be something to get used to. On Sunday morning I left for Port-Elizabeth and on the Monday I stopped at Tiger Wheel and Tyre to have my steering centralized and to have the wheel alignment done , leaving from IC Auto I noticed that the steering was not centre. I then stopped at Nissan Eastern Cape and asked them to take a look at the Drive Train because it was noisy. I have been told that all the Bakkies have the same noise. I have driven a few Nissan Bakkies and I have never heard this noise before. Then on 3070km I returned with the same problem and it became more aggressive. The vehicle was left with Nissan for 4 days and the outcome, Nothing Wrong. I then started asking questions and paid a visit to a view Gearbox & Diff Centre's and asked there technicians to take a drive with me and to listen to the noises I hear and I wanted to know if it was just my imagination or is there something wrong with the drive train of the vehicle. I was told that the gearbox and prop shaft will have to be fixed or replaced. I had Group 1 Nissan take a look at the vehicle and after one Hour I received a call and I was told that the Rubber between the cab and gearbox was fitted incorrectly and was torn. It was then replaced with the first service at Group 1 Nissan in Uitenhage. But I was told that I will have to bring the vehicle back so they can have a look at the Gearbox and Prop Shaft . I asked them to arrange for a loan vehicle, but was informed that I had to rent a car. From day one I noticed a few things which I have listed.

No.1. The carpets inside the vehicle do not match, they are dark Grey and Light Grey.
No.2. Brake light keeps coming on, Losing Brake Fluid.( was fixed)
No.3. Rear window , Water leak.
No.4. Flex on Load Body and had to be re-aligned and will have to be done for the second time by a authorized Body shop appointed by Nissan Eastern Cape.
No.5. The rear right door was adjusted for wind noise but it was actually the window that was causing the wind noise and now the rubber has torn due to the door shaving against the rubber when opening and closing the door.
No.6. Front window loose .( front Right hand side)
No.7. Exhaust system had to be fixed with Lock Tight because it came loose twice as well as the heat shields , it is a clear indication that there is a vibration on the Drive Train.( fixed by Group 1 Nissan)
No.8. Weak spot on Welding ,Load Body.
No.9. The Diff had an oil leak and was repaired - this took 3 days. @28000kms.
No.10. The Leave Springs are noisy from day one and I thought it was the spare wheel with investigation it was found that the rubbers where never fitted, I am waiting for Rubbers or new complete set of springs ( Rear Suspension). Going for the ninth week . I have been told that Nissan can have Conveyor Belt cut to size and fit that to my rear Suspension to stop the noise. I refused and suggested that they order a complete new set.
No.11. Gearbox and Prop shaft needs to be fixed or replaced.
No 12. I have seen that the Black strip on the roof is stuck on skew. The purpose of this strip is to protect the paint against vibration of the Windshield fitted on the Roof Racks. When I mentioned it, I was told that a Private Company is used to fit the Racking and Nissan cannot help or fit a new strip.
No. 13 On the 28th of March my vehicle spent two days in the workshop due to the Centre Bearing on the Prop shaft which had to be replaced at 30 000kms.
No. 14. On the 5th of April I booked the vehicle for the re-alignment of the right back door and to have the Load body re-aligned for the second time. Nissan got a quote from a Body Shop and I have been told that Nissan S.A refused to fix the Load body and that I will have to fix it at my own cost.
I am very disappointed with the product purchased from Nissan and I have been dreaming of driving a Hardbody for years. I have been driving Nissan Products for the last 15 years. I bought a Toyota Sprinter 180i in 2007 . It was my first . I then Traded the Toyota on the New Hardbody because at last I could afford one. Now I wish I had it two or three years so I can get rid of it. I would rather have bought a second hand vehicle. That is what I am driving anyway because after all the repairs it will not have the same value. It was opened worked on. I don't want any repairs to be done I would like Nissan to Replace this vehicle and if it means I have to take it in a Pink , that will do!

Renier van der Westhuizen.

Please publish my story and details, I'm so sick and tired of struggling with these incompetent people!!!
Renier van der Westhuizen - 0823174912

10 February 2011

Hi Marius

I have read you story, by mistake.

In fact I was looking for a service plan for my Nissan TIDA 1.6 that has already accumulated 90 000 km, which is in for service today (10 February 2011) at Nissan, in Kimberley.

I am tired and so dissolution of corrupt dealers in the motor industry, unfortunately.

I have trade in my car (Mazda, Soho) and was introduced after I wanted an affordable vehicle in 1990. I spoke to McCarthy Motors and Eerste Geluk comparing product and service.

After "lenghtly" negotiations with both parties I sold my car for R28 000.00, from where I had bought it and deposit R20 000 on this Nissan TIDA.

Initially I wanted to settle with McCarthy (who like the other party offered a S/Plan, Warranty) however their office for my car was less (R20 000.00) and Eerste Geluk Motors made an additional R8 000.00.

Going through the car documents, I wanted the S/Plan and could not find it. I started writing letters to the MD of EGM and the response was very very low.

I have taken the matter to all parties - Ombudsman Motor Industry at no avail.

You can imagin paying for a full service today how my feelings are; I am frustrated and very very disappointed.

Fazila Pheta

13 January 2011

I took my Mahindra Scorpio 4x4 in for the 50 000 km service at Atlantis Motors in Centurion. After receiving it back I noticed a severe vibration when acceleration beyond 100km/h.

I took the vehicle back and was informed that both front and rear universal joints on the prop shaft was broken and needed to be replaced and that the prop shaft needed to be straightened. The total cost was R1500.00.

I enquired about how this type of problem can arise after only 50 000km and the vehicle was not used for off-road driving. The technician said it was normal wear and tear. I am not satisfied with this answer as there was nothing wrong before I took it for the service.

I was called the following day to ask if I was happy with the service and I logged a complaint. The lady said this will be handled within 24 hours.

I am still waiting...

I would like to know what they did with my vehicle during or after the service as the universal joints were not giving any trouble before that service.

Pierre Duminy